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Jo Kwon-GaIn couple hanbok photo revealed!

We Got Married Adam couple Jo Kwon and GaIn‘s couple hanbok photo revealed!

A photo of the couple in hanbok and posing intimately has been revealed online recently. A note “Happy New Year” was also attached with the photo when it is released.

Netizens who have all seen the photos commented “They really look good together”, “Aren’t they really dating?” etc

S: Newsen

13 Responses

  1. cute 🙂

  2. only reason i watch WGM again

  3. adam couple=LOVE!! XD
    they’re both small, both have small eyes, both have beautiful voices!! aaaah~!! x]

  4. they look cute together!
    are they a couple in real-life?

  5. in this picture gain looks like the guy of the relationship, jokwon looks like the daydreamer girl, kya~, cute <3!

  6. just GET MARRIED 😀 lolololol i love this couple ^^

  7. just get married and have kids already plz. lol kidding.

    srsly, they look so cute together!

  8. They look so good together. They need to hook up seriously. ❤

  9. they’re one of my fave pairs!!!
    so cute!!!

  10. seriously. i want them to date. they both look good together!

  11. AHH I’VE SEEN THIS PIC LIKE 5 TIMES ON LIKE 5 DIFF SITES, AND IT’S STILL CUTE EVERY SINGLE TIME ❤ i love how gain has her arm around kwon instead of the other way around (:

  12. One of my fave pics of them! Seriously, so cute. ^^

  13. they really look good together .

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