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SBS Inkigayo 17.01.2010: T-ara wins triple Crown with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’

Today on SBS Inkigayo, group T-ara won their 3rd mutizen, triple crown, with the song ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ on the show!

Also, other highlights of today’s show include:

  • 2PM and SHINee goodbye stages
  • Debut stages for C.N Blue and ZE:A
  • Other hot performances by HyunA, BEAST, T-ara, Rainbow, Ivy, Eun Ji Won etc.

Go under the cut for the performance cuts.

Goodbye special

  • 2PM with ‘Tired of Waiting + Heartbeat’
  • SHINee with ‘JoJo+Ring Ding Dong’

Hot debut

  • C.N Blue with ‘Alone’
  • ZE:A with ‘Mazeltov’

Comeback special

  • Seeya, Davichi, T-ara with ‘Wonder Woman’


  • 2PM with ‘Tired of Waiting’
  • SHINee with ‘JoJo’
  • T-ara with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’
  • Eun Jiwon with ‘Siren’
  • BEAST with ‘Mystery’

Hot Music

  • HyunA with ‘Change’
  • Ivy with ‘Goodbye tears’
  • Brian with ‘My Girl’
  • IU with ‘Marshmallow’
  • F.cuz with ‘Jiggy’

Fresh Music

  • Rainbow with ‘Not Your Girl’
  • Lisa (feat. 4Minute Jiyoon) with ‘Should we get married’


  • MC Cuts
  • C.N Blue interview with MCs

46 Responses

  1. love the hottest fan chant at the end of heartbeat and hopefully CN Blue will win next week cause im loving there song!

  2. aboslutely loving how loud the screams are for 2pm even though their promotions are ending now : 기다릴깨박재범. 기다릴깨2PM !!!
    And truthfully I agree with the comments above me. Only reason I listened to Bo Peep in the first place was because of Junsu. I’m still not a huge fan of the song, but it’s alright. And it’s true. No competition = bound to win at some point. But even if the song is bad, they’ve worked hard so I guess all we can say is Congrats (:

  3. Wish the CNBlue members have equal time for the camera. I like Yonghwa but the cameraman focused too much him. Jonghyun also has lines… Jungshin sings too. They are CNBlue and not Yonghwa and the boys. Hate the zooming “effect”

    ahh Eun Ji Won and Brian are the veterans lalala wish they get more spotlight =/

  4. Fan chants at the end of 2PM’s performance of Heartbeat “We will wait for Park Jaebum. We will wait for 2PM.” ❤

  5. A lot of us are bitter NOT because we hate T-ara or thought they don’t deserve to win. But merely because BooPeep is seriously a shitty song that we have difficulty understanding how it can win.

    As a T-ara fan myself, I seriously hate that song. I’m glad today is, supposedly, the last promotion for that song. Bring on Like the First Time! (with live singing, not overly loud backsound please!_

  6. I’m sorry, but solo artists gotta bring their game back up. They’re so overshadowed by groups.

  7. MAAHZHILTOHV!!!!!!!!
    mwahahaha, first time watching ZE:A perform. I couldn’t stop laughing my ass off. It’s the fact that they seem so energetic singing the song lol
    I can’t take them seriosuly until they stop promoting Mazletov

  8. well t-ara can actually sing cos i really liked their TTL song. but seriously how can bopeep be considered a song. no wonder they thank junsu for that mic error thingy.
    CNBLUE sounds too good. Z:EA’s pretty good as rookies too. i think cnblue’s better than t-ara. hope they win nxt week!
    &2PM + SHINee are leaving! well hopefully 2AM and SJ will comeback soon ❤

  9. the song is annoyingly catchy.
    but wow… i don’t want to be a sore loser. Congrats. they must be really estatic!I really hope they work on their lives

  10. lol 2pm’s overly ripped pants was such a distraction,
    i was just laughing at it throughout the whole performance,

    • rofl yeah.

      but arent you glad theyre not ripped on the back of their pants? that’d be crazy awkward. for us and the boys haha. well, unless fangirls dig that kind of stuff

  11. really, people are so amusing. i guess skeptics will always pull different excuses out of their asses for situations that they do not like.

    example: t-ara winning. people figured and hoped they’d never win. now that they won, those same people say they only win when theres no competition, aka excuses.

    so if we continue this trend and lets say t-ara does win (analogy) with idk, 2ne1, big bang, etc etc promoting as well, what would your excuse be then? “oh, t-ara has been continuously active for a long time”?

    im just saying, rather than downplaying their success (like i said millions of times before), we should appreciate (:

    oh yeah, i do too hope HyunAh wins at least once. she’s come a long way and im sure wonder girls would be overwhelmed to hear of her recent success and growth!

    • oh, which i would like to add:

      everyone has to start somewhere right? winning awards now rightfully will hopefully transpire into something bigger for them and grow from this recent success. not saying they’ll beat out big bang or 2ne1 or snsd or any one of those groups any time soon, but they’re not on their way to.

      no flame, please. wish people would consider my sayings. i know some may say im being hypocritical about not hearing others out and their vents but…
      i know its quite obvious that t-ara is winning when the “elites” are not promoting but what is the use of stating the obvious when it puts a group down? thats what im trying to get at.

      good day(:

      some may say im being

      • if they have better songs than 2NE1 they’ll be able to beat them. But the fact that big bang and snsd have a way bigger fanbase, it is impossible to beat the bigger ones.

      • that is true. fan bases are larger. but it doesnt hurt to be optimistic for smaller, growing groups

      • You gotta admit.. there were no competition… at all!!! SHINee and 2pm were not promoting the time T-Ara started winning & I can’t really acknowledge T-Ara because honestly, the awards they got from MuBank & Inki are purely because of lack of competition. & yeah, 2ne1 & T-Ara once promoted together & did they win? NO! & their old songs were better btw. It’s not an excuse, it’s a fact! When Jo Kwon & Ga-In had a digi single, they managed to beat T-Ara in MuBank in one week & they weren’t even trying to promote it too….

      • i understand your “you gotta admit” but like i said, pessimism for t-ara’s success doesnt do anyone any good, especially if it has been repeated by many.

        and yes, t-ara and 2ne1 promoted simultaneously before and 2ne1 won plenty of awards. 2ne1 blossomed early while others blossom later. not every group is the same in terms of growth.

        oh, it is an excuse, NOT a fact. fact: t-ara wins, amidst the competition present. excuse: t-ara only won because there is no competition. that excuse is also an assumption.

        but yeah, t-ara isnt up to par with others, but this is still a growing group. with better songs and more time, they’ll be there. as for jokwon and gain, theyre the “hot” thing. a lot of publicity and well deserving

  12. Hope HyunA can win
    Although she dont has a album sales point 🙂

  13. aww i was hoping for ga-in and jokwon to win :<

  14. I hope hyunah wins one next week

  15. of course, there’s no big competition.
    MNET (core contents) artists are a bunch of losers who can’t face competition LOL that’s why they’re rushing their comebacks and promotions to avoid the biggies who are coming back this February.

    Anyone noticed, when T-ara won, everyone’s like “huh? ahhh…no competition” BORING!

    • Yes, that bunch of losers have better vocal than most groups. Mind you, Davichi won Mutizens twice last year and they were going against Super Junior, 2pm, Son Dambi. Seeya is one the few girl groups who album sales went above 200,000. Super Nova is doing really well in Japan. For the girl groups who debuted in 2009, T-ara has the best vocal.

      lol FIY, Wonder Women is not Davichi and Seeya’s comeback song. It’s project, same as TTL.

      • That’s what I like about MNET because they have really good singers, but they just choose the wrong songs to showcase the singers’ talents.

      • @ choco love I disagree with u mnet have shown many times how talented their artists are
        have u listened to davichi music like 8282, my man , hot stuff and I Made an Accident or have u listened to seeya music like shoes 1&2 , A Woman’s scent and queen of tears or SG Wannabe music like Sin & Punishment or Partner For Life even if u listen to t-ara album u realize how talented these girls
        just listen to these artists music and immediately u will realize how talented they are

  16. To singaporean who wants the cats paw Tiara have, you can actually buy it at Mini toons. The shop that is actually selling it right now is at Junction 8.

    Anyway, congratz to tiara!!!

  17. C.N Blue!!!

  18. no real big competitions
    music shows are filled with mostly rookie and newly debuted groups. [tho i like cn blue]
    jiggy is worse than la cha ta
    bo peep sounds like f-ck me.
    [the song only got recognized lol because of junsu’s mic failure. and they even thanked him. ]

    goodness. when is the nation’s fairy going to promote? damn. i can’t wait for her to pawn all this groups out right now.

    • …I love Hyori, but her U-go-girl success formula isn’t that different from idol groups at the fundamental. Catchy + signature dance moves.

      And really, even though Junsu is probably my favourite member in 2PM, some people give him too much credit. Half of the voters started buying T-ara’s songs and albums just because of him? They thanked him for fun/obligation, what else can they do.

      • it’s not about sales, 2pm’s sales is still way higher than T-ara even if they’re ending promos. it’s chart rankings, the song went up to the charts after the Junsu thing. In music shows, chart ranking is the biggest chunk of criteria.

  19. congrats to them.

    tho I’d rather have Gain-Kwon win.


    such a gay ass song

  21. congrats t-ara ^_^

    • C.N Blue are amazing I think they will win awards with their song they are already topping bugs chart and their song in top 10 in most of the online charts I really wonder who will win in next week

      • yeah c.n blue got good chance to win with no big group coming back yet i think next weeek is between jo kwon and ga-in and hyuna is going to win there son is number 1 2 in all music charts.

  22. i’ll miss shinee so much.. TT^TT

  23. Congrats to T-ara~~
    Gonna miss SHINee and 2PM so much!!

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