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MBC We Got Married, “Jo Kwon and GaIn are not leaving the show!”

The production team to MBC We Got Married comes out to clarify the rumours going around recently that Adam couple Jo Kwon and GaIn will be leaving the show.

The production team said over a phone conversation with Newsen on 13th January, “The rumours of Jo Kwon and GaIn leaving the show are groundless rumours. They will be appearing on the show for a long time to come.”

The staff also revealed that currently there is much air time for JoKwon-GaIn couple and new couple HwangWoo Seul Hye and Lee SeonHo, who joined on 2nd January. There are no plans for new couples to be added on the show at the moment.


9 Responses

  1. i hope they stay forever in the show 😦 i hope they marry each other in real life!!!!!! OMG i would be crying if this couple will end their marriage onscreen!!

  2. me too…i watch that show bcoz of that..jo kwon and gain always make me smile,sad.happy.lovely….

  3. dooood they can’t leave man
    they’re basically the best couple on the show

  4. sif these two would leave the show anytime soon xD
    only two couples on the show = lots of petite couple ❤

  5. yay!i really hope their never gonna leave WGM or should i say wish!i love them so much!:)

  6. Yeah, I only started watching WGM cuz of Kwon+GaIn!
    My fave couple, most def. ❤

  7. YESHHH!! i love this couple. i saw the pictures of them cuddling/hugging at the English school and i thought it was soooo cute.

  8. I’m betting it was due to a mistranslation or interpretation.

    If I were the PDs, I’d FIGHT to keep Jokwon and Ga-in on the show!!

  9. Yayyyyyyy (:
    Love this couple !

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