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Family Outing Season 2 says “Welcome!” to JoKwon

Worried that you guys might not be seeing JoKwon’s craziness and hyper activity on shows after the comeback? No worries! Looks like Family Outing Season 2 sent out their greeting and JoKwon accepted!

JoKwon from the group 2AM will be joining SBS Family Outing Season 2 as the seventh member. On the 19th, a staff from Family Outing Season 2 stated that “JoKwon is confirmed to be the 7th member to be joining F.O. Season 2.”

JoKwon will be looking forward to be working with Kim WonHee, Yoon SangHyun, Ji SangRyul, Shin BongSun, TaecYeon, and Yoona. Family Outing Season 2 is to be filmed later this month.

Nulsaranghae: Family Outing Season 1 was great, but Season 2 is just going to top that with all that idol love

77 Responses

  1. Finally. A reason for me to watch Season 2.

  2. hoshit.
    watch out gain/taec.

  3. jokwon saved it! haha to be honest, I don’t think the addition of yoona or taek made any positive effect on fo2 but once jokwon comes onto the scene, everyone’s excited including me!

  4. i’m gonna miss Daedae and MC Yoo

    but at least they put Jo Kwon to save the show :/ b/c Yoona? i’m not feeling it :/

  5. Yes!. =))

  6. Yes!
    Thank you~
    I’m gonna watch it for JoKwonnie.. XDD

  7. i kove FO1 like crazy and have a thought not to watch FO2 that is full with idol but with Jokwon in..
    I take back my words!! XD

    but will he be busy with other stuf like WGM and 2AM’s comeback??

  8. ummmm. I don’t think I’m gonna watch it becuz I know they are gonna ruin the first season’s good reputation.

  9. i think kwonnie and taec will click. they’ll be super funny laaaa (:

    LOL i think if gain joins too they’ll only be spending their own sweet time in one corner. 😀

    or perhaps kwonnie will get mad when gain talks to taec.
    or perhaps gain will get mad when kwonnie talks to yoona.


  10. and i hope thath after jokwon joins, he’ll sitll have time for wgm cause his schedules guna be reaaaally busy

  11. what? jokwons joining?
    aww if only ga-in joined too :<

  12. lol. Jokwon is one interesting character. i’m still loyal to the first family even though they’re leaving us. =( Hopefully the comedians can provide laughter, Taec is eye candy and jokwon is … jokwon. i’ll definitely tune in.

  13. Okay, so I’ll probably end up watching this. Kwoniee! I love all the other members (taec!) but I really didn’t like how they’re using the taec yoona thing for ratings. Lol, I know I shouldn’t blame them because they are after all in the entertainment industry to sell… but ugh.

  14. ow, im gonna miss dumb n dumber, also hyori..
    but i like taec n jo kwon..
    any kind of TV show is all about rating, right?

  15. oh forget to say this..
    thank you really so much… unnie sookyeong for giving this lovable news. :)))))

  16. OMG, YES the atmosphere of the Show is save, but i agree with someone said, too much idol -_-“

  17. the whole jokwon addition is obviously a business tactic. the readers of online boards, and those who study society trends and what not did what many of FO fans wanted.

    by adding jokwon, they made many happy. but really, with 2am’s comeback and jokwons participation in we got married, i hope he doesnt over exert himself. hope he stays healthy

  18. SERIOUSLY, is this news NOT A HOAX RIGHT??.
    oh my god, can;t to see my taec and jo kwon deal funny thing with Yoona

  19. SERIOUSLY, is this news NOT A HOAX RIGHT??.
    oh my god, can;t to see my taec and jo kwon deal runny thing with Yoona ..

  20. yeah
    With Jokwon is really great!!!
    he’s awesome and always makes me laugh like crazy =))

  21. just hope that it would be the same as the previous one. i mean, their concept. but too many idols ehh? i miss the old people lol. kimsoroo/jongshin them all. not sure whether the new one can pull off the “family” concept or not..

  22. i hope that it will be a great show. only missing some eldery people and a great mc :S

    but i still hope that the pd change the cast a bit especially
    the idol cast. i want to see some new idol.

    Like the beg leader, snsd dance queen or kara magnae. but they are not so popular as yoona but i think they can be funny. do something crazy and refreshing

  23. I guess I wasn’t too thrilled that I wouldn’t get to see Yoo Jae Suk, DaeSung, Lee Hyori, Kim JongKook, etc (basically the original cast) . Adding TeacYeon and YoonA helped quite a bit. However, after learning that JoKwon got added, I said to myself “now this is going to be fun & funny!” It’s definitely a welcome addition to the 2nd Season. I think JoKwon is a good choice.

  24. omg… for real??? wow…. looking forward for the new season…. jo kwon must be really busy after this with 2am’s comeback and now FO 2

    hope they’ll change the format…….
    FO 2 has great casts except yoona……
    if only yoona wasn’t in FO 2……..
    she must be trying very hard to stay pretty……..

    • stop dissing her already…its getting old all these backhanded comments..maybe u shouldnt mention her at all unless u were set out to bash from the start

  25. i wasnt gonna watch fo 2 cuz there was no one that i liked in it but now that jokwon is there.. its a whole diff story!! ! i cant wait!! <33

    okay.. wow, i thought kwon was gonna be a guest, but this is SO MUCH WAY BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now i have to watch it.. not that i wasnt gonna, with taec and all…

    maybe kwon will have a scandal w/ yoona and gain and taec will get jealous.. HAHA
    oh the possibilities..
    he’s like daesung.. but better [no offense, but kwon is like, a variety show mastermind]

  27. its just the burden of being SEASON 2.

    honestly, how many of you have seen the first eps of family outing 1? it wasnt all THAT great. it was fresh and exciting but it wasnt until later that FO peaked. so with it being season 2, people hope that it’ll carry on the momentum from season 1 where in actuality, FO2 is nearly just a name. concept WILL be different with some similarities (obviously) to that in FO1 and not to mention the entire cast.

    basically, its a show labeled Family Outing 2 thats absolutely new to us viewers and we shouldnt judge so harsh on something we know little to nothing about.

    i honestly thought there were too many idols and that FO just wanted to cash in on the current trend and make money. where it may be true, theres actually only 3 young idols. idols do not always reign supreme over actors, models, and etc on family outing and just variety shows in general. maybe we’re all making “idols” seem larger than what they are. maybeee? “/

  28. i will watch it just for jo kwon!

  29. Aw, is Gain gonna be jealous now that Jo Kwon will be on the show with Yoona, his admitted prettiest female idol? LOL.

    KWON ❤ GAIN 4EVA!!

    • <333

      i'd loveee to see some sort of arc in we got married that pertains to jokwons addition into family outing. ga in showing more signs of jealousy? totally cutee

  30. I think some of you guys are unfairly biased for FO1 that you don’t allow yourself to be open to FO2. Yeah it has 3 idols now but the format is still the same. Its unfair to put that pressure on FO2 cast because people are wanting them to fail already just to prove the point that FO1 is better.

  31. lol those idol members wont do them very good. 1N2D survives with not even a single idol. and yet FO who gets idol members atleast twice a month dont even surpass 1N2D.

    • I have to agree. Most people here always talk about how the fans of the idols will give the ratings a boost, but realistically how many percent of the entire South Korean population are fans of this idols.

  32. i love jokwon!!!
    his presence in FO2 will surely liven up the show…

  33. some of you guys complain too much with every little thing about FO2…if you don’t wanna watch it then don’t watch it then you know…the PD’s can’t please everyone

  34. Everyone here seems to blinded by this idols. I mean don’t get me wrong since I’m a fan of idols groups, but this is not ‘family’ since it’s more like an idol show. Putting Jo Kwon is nice, but whoever the PD is should change the name of the show. What’s the point of calling it ‘Family Outing’ when they basicalyl just turned the show into an idol show. Doesn’t make sense imo.

    without lee hyori and yoo jaesuk, this new show is nothing.

    • shows how much you know.

      you just dissed all the other beloved family members that made up FO1. indeed, hyori and jaesuk were amazing.

      if you think about it, 3 young idols isnt even that much.

    • oh, pardon me. i didnt know how awful it sounded until i re-read what i put.

      i take back the “shows how much you know”. i didnt meant to directly insult you. but yeah, you did diss the other cast members with your last statement..

      once again, sryy for the first statement. i didnt know it sounded so yeah until i read it over

  35. My prayers were answered! lol. If they announced this/he accepted earlier, I would have preferred that they chose him and did away with Yoona and Taec. Too many idols for my taste but it’s so hard to keep on complaining because Jo Kwon is there haha.

    But, isn’t he gonna be super busy? Album promotions, We Got Married, appearances on Star King. Just wow.

  36. ok now i will watch this because of Jokown haha. i wish they would take out Taec and Yoona though. not that i dun like them but….it just seems weird

  37. this is gonna be so jokes… LOL.

  38. OK YES I WILL WATCH THIS. I don’t really watch FO tbh..it has always been 1N2D for me. But hmm, i will watch this even if it is idol overload.

  39. no more idols please -_- even before yoona and taec were confirmed, I wasn’t really looking forward to FO2. Now I’m definitely not looking forward to it. don’t get me wrong – I like them individually, but I am so turned off by all the young idols.


    • yupppp.

      idols are great. they’re awesome for short and quick comedic relief (usually). jaesuk was the centerpiece and stabilized the flow of humor within the show. sometimes people just overreact and what not.

      he was a GREAT facilitator and i hope the new cast can do that in jaesuk’s absence.

      i know jokwon is great but im still in that we got married mode. he is a great addition though. honestly, i’d like it more if there was a high profile drama star instead of taecyeon. sry taec fans. but you know what? im the end, 3 idols arent even that bad.

      theyre young, athletic, and yoona is incredible eye candy and humorous. everything will be fineeee

  40. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! what a way to make FO2 look even cheaper -.- Putting Jo Kwon on FO2 is not gonna save FO! Seriously, why don’t they just stop FO, ’cause everybody knows nothing and nobody can change the original one!

  41. FO2 staff thinks Jo Kwon’s godly ssanti acts and humor can save FO2 from all the hate huh? This made me excited really haha.

  42. JoKwon??!!!

  43. yes oneday love ❤

  44. Hahahaha, FO2 might even be more popular than FO1 because of just one name: JO KWON.


    • no jokwon might be popular but he is not a rating winner look at the rating of we got married is still the same.

      • and they be competing against 1 and 2days who average 35% to FO 1 20%.

      • and they be competing against 1 and 2days who average rating 35% to FO 1 20%.

      • FO2 does not have to worry about 1n2d, as they are not competing in the same time slot. However, Qualities of Men is still quite a formidable foe with consistent ratings between 15% to 20%.

  45. OMGOMGOMG!!!
    i wasn’t excited for FO2 cause the cast didn’t seem exciting, BUT! OMG! JOKWON! I’M GONNA WATCH IT NOW!

  46. YES!!!!! someone who is as crazy (or more than) DaeDae….
    NOW I’m excited…
    i was not really happy about Taec and Yoona joining (althought i love these two)
    but now i’m anticipating hehe

  47. YAY! :]

    But honestly, the show won’t get high ratings like how Family Outing used to be. Like I think around late 2008-2009 their ratings were over 30%.
    Family Outing Season 2 probably can’t reach near that rating because Yoo Jaesuk and Lee Hyori are gone. I’m not saying that the new members can’t bring the ratings, I’m just saying it probably won’t be as “original” when YJS was the MC.

    I’m still excited though :]

    It sometimes bothers me how variety shows now have idols.. too much LOL.

    • 1 night 2 days still the best

    • I do agree. Im a little bothered by how much idols they’re putting. Sure its nice to see a whole new side of some idols, but im going to miss Hyori and Jaesuk.

    • If I remember correctly, Family Outing did not ever breach 30% in ratings, peaking at 29.6%. It would still be highly unlikely for FO2 to emulate the achievements of its predecessor.

  48. i thought nothing could top FO1.
    With JoKwon.. i take it back!
    first guest.. Ga In please 🙂

  49. yes jo kwon is joining still to many idols they should only get one idol like season one.

  50. OMG KWONNIE. <3333

    LOL. Yeah, this changes the show for me. Now I'm way more excited/spazzy about the new season, haha.

  51. aww.. jokwon <333

  52. yeah!

  53. LMAO. This season is gonna be awesome! can’t wait!!

  54. YAY!!!!! BEST NEWS EVER@!@@@@@@@%#%

  55. wow no that jo kwon joined, everything changes. i think most poeple are gonna be excited about this now

  56. I have to admit that FO1 was soo soo great without the overcasting of idols. I would definitely miss jaesuk ahjussi (LOL) hyol unnie and jongkook oppa

    But kwon is dorky and funny and it is a good idea to invite him to FO2.

    Thanks nulsaranghae for the post ❤

  57. oh god

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