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Photo Of The Day! 4Minute members have fun with sticker photos for 1st company dinner

4Minute Heo GaYoon reveals the photos taken during the girls’ first company dinner.

GaYoon posted the sticker photos on her minihompy on 12th January under a post titled ‘4Minute team’s first company dinner’. The photos were taken on 10th January.

And in the photos, the 4Minute members were seen doing various funny expressions and poses.

Netizens commented, “4Minute‘s teamwork seems good”, “Previously they also took photos like that, they look like they are enjoying themselves”, “So cute. I wonder what they had for their first company dinner”.

Meanwhile, 4Minute will do their Asian promotions in 9 countries from 23rd January for their repackaged album ‘For Muzik’.


Love them, hope they will do well for their Asian promotions!

4 Responses

  1. gayoon is so perfect

  2. JiYoon is so pretty here and HyunAh kinda looks like Sunmi in some of the pics

  3. Aww cute! ^^

  4. HyunAh + Ji Hyun = love lol 2Hyun
    Before Ji Hyun one time show her wallet and in her wallet she kept 1 photo of her and HyunA together ^^

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