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Jo Kwon, “Winning #1 on MuBank, Park JinYoung liked it a lot”

2AM Jo Kwon reveals that he has received congratulation wishes from Park JinYoung for winning #1 on KBS Music K Chart on 15th January.

Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls GaIn‘s duet ‘We Fell In Love’ has gone up to the #1 spot on KChart on 15th January.

This is the first time Jo Kwon has won #1 on the music chart since his debut as 2AM. But it was shame that the 2 were not present on the show to receive over their trophy.

Jo Kwon said on his me2day, “Ah really, didn’t expected it. Winning #1.. Really cannot believe it. Sincerely thankful!”

He also wrote, “I was with JinYoung hyung having dinner when calls and messages started coming in, and I found out I have won #1. I was so excited and wanted to shout out in happiness, but I was in front of JinYoung hyung so I didn’t. JinYoung also said congratulations and that he likes it. Feels good. 2AM’s album this time will be daebak!!!!”

2AM revealed a teaser to their comeback (D-5) on 15th January.

S: Newsen

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  1. JYP is really confident about this album and I hope it will do well too. 2AM needs their time to outshine other groups.

  2. wooT!!! Yippie…congrats to kwon and gain

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