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SS501 Kim HyunJoong dropped his 1st giant screen project offer!

SS501 Kim HyunJoong previously reported has received his first giant screen offer via ‘You are my Pet’ movie project, yet, the news came out today said that after few considerations his participation in the movie is not going to happen.

Kim HyunJoong,”After considering the cast proposal, I decide to NOT take part in the movie project!”, he said.

Kim HyunJoong is previously reported to received proposal to act as the leading male role in “You are my Pet” movie project alongwith actress SooAe. The movie is adapted from a Japanese Comic/Drama which talks about a handsome Boy who lives together with a female fashion editor.

s:newsen , trans:MarinaStory

25 Responses

  1. Wew, What a Bad News…

  2. YESSS thank god he is not doing it! would’ve ruined the movie in my opinion >.< he cannot act for his life!

  3. Pretty good he turned it down. Not because of the acting, but the plot in the K-remake is totally not good. They changed the story a bit and I can totally tell that it will lose it’s charm.

    Hyun Joong knows what he’s doing pretty well.

  4. his acting in BOF was totally sucks!! he should improve his acting before considering new offers….and he just did that…good job…..

  5. thank God! i wonder who’s going to play the role then. i love Matsu Jun in the drama … i hope the one who plays ‘his’ role will be as good if not better.

  6. Totally agree. His acing in BOF liked a robot.

    • Agree!!! his acting in bof was really bad..

    • haha @jchuadhoc “like a ROBOT”
      you find the good word
      totally agree

      maybe yes, he got a little better at the end but it’s not during a drama that an actor have to improve….

    • oh! like a robot? i dont tink so…maybe you are very much envy with our idol..you must knew that because of KHJ,the drama gained more popularity..tsk,tsk…and one thing more, whether you like it or not HE’S A FAMOUS POPULARITY ACTOR!!!!!!!!!

      • I’m not envy. I love khj a lot!! but he’s not the actor so he is not good at acting. You should accept this and justice with the truth not use you craze!!!

        And you’re wrong that drama gained populality because of him. It’s not definity true. He’s famous because of his “RUI” role and a lot of JoonBo & Triple S fans.

        Maybe you didn’t watch Hana Yori Dango befor BOF.!!!

  7. Good decision on his part, imho. He needs more acting lessons because his BoF stint isn’t something remarkable.

  8. I’m kind of bummed out about that…

  9. I’m glad he turned it down and as everyone said hyunjoong needs to improve his acting if he really wants to act he should go to acting school b/c his acting is just awful ..honestly when I first started watching the Korean version of boys over flower I kept asking myself how in hell he got the role b/c his acting was so painful to watch.. sorry he destroyed Yoon Ji Hoo / Rui character and I don’t want him to destroy another character that I love with his awful acting

    • maybe cuz he is a idol and the director or someone that cast them thought it could bring more fans 2 watch them
      but we will never know lol

      • actually, he got much better @ the end but i still agree, he’s not the best actor around.

        on that note, I’m happy the ss501 leader will stick to ss501 activities for while… i was hearing some words of them preparing new album..?? (<— woot!)

    • “destroyed the character” aww thats a bit too much. i actually thought he was “OK” not the best but not the worst as well.

  10. I’d like to see Hyun Joong play instruments which is his real passion. Such a waste of talent if he doesn’t put it to good use…

  11. i personally think they should have casted a different actress.
    as much as soo ae is a pretty and very talented girl, her image isn’t right for the fashion editor kind of girl.
    i was expecting someone with a more “cold” vibe instead of a friendly girl-next-door like soo ae.

  12. I truly respect him for not accepting this role. His acting is just waaay too mediocre to even come close to MatsuJun’s portrayal of this role. There’s no way I can’t compare the two because I loved Kimi wa Petto so much and it’s the drama that got me to love him even more after Hana Yori Dango.
    I hope they get an experienced actor. Or a newcomer who is an actor and NOT an idol.

    • i agree. im a fan of hyun joong but he still needs a lot of improvement to be able to do lead roles

    • I agree his acting needs improvement. I also think he wasn’t suited for this type of role at all.

    • yeahhp i totally agree. i love this boy but he needs to work hard on improving his acting before takin on a big screen project (esp one whose previous small screen translation i adored~!!)

  13. Im glad he’s not going to do it b.c. i think it’ll b hard for a new actor to come ANYWAY close to matsumoto Jun’s genius. He should work on other things n like yeh..

  14. I dunno, but I’m quite glad his not doing it. I really dont think the character suits him. I do want him to act again, just a different role.

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