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After School GaHee shows off her million-dollar figure through shadow dance on Star King!

Girlgroup After School member GaHee shows off her million-dollar figure through her shadow dance in a magic show.

GaHee had taken part in the recent filming of SBS Star King and had participated in the magician Choi HyunWoo‘s new magic show. She was seen wearing a tight black overall outfit.

And during the show, she was seen dancing behind a screen, and the light from behind the stage setting focused on her great figure through her silhouette.

MC Kang Ho Dong also commented, “Even though I know that she has a good figure, through the shadown dance, it appears even more.” Kim JongMin also said, “Sexy” looking dazed, causing laughter from around him.

Thanks to Mihyejung for the headsups

S: TVReport

She’s so pretty.

I really enjoy Choi HyunWoo’s magic shows on star king

11 Responses

  1. couldnt help but to agreed with above..

  2. she has a great body and if people are saying she is too skinny, then they should look at christian bale for his role for the machinist, thats skinny and anorexic

    shes fine with her curves and she looks hot in the process

    tell me if there is another entertainer can dance like her and also be cute and hot at the same time

    i guess people idea of the perfect body or shape is probably based on kim tae hee”s height, weight and shape

    anway rant over

    • i love gahee i love as…best girl group in korea 4 me BUT gahee does not have curves..she has a healthy n great body but she doesnt have boobs or bum…thats just the fact..and i dunno wats special about kim tae hee tbh..but to each his own

  3. She might be skinny but to have a nice body she needs to have a butt and more chest

  4. lol gosh XD I dont think I even blink after I started watching XD haha so amazing!

  5. i like her.. she’s so pretty and nice..

  6. one of the girl crush i have in korean entertainment!!
    Love her!!
    and yes she’s got a great figure!!

  7. She might have nice abs, but she hardly has a million dollar figure. Its hard to have a figure when you’re chest is flat as a pancake.

  8. Wow! Great! Gahee jjang~

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