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2 years into debut, group UKiss establishes official fanclub ‘Kiss Me’!

7-member group UKiss established its official fanclub after 2 years since their debut in 2008.

UKiss had their founding ceremony with 500 fans on 17th January in Seoul SookMyung Art Centre for the establishment of their official fanclub ‘Kiss Me’.

During the ceremony, the group performed their recent hits like ‘Man Man Hani’ and ‘Not Young’. The group has recently have gaining much popularity with their comeback and release of hit song ‘Man Man Hani’.

Also during the founding ceremony, member KiBum‘s elder brother SS501 member Kim HyungJoon also made a surprise appearance to congratulate the group of the establishment of their official fanclub.

The group is set to release their full length album early February.

S: SportsKhan

20 Responses

  1. U-Kiss huh…
    They suck!

    • no they don’t they are the best..they are talented, funny and can speak different languages,…don’t underestimate them, they might be underrated in Korea, but they are famous in other countries (like here in the Philippines)

      *antis were also fans, y would u waste ur time reading their articles?..tsk..

  2. eli new hair color is ❤ ^^

  3. I have been their fan since their debut, I’m so happy for more news article on them. 😀

    Sigh, I wish I could say the same with A’ST1.. I miss them so much

  4. congrats to all 10 members of Kiss Me fanclub! You finally have an official name

  5. *like

  6. congrats!! btw, i lke eli! he’s hot!!!

  7. wow…

  8. Don’t like U-Kiss….they suck

  9. omo omo, Kibum this time with the short, black hair look exactly like his brother Junnie..

  10. i thought u-kiss had their official fanclub a long time ago?
    Anyway, congrats ~~

    • Yup..the fan club has been formed long time ago~
      Maybe the reporter wrote like this because they never had an official fan meeting..till now~

      But I love U-KISS^^ Xander roxx! hehe

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