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BEAST and 4Minute predebut MT ski trip revealed!

A video was revealed by Cube Entertainment recently showing group BEAST during their MT ski trip about 2 years before their debut.

It was shot personally by their manager and 4Minute members HyunA and JiHyun also went on the MT trip together.

The video has gotten much attention from netizens. The Cube family members were seen having fun and playing games during the MT.

On the side note, just in case you need a LOL moment: http://twitpic.com/yctyh

8 Responses

  1. Ohh I heard SS501’s U R MAN! AHHHHH! ^^
    Yo seob <3333

  2. fun! 😀

  3. This CUBE love is getting strange I mean it’s really good to see such a unique love but due to the 2AM thing Ihmm… It’s queasy…

  4. I think Yoseob too?!

  5. I think has Ga Yoon also
    She is the girl blew the paper with Ji Hyun at 2.40
    HyunA was so cute, when the manager focus on HyunA they use Eebabo song lol

    Im waiting u Gina Choi u r so brilliant

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