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The real reason to TaecYeon-YoonA casting on FO2? 2PM JunHo is jealous?

[News snippet] There have been fans who are worried of a loveline that will happen between So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA and 2PM TaecYeon. They have both been casted for SBS Family Outing 2 recently. Here’s a reason to fans of both side as to why they were casted.

FO2 PD Kwak SeungYeong said recently, “Even though we see the responses whenever we had idol appearance on the show, that is not the only thing we were thinking of when we do the casting.”

Kwak PD said, “TaecYeon was casted for his ‘beastly’ nature. Observing TaecYeon, we see that he has strong competitive mindset and overflowing energy. We hope to see that he will use that competitive nature in whatever situation he is being put through.”

And regarding YoonA, “YoonA is a child who shows endless possibilities. Her ‘SaeByuk’ image she shown in her recent drama, the side of her she shown on variety shows, there is still so many sides of her yet to be shown. We want to discover her endless possibilties through her appearance on the show.”

The 2 were not picked just because they are idols but because they are seen to be young celebrities who will show new charms through their appearance on the show.

Meanwhile, other celebrities like Kim WonHee, Yoon SangHyun etc have also been casted on the show. The first filming will start end-January, and the earliest the show will air is in early-February.


Meanwhile, during SBS ‘One Night’s TV Entertainment’ aired on 14th January, 2PM was interviewed during their CF filming.

TaecYeon said, “JunHo is 2PM’ avatar of jealous. He was envious of my collaboration with YoonA during one of last year’s year-end stages.” JunHo was seen smiling shily when exposed by fellow member TaecYeon.


68 Responses

  1. fuck i hate yoona.
    such a overrated, bland bitch.

    give them both a chance
    you should watch it before saying it´s gonna be boring…
    i love both bands and know how funny and dorky taec and yoona can be.not idol-like at all.lol
    that´s what i love about them xD
    yoona acts like a dorky school-boy(like soshi said lol)
    and taec´s acting ´cute´is hilarious!
    i´m soo excited to see FO!!!!!

  3. bullshit.. still not excited that Yoona will b joining FO 2 … 😡 grrr

  4. Hrrr. Taec again

    so boring. I want to see other members

    Love junho


  6. Why not Sunny, Hyoyeon, Tifanny, Heechul or even Gyuri of Kara. I would like to see Heechul and Gyuri. They have the same personality. So full of themselves but in a funny way. I think other SNSD members are funnier. Sorry please don’t kill me, I think Yoona and Taec are overrated. Just my opinion.

  7. i dont think yoona will high the rating…i dunno about 2pm, but the latest fancafe members, Yoona is 4th behind jessica in snsd fancafe…they should put taeyeon atleast if they want a high rating

  8. lol whatever FO staff. totally obvious that they want to up the ratings by casting idols that are not only one of the most popular from their own groups but idols that are in a sorta love scandal thing. i love 2pm and taec but seriously.

  9. well let’s see if they don’t indeed exploit that ‘loveline’…
    if they never tease or pair up taec and yoona, then it’s all good.. but if they do, then clearly they’re lying.

  10. Hello I don’t think Yoona has to be hella funny. At least she can work just like how she did when she was a guest for FO 1.
    FYI, there r 3 female members. U have crazy BongSun n WonHee. That’s enough dose of humor from the female cast…
    ParkYeJin was not even funny but she’s needed coz she can work n tough….Hyori was the funny one.
    So stop demanding all funny people on a show.
    This is not a gag concert.

  11. junho hehehe why the bandanaaaa

  12. lol @ the reason why these are casted is not because they are idols. seriously? it’s more like “we added them to the show because we want to have another jongkook-yejin love scandal, because they are the most popular members in their respective groups, and because we know that the ratings will rise if we add a beastly member and [a-not-so-funny] boring princess looking idol member”

    taecyeon is overrated out of all the 1:59 members imo.

    • I’m 2pm fan but I agree with you ….. Taecyeon is overrated.

    • I LOVE TAEC! but i agree wit u. he’s OR, he can’t even rap well (sorry taec, it’s my honest opinion). i want to see junho~

  13. taec again ….

    I want other member…

    taec too much….


    • I am Taec-biased and I feel he’s a bit over-exposed these days. Somehow I agree with you~

  14. its gonna be too much idols winning
    each other hearts and pairings
    when they invite even more idols as guests
    jaesuk hyori where are youuu

  15. ughhh TaecYeon again???!! -__________________-
    I’m tired of him.

  16. reason why they were casted?
    ratings. 🙂

    not hating, i love those two idols, but thats the truth. FO’s ratings were going down so they changed it up, and tried adding 4 idols (hyunjoong & daesung). i’m glad those two rejected, otherwise it would be idol outing, and family outing would sell out and be just like some of the other shows : (

  17. I like SNSD and Yoona is cool, but the thing is there are other members in the group that could have been picked. I don’t blame Yoona for getting the attention, but they should have picked members that don’t have a packed schedule like Yoona or shine as much. You can’t deny that they picked Taec and Yoona because they are the most popular members of their groups now.

  18. uhhh i agree with putting jokwon BUT hello ?? HEECHUL ??? he’s fkin funny

  19. Some of you who haven’t watched hello baby do not really know how she is in variety shows so you’ll have to watch FO 2 before judging anything.
    And as far as i know, Yoona’s really a funny and dorky girl. I’m amaze myself. She has a goofy side of her.
    Anyway, regardless the negative comments towards Yoona, i’m so anticipating FO 2!
    Yoona Hwaiting <33

  20. i think sooyoung from snsd will be better in fo2 more than yoona

  21. taec looks old and ugly

  22. bullshit reason

  23. i dont know people keep thinking that: Yoona must be crazy funny in Fo”?

    Fo 2 is not Fo 1? why they must be crazy funny like Fo 1? why must be dump and dumper like fo 1?

    they have their own colour.

    if u dont give them a try? how could u know if they would do a good job or not.

    i’m waiting for this season.

  24. junho don’t tell me u like yoona too…argghhhhhhhhh

  25. the thing about yoona was full of bullshit.
    no i’m not jealous fan girl, nor anti of snsd.
    i like snsd actually. i still think that sooyoung would have been a better choice. and FO still needs more crazy persons like dae and jaesuk. (jokwon, anyone?)
    yoona is boring. she can be funny, but not like in a crazy funny way.
    her humor is.. a bit boring. taec can be funny too. i think he’s funnier than
    yoona is. but eh. i’m still disappointed to this new cast.
    good luck to them though [:

    • honestly,im not a fan,never will be a fan and never was a fan of SNSD but the only girl that caught my attention is hyoyeon coz im a fan of intimate notes n snsd was once a guess in that show…
      and i think she’s pretty tough and funny juz that camera hate her…she dont get much of a cameraman attention i guess 🙂
      she’s perfect for FO in my opinion..
      coz i can see that she can dance and can crack some jokes and tough..perfect combination for FO…and i dont really know the rest of SNSD except yoona coz i watched cinderella man and those appearing on idol army wif 2PM…no offence to snsd’s fans juz my stupid opinion 🙂

      • agree wiht you 2 sooyoung & hyoyeon i think they are perfect for FO2

      • agreed..the funny people in snsd are hyoyeon and sooyoung.even jessica is funnier than yoona ..just my opinion

  26. Taec is handsome the boy even got an actor on SGB to admit he’s a fanboy for his body lol. I love Yoona too good luck to both I hope they do well despite ppl objections towards them.

  27. Frankly, I don’t see what so handsome about TaecYeon, but at least he’s fun to watch.

    Yoona is so lovely and a pretty good actress, but when it comes to variety shows her groupmates Sooyoung and Tiffany are far better.

    And what’s up with all those reasons…? We all know in the end of the day it’s all about rating, rating and rating.

    • ever heard of ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder?’

    • agreed..sooyoung is better..but when the pd talk about yoona has her other side that the pd want to discover, y dont he choose hyoyeon instead? she’s the funniest in snsd and have lotssssss of her side to show

  28. bull

    the are casted cuz they idols=ratings

  29. they need….

    jo kwon.

    lol ’nuff said.

    • i second dat…
      when they talk about taking idols into FO2,i immediately think of Jo kwon..he will surely raise the rating and in one episode of FO2 they shud invite Gain n dat wud be daebak!!

    • Agree. . .

    • jo kwon???? LOL No!!
      Taec is hot and funny <333

    • Agreed. He can be like dumb and dumber all by himself. XD J/K But seriously, I laughed SO hard when I heard Taec and Yoona were casted. Haha. I’m not even gonna bother to watch anymore because all I’m going to see is idols trying to win each other’s hearts. lmfao. C’mon people, seriously, all of these shows, as much as I loved FO, only want high ratings.

  30. Very excited about FO2, looking forward for it!!
    although i’m gonna miss the original FO…T_T

  31. Junho baby, it’s alright.
    You don’t have to be jealous anymore ;D

  32. that’s gonna be a boring thing if they only put the competition & SaeByuk image on the first focus. they need more ‘crazy’ people like DaeSung & JaeSuk. People need humorous people, not only tense & beast like Taec. But, we’ll see later.

    • Taec is funny 😀

    • u obviously have not watch wild bunny or anything 2pm related except for their performances cuz Taec is hilarious! He’s such a dork! different than the beastly image on stage…

      it’s ok…you’ll enjoy Taec in family outing 2 but of course nobody can beat Dumber and dumb…kekeke

      • Dae is more funnier than taec ..
        taeck is ok -___-

      • I agree lol I saw all the wild bunny episodes 2PM is awesome. Anyways why r ppl comparing Daesung and Taec on who’s funnier…they both funny why everything gotta be a competiton they have their own charms. 562!!!

      • dayummmmmmmm would b awesome if jaebum joined ahahaa XD but yehh teac is funny too 🙂

      • Taec’s only really funny and genuine when he’s playing around with his members, that’s why Wild Bunny was so much LOVE. If they just stick him with a group of people he isn’t close to, he’ll hold himself back to be polite. Boring. T_T

    • taec isn’t just a beast. he’s actually a dorky guy~ and a camwhore! he loves to be seen alot! but he usually sleeps (sleepy head). and he’s mooooore funny when he’s around with leadja!

  33. finally…someone with the same thoughts as me…dang i thought the same exact thing that both are extremely talented and good looking but aside from that when they’re in a comfortable setting with friends and their members they show off such loving and funny charms

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