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Now And Then – ‘God Of Study’ Go AhSeong and Yoo SeungHo!

Following ongoing KBS drama ‘God Of Study’ lately?

Here’s a treat for shippers of cast Go AhSeong-Yoo SeungHo of the drama. They have actually also appeared together in a drama together 4 years back.

Go under the cut for more!

They had appeared in drama ‘Sad Love Story’ 4 years back in 2005.


As a fan, I’m really looking forward to the 4-sided loveline in the drama

19 Responses

  1. The other girl in the picture is Boys Over Flowers actress, Kim So Eun, believe it or not. I loved watching her (KSE) & Yoo Seung Ho in ‘Sad Love Story’. Their chemistry was fantastic and I really hope that they’ll do another romantic Kdrama/Kmovie together in the near future.

    They almost did last year but unfortunately, it didn’t work out! 😦

  2. i love go ah sung. they look good together. πŸ™‚

  3. So Jiyeon likes Seungho who lies Ah-sung who likes Hyunwoo?

    Urgh, so confusing ><. Oh and the song ttoreureu in the clip is awesome <3. Love Jiyeon's soothing voice.

    • Jiyeon like Seung Ho, but im not sure yet if Seung Ho admires Ah Sung and Hyun Woo likes Ah Sung and am also not sure if Ah Sung like Seung Ho. Am sure Ah-Sung thinks of Hyun Woo as a friend only though.

  4. mmmm i watched the first 2 episodes and something keeps bothering me. why does seungho’s uniform different from the others? his stripes on the collar are further apart than the others.

  5. okay idk but i stopped watching after ep.1. it was boring and i couldn’t stand anymore lol. not sure whether i shud continue. feels like watching it again after seeing few of sookyeong’s posts on GOS. and i think seungho looks older than his actual age, or maybe i have eyes problems HAHA.

    hey never knew that girl was actually in sad love story! i know seungho starred in that drama but the girl looks way diff now. and don’t think shes pretty >.< just my opinion lol

  6. i love this drama. i’ve been basically looking forward eversince i saw the 3 episodes. i’m a fan of yoo seung ho and right now, i’m slowly becoming of go ah sung. theres something about her that you find charming. she may not be the cute, pretty girl next door but she has this own charm that one can’t resist.

  7. the girl looks like mini baek ji young

  8. the girl reminds me of hermione/emma watson. especially in the pic where she was giving a look to the guy. cute^^

  9. aw! that clip was cute! where can i watch this drama with eng subs? is it good? πŸ™‚

  10. Wait, four years only?! Doesn’t quite look like it hahaa

  11. I just watched the 4th episode yesterday. Looks to me like JiYeon likes SeungHo who likes AhSung who likes HyunWoo ^^

    • LOL complicated rite. but isnt it hyunwoo who likes ahsung?

    • Actually the love square goes like this:

      JiYeon –> SeungHo
      SeungHo –> AhSung
      AhSung –> SeungHo
      HyunWoo –> AhSung

      If you look in episode 3, SeungHo finds AhSung sitting outside listening to her headphones then they have that flirting moment, then JiYeon finds them and AhSung grabs her headphones and runs off. After JiYeon and SeungHo leave together, the screen panes back to AhSung and she is seen watching them. If she didn’t like SeungHo back I don’t think she would’ve waited. Also, in episode 4 where SeungHo is talking to his Gmama and then AhSung walks by he almost rushes to get off the phone with his Gmama so that he could maybe talk to her, then she walks really fast by and he looks at her in a longing way. Also in the same episode, HyunWoo gives AhSung a piece of meat to eat and when he does that SeungHo and AhSung give eachother awkard looks. Also, the whole sneaking off into the night, him following her, him being relieved that she just went to her house and not somewhere dangerous, then her getting locked out and him showing up to help her get over the gate then she falls and doesn’t get up, he gets scared, but it’s just a joke and she laughs and gets up and he breathes a sigh of relief.

  12. you can call me weird or whatever… but
    i really like their voices haha
    they’ve got a nice soothing tone

  13. i think they will end up 2gether in the drama..

  14. nice πŸ˜€

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