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So Nyeo Shi Dae’s trainer speaks up, “We never make any of the members go on 800kcal diets”

So Nyeo Shi Dae‘s trainer comes out to clarify on recently criticisms of the members’ diet.

So Nyeo Shi Dae‘s personal training team Ace Team Kim JiHoon representative recently had an interview with mbn and he refutes the 800kcal diet of the girls portrayed by broadcast show as being “over” and reveals the behind-story to it.

The truth is that there was misinformation of the broadcast show and the trainer who was interviewed then was not the girls’ trainer.

He clarifies, “We did not make any of the So Nyeo Shi Dae members take a 800kcal diet for a day, and depending on their activities, there were many times we gave them more than 2000kcal for their diet.”

“But ahead of their concert, because they need to make some adjustments for it, the members get about 1200~1500kcal on the average with the 6 major nutrients included in their meals.”

And when asked about the diet and exercise methods of celebrities, Kim said, “There is actually not much different for the celebrities. They lead about the normal lifestyle like anyone, the only difference for the So Nyeo Shi Dae members is that they are idols with many activities and high energy consumption, and hence they will need diet with high calories.”

He ended with, “I want to apologise to the SNSD members and related officials. I hope that there will not be anymore misinformed reports about the girls’ diet in the future.”


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  1. some girls are just naturally skinny. I’m betting half of the girls in snsd are like that, and considering their schedule, it’s more likely for them to slim down more. there’s this one actress from where I live, and mind you the girl’s almost stick and bones — basically it’s just overwork and other factors. If they had that 800+ cal diet, most of them would be fainting and at the hospital by now. I’m just glad that it’s not true.




  3. Sooyoung talked about the diet here…
    I can’t believe they have strict 800kcal diet after watching them eating whatever in Hello Baby.
    Pizza, ramen, chicken wing, kimbab, sandwich…
    I believe those foods exceed the 800kcal.

  4. isnt regular consumption 2kcal? 1200~1500 still isn’t much but to each its own.. i think though with their level of activities, eating more is even better because they need the energy and they can lose it more easily with alll that running around and dancing.

    • I’m not surprised that they eat 2000+ calories daily. They need it. Heck, 2200 is average for active women!

  5. yea, i didn’t know why people would believe that diet. None of them look unhealthy except for JESSICA (i hope she eats T_T). And I think their bodies are normal for asians (well, except for jessica..she really needs to eat)

  6. “more than 2000kcal for their diet.”
    My B.S Alarm is ringing like crazy right now…
    Although i like SNSD, I’m not too stupid to actually believe that. I mean… look at them, they’re skinny as heck & don’t forget the camera adds 10 pounds & they look like sticks…

    My nephew probably weighs more than all of them put together.

    • LOL But sooyoung eats a lot. She even went to BBQ restaurant with her manager at night. Yoona n Sooyoung are naturally skinny. Don’t tell me u’ve never met anyone who can’t gain weight.

      • Yeah, Sooyoung has been skinny her whole life judging from her pre-debut pictures. The only girl who is “skinny as heck” is Jessica.

      • I’m actually someone who never gains weight even when I try. I eat 3000+cal a day but I’m still underweight… Sadly -.- But I don’t really follow SNSD that much, so I don’t really know how they eat or whose naturally skinny in the group… @Soul: i agree, Jessica is really skinny, one of my friend who went to Korea actually went to see SNSD & she said they’re really, really skinny especially Jessica.

    • Like he said they do a lot of activities, so I’m sure that they could burn off 2000+ calories in no time. ^ ^ These girls are always on the move, and they need to eat to power that. Calories aren’t bad, continuously not exercising while consuming a lot of calories is bad.

      • “Calories aren’t bad, continuously not exercising while consuming a lot of calories is bad.”

        Exactly. Thanks for speaking some sense!

  7. Why did it take so long to ‘clear-up’?
    Doesn’t matter, beauty is pain.

    I used to do 650 calories per day (!), 800 is nothing! But those days are over for me, ’cause there is just too much damn good food! Anywho, SNSD did get a bit ‘fat,’ so they probably didn’t follow it anyways.

    • Whaaaat???? Are you crazy???? 650? OMG. my breakfast is probably more than that… and SNSD getting “fat?” Omg.. My jaw dropped by reading your comment.

    • Yes, I agree. Anyone who would say that SNSD got “fat” must have some body issues cuz if their bodies are like that on TV, think how much skinnier they are in real life. (It is true that the camera adds weight) Anyway, I am glad that you’re not eating 650 Calories a day cuz that’s definitely something to worry about.

      • Excuse you?
        I do NOT have body issues, don’t be so judgemental if you don’t know. I love my body, and I don’t need anyone to tell me otherwise… I didn’t do it forever or year long, it was something I had to do at the time.

        And when I say fat, I didn’t mean meaty-fatty-fat! I did put it in QUOTES. Geez, I’m not that shallow and blind!
        And plus, they’re celebrities, my comment was nice, yo!

  8. I knew the whole 800 kcal diet was not true b/c if u look at some of snsd members bodies like Taeyeon,Tiffany,Yuri and Seohyun u can tell that they don’t follow the 800 kcal diet I’m not saying that they are fat but they look very healthy

    • I knew the 800 kcal diet wasnt true just looking at Tiffany too. No offense though.

      • she’s not even fat. lmao sometimes people should go watch shallow hal or something for a bit of enlightenment. j/k

    • i knew the 800kcal diet isnt true because 800kcal diet for teenage-young adult girls is just stupid.

      • your comment is the best comment i’ve read all day. the “no offence” comments were just taking a stab at fany and saying “no offence, so dont get mad”.

        800cal is unreasonable and unhealthy, the girl would be skin and bones and not what they look like now.

  9. is that their trainer? he is handsome

    • LOL, i thought the same thing. I’m not much of a SNSD fan but I clicked on the article cuz I was like, Dang, he’s cute. Blast SNSD for having good looking men around them lol

    • haha yes! I remember when he was at StarKing =D

      • Is he the guy on Star King always wearing glasses and black shorts with no shirt & dancing alot????????

  10. Good to hear! It honestly made no sense for them to have 800 calories a day with their activity levels.

    Is that the trainer though? He reminds me a little of Kim Hyun Joong in that pic.

  11. Hey guys.
    I’m a big fan of Family Outing series and I’m having problem finding one song that is played in the series.
    I’ve been looking for the song for quite sometime now but it seems that I can’t found it anywhere.
    So I figure out that asking a Korean should get this solved.
    Do you realize a song that is played every time the family is having their lunch and dinner as well as the breakfast?
    I only understand the singer singing something like “..teach me wrong and right..”.
    The rest of the lyric is in Korean language.
    I’m sure that you guys know what song it is and I really hope that you can give me the title of the song and who the singer is.
    Oh ya,sorry for not commenting on the post but giving you guys problem instead.
    But I really really hope that you guys can help me out.
    Thanks in advance!

    • is it red car by lee hyori?? ♥

      • I’ve take a look on that song and unfortunately it’s not it.
        The Red Car by lee hyori has slow rhythm while that song fast rhythm. Oh, I forgot to mention, the song is from a male singer and not female. Do you guys have any idea?

      • When all the meal had been prepared completely, than they set up the table, bowls, chopsticks and etc. And then, all the family members come out to have their meal and at that moment, the song started to play. Right after that,the camera usually zooms in and focuses to the sky. This is the song I’m talking about. Please, you guys are my only hope.. 🙂

    • Like sdsalcedo commented, I think you are talking about ‘Red Car,’ by Lee Hyori (feat. Jin Ho).

    • heyyy…its me again are u by any chance talkin about lies by big bang coz they play that at times!!!!=))))…nywaz if u need anything ill be happy to help u!!!!=))))♥

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