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Ji HyunWoo, “SHINee Key looks like a Japanese soonsa”

Actor Ji HyunWoo puts SHINee Key in a flustered situation.

The 2 had appeared on KBS 2TV Star GoldenBell together on 16th January. And Key picked Ji HyunWoo as “the person who will cause trouble/accidents” and explained, “(Ji HyunWoo) looked like someone who plays through school”.

And Ji HyunWoo was asked “What is your impression of SHINee Key‘s image?” and he answered, “He looked like Japanese *soonsa.”

Meanwhile, 4Minute Nam JiHyun had everyone during the filming in laughter when she said, “(SHINee Key) looks really cool but a little mean-looking.”

Key responded with, “I don’t get to see anyone who will look at me as a kind-looking person. I don’t feel bad about it, and will just accept it as a fact.” showing his cool side.

Meanwhile, HyunA was picked as the “member who don’t wash well” in 4Minute, and seemed flustered when chosen by her team members for that. Heo GaYoon explained, “Manager unnie came to our room and said that she smelt something sour. We have all washed up, so there is just one person we thought of.”

S: CSNews

*soonsa – the lowest rank police during the Japanese imperialism

Speaking of Ji HyunWoo.. I’ve been waiting for The Nuts for aΒ  comeback for ages γ… γ… 

18 Responses

  1. ROFL Mean looking….
    I can’t help but think he’s Sica’s long lost brother.

  2. well the nuts had truth j out last march …does that count πŸ˜€ it makes me sad how underrated they are though.

  3. Seriously Key was sooo hot before.
    He looks sooo drag/gay OMG !!

  4. lol at Hyuna, …. i can’t even imagine she don’t wash well herself oh well.

    btw, I didn’t know Ji HyunWoo exists. /sarcasm

  5. poor hyuna … i bet it’s probably just a misunderstanding ^ ^;
    @taeck_67, dude do you even know who key is? if you did, you wouldn’t say that.

  6. that Key guy looks gay.

  7. Okay honestly, it may sound funny, but Korean SHINee World are actually furious with this.
    You know how Korean and Japanese fought blah blah blah.. well yeah.
    Yeah it’s just a joke and it was meant to be funny, but fans aren’t taking this as a joke.
    No matter how funny it is, it wasn’t right for him to say something like that.
    I hope he watches what he says in the future.

    • I love Ji Hyun-woo. Invincible Lee Pyung Kang is a good drama I’m watching with him as the lead.

      Never knew he was in a band!

  8. Ji Hyun is frm Taming of the heir? he really said that?? how come in Star Golden Bell everyone picks on him… lol.. now that I look at him, he looks like he cud be mean..

    I still like Key<3

  9. The Nuts released a single in summer last year.

    Kiss The SeaMV

  10. On that picture, he looks like Hyoyeon. Don’t know why…

  11. ew Hyunah.

  12. Aww key’s still cute =)
    And LOL at the manager smelling something sour XD
    Hyuna’s the maknae so i guess she really doesn’t care that much yet

    • Actually HyunA isn’t the maknae, I think the maknae is called Sohyun πŸ™‚

      • Oh yeah! My bad..I’ve always seen her in invincible Youth as the maknae so yeah it’s kinda confusing. lol
        Thanks for the correction

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