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K-POP invades Manila with the Philippine Promo Tour of 4Minute

[myxph] The dates are in for the first – ever Philippine promo tour of one of the biggest acts in the K-Pop music industry today! Ji Hyun, Ga Yoon, Ji Yoon, HyunA, So Hyun, collectively known as 4Minute make their way to Manila on Feb. 4 – 8 for a series of mall shows and autograph signing sessions!

Details under the cut.

Feb. 5: SM Mall of Asia, Main Mall Atrium, 6 PM
Feb. 6: SM Megamall, New Event Center, 5 PM
Feb. 7: SM North EDSA, Annex Event Center, 5 PM

The momentum of 4Minute is rapidly increasing with their hits, endorsements and individual projects! 4minute, who started their career April of last year has already received awards from their hometown namely Cyworld’s Rookie of the Month, Korea’s Cultural, Physical Education and Tourism Bureau: Rookie Music Award, SBS Power Rookie (August) and Golden Disk Awards Newcomer Award (shared with T-ara). 4Minute even beat Super Junior in Taiwan by hitting the number one spot in the country’s biggest music site, KKBOX.

Here in the Philippines, the group has gotten support from fans of all Korean groups nationwide! There are currently a total of 14 official K-POP fan clubs that also include that of Big Bang (www.bigbang.ph) and many others. The Official Fan Club of 4Minute, who call themselves 4Nias are a highly organized group of fan boys and fan girls who are very active in collecting anything and everything 4Minute! They meet each other through 4minute’s official fan site in the Philippines, www.4minute.ph

In line with their upcoming promo tour, MCA Music, who recently partnered with CUBE Entertainment in Korea that also houses K-Pop boy band BEAST shall release the first mini-album of 4Minute entitled For Muzik. Their hits “Hot Issue”, “Muzik” and “What A Girl Wants” have all enjoyed heavy airplay by top music channels and radio stations – making the group one of the most popular Korean acts to ever hit the country.

For Muzik shall come in CD+DVD format that includes free limited edition posters and a special K-POP surprise inside every copy! For Muzik is now available at Odyssey and O Music stores nationwide! 4Minute’s Philippine promo tour is exclusively brought to you by media partners MYX, Your Choice, Your Music, Tambayan 101.9, ASAP XV and ABS-CBN with the official residence of 4Minute in Manila, EDSA Shangri-la Hotel.

4Minute and For Muzik is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by MCA Music Inc.

Thanks to Michi_bangs for the headsup!

94 Responses

  1. Everyone is coming to Manila this past few years. Starting last year. Even the Hollywood stars. Usher is now in manila to do a concert at SM Mall of Asia. The biggest mall in Asia. And next ONE WAY of korea. Many foreign artist loves to visit our country?

  2. Ohhh see how the host reaction when the group DID NOT UNDERSTAND what she said in ENGLISH? (the ASAP video)

    And notice the reaction of the crowd? Does it tell you anything? Filipinos are not as ethnocentric as the Koreans but…at least speak in a language we understand and that is ENGLISH

  3. Its hard to accept buyt K-pop isnt that accepted yet in the Philippines…cause 1. We dont understand the lyrics…However,,,,the only 1 K-pop GROUP that can invade the Philippines IS 2nE1…That’s a fact!!!! They can fill half the capacity of moa in 1 shot…

    The rest? they are just there to ride on Sandara’s popularity in the Philippines…Enuff said

  4. check out their performance at ASAP XV:

  5. i wish kara will follow too i want to see all of them mostly ji young hehe and i hope kore and philippines friendship will get more stronger go asian music ^_^

  6. the tour version of the album is the one you should buy to be able to enter the event center.
    chill up guys.

  7. Seriously.
    I only have these few words to type after reading all the comments here.
    Life is more than just being an over-obsessive-foul-mouthed-troll stomping-bone-picking-holier-than-thou-your-fangroup-suck-mine-rocks individual here.
    Honestly, KPOP is already experiencing some of the worst fandom from extreme individuals/netizens and we need not add fuel to the fire as it is already.
    I feel ashamed to be even associated with either girl groups as i’m a fan of both.
    Extreme individuals ought to be shot in the head.

  8. im so excited . wuho !!

  9. wooh. kpop wave is growing here aigoo.
    bad or good? haha

  10. why 4minute????

  11. 4minute here at Philippines!

    I’m not that of a fan of girl groups. But it is nice to finally get some Korean artists here. Our PR for events is getting better.

    ATTENTION: KPOP Lovers in the Philippines! Let’s meet at those dates and those events said above. I’ll be posting pictures of them. and prolly netizens will see/know how much we, Filipinos, love K-pop.

    The K-pop culture is spreading so please spread the love.

    Hopefully the next incoming artists that will come here to Manila will have a blast performing with Filipino artists as well.


  12. hey, just a tip, the correct url for Big Bang Philippines is bigbangph.org, not bigbang.ph. Thank you. ❤

  13. Hi.

    This is Nina (staff of Big Bang Philippines). We’d just like to clarify that http://www.bigbang.ph does not exist. Our website is http://www.bigbangph.org. We greatly appreciate it if you can make the necessary correction. Thanks! 😀

    • haha. yeah. noticed that wrong link og bigbangph fansite :DD
      anyways i’m a true full plegded YG addict. but i don’t hate other kpop groups.

  14. will watch them definitely! might go to moa but def be going to Mega!

    remember, your Cd is not a pass to get autographs. you have to buy their Special tour package at the venue for you to get an autograph/m&g pass! please go to 4minute.ph for more tour details, or to the mca music phil facebook page!

    I am a blackjack myself, but please let’s not be rude. this is a 4minute article, stop bringing other artist just to start a commotion. let us all be civilized and educated people.

    and YEs, we in Manila are lucky… won’t be able to go to FTIsland showcase though, too expensive! haha! AJA FIGHTINg KPOP!

  15. lol “mall tour”..ok goodluck to them

  16. They need KPOP to come to Boston. Seriously, I feel the pain of those fans that want their fave to come to their country or city.

    • lol. thats quite random.

      but im somewhat sure the kpopcommunity in boston is fairly small, boo ):

      simply because basketball reigns over the boston city. celtics? ew

  17. i want 2ne1 and KARA here in the Philippines too but 4minute is so so welcome…

    for sure when 4minute gets back to Korea, news will spread that its viable too for other groups to stage concerts here in the Philippines…

    peace out everyone…

  18. You said “Here in the Philippines”?
    you are from the Philippines too?

  19. Great! I’ll be going to all of the mall shows. :)) It’s cool to study in Manila. You never miss anything. LOL

    4Minute ftw!

  20. LOL they should learn how to speak English properly first.

  21. am not a 4minute fan but sorry and selfish to say…I dont want 4minute to be in Manila or can have this “popularity” there…
    maybe other groups would be really fine to visit there.

  22. Let’s support 4Minute! This will, not only help 4Minute’s rise for popularity in the country, but it will also be known for the other idol groups/singers that Kpop is steadily capturing the hearts of Filipino fans.

    We hope that 4Minute’s Philippine tour in February and FT Island’s showcase in March will be the start of the many more visits of other groups as well!

  23. as a filipino & as a 2ne1 fan. i’m really sorry to all 4minute fans, please don’t hate us blackjacks becuz of some immature 2ne1 fans (or just sandara park fans). guys, even though i’m not a big fan of 4minute i will support them becus they are worth it^^. and i’ll buy their album! again sorry guys! really sorry!

    • what? no one has mentioned being a sandara park fan here. you say you’re a 2ne1 fan yet you’re making sandara look bad by implying that its her fans who are trolling. how do you know its not a cl,minzi or bom fan? or a fan of all of 2ne1? or just a troll? seriously you can apologise without dissing other fans.

      • but it’s sandara fans who are trolling!
        seriously, ever since dara entered KPOP, filipinos became one of the worst bashers I’ve seen.
        I wish she never became part of 2NE1.
        KPOP was peaceful (at least for long time fans) before.

      • Eh? What’s your basis for that huh? And now you’re bringing Dara down by saying “I wish she never became part of 2NE1.
        KPOP was peaceful (at least for long time fans) before.” How did you know? Haven’t heard of the silent protests done by some fan clubs to SNSD before huh? Nice thinking.

        Anyway, see you 4minute! I can’t wait. See you at North Edsa and MOA. Sign my CD please!! :))

      • @ANN365, you are stupidddddd.

        so no one has mentioned her, so me! must’ve been the first. so what? me! did say (OR just sandara park fans). OR, can mean MAYBE. would maybe have been a better term to satisfy your stupidity to actually comprehend what me! was trying to say?

        me! noted sandara park fans because she has great influence over the community in the Philippines. using common knowledge isnt wrong.

        idk how genuine me!’s apology was but lets say this: “seriously, cant you accept their apology without dissing them w/o any basis?”

        i know we all acknowledged the majority, some, w.e you like to call it, of 2NE1 fans are utterly immature. let those fans troll. in the beginning, it was fine seeing that theyre showing fandom. however, in the long run, it’ll make 4minute even more powerful and make 2ne1, and their fans, look even more pathetic


        Yes, I would acknowledge that it would be probably Dara’s fans who does the bashing because most of her fans here doesn’t know a thing or two about kpop until the day she entered. I know and am very much aware of how ‘bashing’ is done here. It’s highly likely that it’s her fans — not even KPOP fans. A big number of her fans doesn’t really know how things work here [kpop blogsites, forums] for one.


        I see you around here a lot and your comments are the same most of the time. Is this your first time seeing such level of immaturity? Because yes, I know for a fact that a big number are utterly immature but honestly, I take it that you don’t like 2ne1 or YG? I often see your posts and most of them try to be really objective but some fail at being one. You have good points but I don’t know, it has this ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude that I don’t dig and can only tolerate for such a time.

        I am aware of this immaturity a number of 2ne1 fans are sporting nowadays, but most of them are trolls. So ignore them. I’ve seen the same/or even worse with other fandoms but they grew up mostly already. I’m hoping and guessing that it would be the same thing for these fans since the group is pretty new. No offense but you always dig about how immature they are. It’s about time that you stop a little because it won’t do as much. In a few years time, most of them will disappear anyway. Just like the earlier trolls and immature ones of other fandoms.

        if you notice they are obviously a sandara park fans and NOT 2ne1. they WERE FANS of sandara even before and they STILL see the DARA of 2ne1 as SANDARA WHO WAS REALLY POPULAR IN PHILIPPINES!
        i’m not dissing dara. and don’t try to judge if i’m even a fan of 2ne1. hah~ i’ve waited for THEIR DEBUT and i EVEN KNOW she’ll be having a girlgroup in korea. i’ve waited for the debut of ‘SISTA’ that change to ’21’ but netizen demands to change it cuz there’s a korean singer who’s using 21 that’s why INSTEAD OF ’21’ it turns out to be “2NE1”. i know it’s not the exact info about them. but this only proves I AM A FAN.

  24. I think they sell it over at Astro record bars. The albums I mean, I’m not sure if they’re selling it over Odyssey. Anyway, I’m so broke right now but I WILL find a way to buy their album, lol. I hope I still can get a poster, I heard that it’s really limited because of the high demand (wow! proud of 4minute!).

    Can I just say that Gayoon’s thighs look so weird in that picture. It’s too thin. I doubt it’s real. They PS’d it too much. Fault of the graphic person, I guess.

    • ALSO, too excited! I’m so going to come to the mall tour! I’ll be going to the 1st one, over at MOA. CHOOO excited. I registered on the raffle thing, so you can get to meet and greet them but somehow I feel like it’ll be better if I don’t win because I might just faint at meeting them so close! XD

    • Where did you buy yours? 🙂 I’m looking all over where I live, but I couldn’t find one. I don’t think they sell it at odyssey too, because all I see there are SM fam’s albums.

      • I haven’t bought mine yet. You can check MCA Music’s facebook page. They list down the places where you can buy the album and where they’ll be distributing the posters.

      • Oh. Thanks for the info then. ^^ lol I panicked for a while up there cause I thought music stores here were lagging behind once again.

  25. I believe those who want 2ne1 to come are sandara’s filipino fans.
    What the hell.

  26. yes!!!!!!!!!

  27. i’m anticipating for this..besides me and my pals will come^^

    we’re lucky enough cause mall tours here in the philippines are free..the only thing is that..you have to be as early as everyone or else..you’ll end up on the upper floors where you only got to see their heads >.<

    besides..suju is coming here too ^_^ ft. island too^_^ we're lucky enough this 2010..kpop really is invading our country..though i'm wishing 2ne1 and wonder girls who brought kpop to fame to the philippines will also visit our country^_^

    filipino 4Nias will finally unite for the very first time^_^ let's make them the hottest issue of all time with their muzik telling what a girl wants~! yeah~!! ^_^

  28. FOR THOSE WHO SAID THEY WANT 2ne1 AND ALL. CAN YOU SHUT UP!!! If you a fan or you a FAKE fan of them who is trying to create more anti-fans for them, can you shut up?!!!

    This is about 4minute not 2ne1. I love 2ne1 more then 4minute. I don’t like 4minute but at least i respected them.

    Sheesh… You people are so irritating…

    • 2NE1 >>>>>>>>>>> 4minute
      2NE1 is THE BEST girl group!!!! 4minute Sucks!!!!

      • tsk..tsk… You are pathetic. 2ne1 and 4minute have their own style and talents. You must be daras fan i guess? Why do you want to make 2ne1 fans look bad. If Dara knows she have a fan like you, she will be disappointed. 2ne1 have weaknesses too and they are not perfect. Don’t pull BLACKJACKS down with you.

      • shut up!

  29. my golly!why does it have to be in manila!
    what about cebu??!!
    it’s freaking frustrating!
    and it’s free.
    im not a 4minute fan, but i’ll definitely go if it’s going to be held in here..CEBU!

  30. Not to be mean but who fu**in care about these group. Never heard there song , and most probably we dont have any plans at ALL.. Only 2 groups can really invade Philippines with KPOP music and it`s 2NE1 or WONDERGIRLS. All I can say is good luck to 4MIN, hope the Filipino peeps dont shout SANDARA when they see them..LOL

    • some 2ne1 fans really rude toward 4minute. i wonder why

      • Basically, they are not consider 2ne1 fans, mind you. They must be both anti of 2ne1 or 4minute. If you a fan, you wouldn’t want your idols to have anti fans. If someone bash 2ne1, the fans would protect them and defend them then you would consider them 2ne1 fans. If someone says 2ne1 all of the sudden at a article not related to 2ne1 and bash other idols by using 2ne1 as an excuse, you shouldn’t call them 2ne1 fans.

      • they are not 2NE1 fans anyway… coz if they’r truly a fan then they know what will be the result of their comments towards other articles which 2NE1 is not related….

    • for ur info dear~ if ur a kpop addict u know them. but just reading on ur comment ur obviously a newbie in this kpop world, just becuz of the ‘nobody’ syndrome and dara. for sure KPOP fans, all cassieph, sjph, elfph, BBph, wonderfulph will support 4minute cuz THEY ARE A KOREAN GIRL GROUP and WE (kpop fans) GONNA SUPPORT THEM.

      • I’m happy for 4minute. I’m not a big fan but I wanna see them too since I’m a kpop fan. hehe. =)
        But s/he has a point. I mean we can’t deny that there will be some ignorant pinoys who doesn’t know a thing about kpop aside from wondergirls and sandara and they might chant things like that. I’m not saying all pinoys are rude, but some might be. And I hope us big fans can stop such rude people.
        I think the Koreans here will be happy too. hehehe.

    • I`m just being honest. in the first place why the KPOP artist starting to go to Philippines, it`s because of the WONDERGIRLS for Nobody, Nobody and 2nd because of DARA who happens to join 2ne1. That where the Filipino fans to start listening to KPOP music, aside from the usual american/OPM songs.

      HATERS will be HATERS, every one can hate DARA/ 2ne1 what the fu*k do I care. And whatever 4MIN can go to Manila even those SUJU guys, nobody care and they will be ignored by many, just like the Shinee guys or F.T Island.. No big deal and I`m just honest unlike those hypocrites like some of you.

      —–“I’m not being mean, I’m being truthful. There’s a difference.”

      • if they want to be well-known here they should try to promote right? it’s promoting since they are NEW. there’s nothing wrong if they try to be a big star here in philippines. it’s like DBSK when they first arrived in japan. and now look at them. they are a big star in japan.

  31. WE WANT 2NE1!!!!

    WE WANT 2NE1!!!!

    WE WANT 2NE1!!!!

    WE WANT 2NE1!!!!

    WE WANT 2NE1!!!!

    WE WANT 2NE1!!!!

    • That’s just RUDE.

      I’m a blackjack but this is seriously pissing me off. Like really, really really pissing me off. I see you around here and often times I would ignore your not-so-nice posts about other bands that is not 2ne1. This is my first time replying to you and hopefully this would be the last. Adjust yourself a little and be considerate to others.

      I like 4minute. I’m happy that they’re coming, because I’m planning to go to their concerts, buy their album and have it signed. So that “We” want 2ne1 is ridiculous. Are you even from the Philippines? Because I’d be dead embarrassed if you are. I won’t be a hypocrite, I’m gonna say I wished 2ne1 would come, hell even just sell their albums here. But this is a 4minute article, about them, so if you couldn’t moderate your negative comments towards them, just leave.

      • I didnt say anything against 4minute man~~~~

        and .. why cant u just continue ignoring me? i’d be happier

        okay.. imah change it “I WANT 2NE1”

        i dont care if your embarrassed about me being in the same country, you disgusted? okay… thats totally fine with me….

        good luck with 4minute with their mall tour and you with watching their concert and everything…

        and.. no im not nice…. im evil…

        if 4minute is coming here then i want 2ne1 to come here as well! <– thats my point

      • WHAT? Face palm.

        You didn’t say anything against 4minute? DUDE, and the FACT that you’re on their article, literally campaigning 2ne1 completely justifies the RUDENESS you have had against these girls. Now you’re really pissing me off. I have ignored you many times because most of your posts are bordering on being idiotic.

        State your point somewhere else. Honestly, you’ve been saying your point all the freakin time and guess what? Most people here get it already. See how much of an idiot you are?

    • immature. send your request to YG website..
      not here

    • i want 2ne1 and i’m a FAN of 2ne1, but PUH-LIIIIZ let ya childish act on ur own and dun show it here! mann! dis is a 4minute article. ur makin blackjacks image so rude. gosh!

      back to the topic! i’m gona try to see them! and IT’S FREE. hoho~ though i’m not a big big big fan of this Girl group but i really like their song ‘MUZIK’ & ‘What a girl wants’ so i’m gonna buy their CD+DVD.

    • U R ALSO LIKE DAA…either u r 4minute anti or 2NE1 anti ( coz if u r 2NE1 fan & concern to the group then u will know wat will be the result of ur comments)… i’m a blackjack but not U… ur making blackjacks & 2NE1 bad image…

    • @blueprincess824 fans like you are quite embarrassing!
      you just don’t humiliate yourself but also 2ne1 and other blackjacks as well…
      no wonder other fansclub thinks that 2ne1 fans are the worst fansclub in kpop coz they are very immature, over defensive, annoying, and insecure…you don’t need to brag 2ne1’s name in every article which are not related to them! c’mon! 2ne1 is not the only group in kpop and absolutely they are not the best group in store! i guess this is one of the reason why YGE and their artists are gaining a lot of haters these days…

      i know not all blackjacks are childish like you but with your stupid post, you are making them look bad in the eyes of the other fansclub…

      don’t get me wrong! i like 2ne1 coz i think they are really cool as well as their music but its kinda disappointing seeing fan like you…

      pls be mature enough on what you post! learn to appreciate other groups! a true kpop lover knows how to explore and admire the beauty of other kpop idols..don’t be too obsess with your fandom! grow up kid!

    • either u r 4minute anti or 2NE1 anti ( coz if u r 2NE1 fan & concern to the group then u will know wat will be the result of ur comments)… i’m a blackjack but not U… ur making blackjacks & 2NE1 bad image… plz step back girl! & LEARN TO HAVE RESPECT ON OTHERS ARTICLE….

      • she is a BLACKJACK! YG addict to be exact.
        She writes for Daily KPOP News and brags all about 2NE1. Any other groups aside from 2NE1 gets an insult from her.

    • seriously blueprincess824, don’t be such a b*tch!

      • blueprincess824 has always been a troll.

        people supported blueprincess824 in earlier posts as well. people are so arrogant. blueprincess824 was all over YG and 2ne1 in the other posts and many of you supported that person simply because you guys were both supporting 2NE1. but it is only now that you see the arrogance in blueprincess824. yes, that is WHY i have MANY TIMES claimed 2NE1 fans, may it be most, majority, some, hardly any fans, to be incredibly immature and disrespectful to other idol groups and their fans.

        hope blueprincess824 shed some light on your day and opened your eyes to see why other fans from other groups often feel threatened and mistreated whenever someone claims 2ne1 to be better. (than snsd, suju, t-ara, 4minute, fx, etc etc).

      • anonymousss, so you think one person represents a whole fan club? give me a break, the only reason blackjacks are known as worse is because people randomly mention it. only like 2 peoople have acted bad but 10 jump to say “this is why other fan clubs think blackjacks are the worst”. they need to stop hating and everyone else needs to stop generalizing.

  32. 4minute is not my favorite but im a kpop addict so ill support them for taking time to promote their album here in phils.. thanks for this article, i was able to know. Gonna buy their album at oddysey so that i can have their authograph at their mall tour.
    btw, i love their song Dream Come True from GOS ost.

  33. i’m also going!!!!! wait for me manila! HEHE. please bring in beast too!! so-1!! hehe.
    i want to see big bang so badly.

  34. For singaporean, 4minute’s CD is selling at CauseWay Point POPULAR bookshop. It cost only around $16 something.

    I just when there already and saw it at the shop. I hope other kpop CDs will be selling at POPULAR bookshop beside BIG BANG,SUJU,DBSK & BoA.

    • I dun know their album was sold in Singapore, it’s include booklet and poster ?
      Wanna buy Wonder Girls album too 🙂

      • I know if you buy, you will get a free poster.

        But you would likely be disappointed with the ALBUM.

        It is basically just a CD casing? Its like a the digital single CD but i assure you that, it is still 4minute album without the cover. I don’t know how to explain this.

        Example: DBSK, Big bang and any other kpop CDs, they have a cover to cover the CD casing but 4minute doesn’t have one.
        I hope you know what i meant.

      • yeah. they sell it in hmv too.
        but try to go to the one in 313, it has more cds than the other stores.
        yesterday, i went there and got snsd’s genie. i saw wg’s so hot album. i guess the rest must have sold out.

      • @humberger Is HMV & 313 stores are from s’pore? I never heard of it before….


  36. why does EVERYTHING have to happen in manila?

    • IT SUCKS I KNOW!!!!!!!




      ITS MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      i dont have money for a plane ticket and hotel accommodation man!!!!!

      i need GU JUN PYO!!!! XD

    • but we should remember that some bigger artist like boys like girls, and kris allen would visit cebu first instead of manila, so let’s hope that one day some kpop artist would also do the same thing. 🙂

      • BRING THEM IN CEBU not in MANILA….. lolz
        VIVA PIT SEÑOR!!!! happy fiesta sa mga cebuano diha! :))

        not a fan of 4min but i wanted to see them in person…
        i hope hyuna will perform ch ch ch CHANGE!!! 😉

      • oh yeah true!! its sinulog festival in cebu 😀

    • they can’t go to some provinces…of course, they have to go to Manila…KPOP fanbase here in the Philippines is not big yet. It’s growing but definitely not big enough.

  37. Yeaaah I got the album and poster already wo0t!

    The best part of those mall shows is that they’re free!

  38. Ohh. Too bad, I want 2NE1 to come instead of 4minute.

  39. first?!
    im gonna go!! LOL.. KPOP invades Philippines in 2010!!

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