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Kim HyunJoong and Jeon DooHwan controversy

SS501’s member Kim HyunJoong is currently mad due to the controversy that is encompassing him in Korea. This controversy of this matter involves the ex-president of Korea, Jeon DooHwan.

What is it exactly that the netizens and citizens are making a fuss about? KBites will lay out the facts.

In Korea on the 18th, the news reported that Kim HyunJoong had gone to the birthday celebration for the former president of the Republic of Korea. This could seem like a simple birthday celebration, however, the fact is that it wasn’t

Many of you guys may not know about the reputation Jeon DooHwan has in Korea. Many of you guys might not also know that some Koreans are just waiting patiently for his death. Jeon DooHwan was the president that caused one of the most notorious act in Korea, also called the “Gwangju Democratization Movement.” Before, Jeon DooHwan had pressured Koreans under the military power, basically making sure that everyone was following him. However, in Gwangju, several hundreds of citizens gathered together and formed a “movement” for the democracy in the government. Unfortunately, the armed forces were too much for the weak citizens to handle, and along with the movement, several hundreds of the citizens were brutally massacre in 2 days, causing a short period of war between the citizens of Korea. This wasn’t his only mistake, but one of the mistakes he is critized the most for.

Jeon DooHwan celebrated his eightieth birthday in Korea, and a suprising guest came on to the scene, and it was no other than Kim HyunJoong. When the news first came on to the scene, it was said that DSP Media had no idea Kim HyunJoong had attended this event. However, it was revealed that he had actually been there at the event and DSP announced once again that HyunJoong had gone there with someone else that knew the former president. DSP Media also made sure to emphasize the point that Kim HyunJoong had only been there “for a while.”

According to one photographer that was present in the birthday scene, he revealed that Kim HyunJoong waited in line along with the other guest to greet the president, and eventually ended up meeting the former president and shaking his hand as well. The controversy continues with Kim HyunJoong’s journal entry he posted. The journal entry will not be posted here, however, HyunJoong was mad about all the response that came to him and he continued on about how he was taken to the birthday party and he didn’t have a choice at all.

Nulsaranghae: The news had been compilied from several news articles because many of them contained false information. Information about Jeon DooHwan was directly from my parents. And at times like this, lets all support Kim HyunJoong instead of criticizing him.


42 Responses

  1. Reply to Gadget :
    I don’t revile anyone. Just seemed a sensible idea to apologise at the time and if I want to criticize anyone I don’t need to couch it in anything. I am responsible for my actions.
    What is it to you anyway if you think that the incident is just a nasty fart to be waved away. Why the strong reaction to another’s opinion. It just suggests that you give it more weight than you care to admit.
    No time for semantics if you have no time for apologies. Let’s move on.The fart has passed.

    Won’t be passing this way again. So spare theenergy for an abusive rebuttal.

  2. in my heart , hyunjoong oppa is a good leader , actor and singer ..so , as a oversea fans , i always support him ..i know this is the bad issue , but i always rmember that hyunjoong oppa is the best artist and 4 KIM HYUNJOONG .. FIGHTING !!! RMEMBER , U GOT MILLION FANS AND ITS MORE THAN ANTI-FAN !!! SO , DON’T SAD ..

  3. i need information of kim hyun joong aaaahhhahahhhha
    i don’t speach english!!!! no se nada ,me parece injusto con kim hyun joong!!! estoy preocupada el puede enfermarse con tanato stress !! EL ES LA VICTIMA NO SE DAN CUENTA QUE PUDO TAMBIEN SER UNA TRAMPA!!!

  4. are u kidding me? come on korean people are u gonna say bad things about kim hyun joong because of this? i guess that what u get for being on top, people will find anything to through u down. i bet his antis will finally be jumping up and down.

  5. I think the biggest mistake of Hyun Joong in this matter is that he did not know nor believed in his own celebrity. He is naive in that he did not think that his being there would draw so much attention and be turned against him so viciously.
    Whatever the reason it was for him to be there in the first place will matter little to the media . They will sensationalise and fan the fires of the controversy. They feed off the blood they draw as it is their bread and butter.
    I believe that HJ should ignore the media for their evil intentions but apologise to those who really
    matter. A mistake has been made , he should not have been there although it may not have been his intention and may not have had a choice in the matter.
    HJ is much loved and a sincere apology will go a long way to help ease any anger for his error.

    I still believe in HJ to do the right thing.

    • WTH!? Apologize? For what? Going to party that he didn’t even know that he was going to attend? Where is the logic in that? You should be understanding of the situation that he was placed in. He was caught between a rock and hard place. On the one hand he couldn’t avoid it because he was with his company’s CEO, and on another he had to greet the “MASTER VILLAN” because he has good manners. Don’t revile him just because his omma taught him right. Doing the right thing? He should ignore comments like yours, that’s doing the right thing. All you did was criticize him couching it in support.

  6. uuhhh…….stupid writer……provocative and missleading the moment!! Hei the writer are you happy got a lot of money from misinterpreted news??

  7. people!!! even though he went to the former president’s party, it doesn’t mean that he must be influenced by that person, and what I read from the news article is someone he knows was with him…please don’t misjudge him, he is only human, he can make decisions which are not right, please understand him, and please stop saying harsh words to him….

  8. i don’t Understand o_O, WHY is he go,over there????????!!!!!! O_O

  9. Oh NO.. This is bad. Is it? >_<

    Support Hyun Joong!

  10. If the formal president has a really bad reputation, hyunjoong should not attend such a event as he is a singer.

    • its not as if he got invited and decided to be pretty and attend. there were circumstances surrounding it that led him to that place.

      what would have you done if you were in his place? like if you were in the same place and you were called by a friend to come over and saw that there’s a party? its not a situation that you can easily get out of.

      mind your words…do you want another 2PM Jae thingy to happen?

  11. […] Previously JiYoun already posted coverage regarding SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong & Jeon DooHwan controversy. […]

  12. Oh no..
    thank you @a for posting the link..
    I left my message..

  13. Gosh. Fans are crazy.

    Btw. I love the C.N. Blue banner. (:

  14. […] understanding about this issue compare to me (with Korean as my 2nd language). Full credit to K Bites ! Read away […]

  15. please help cheer Kim Hyun Joong http://liezle.blogspot.com/2010/01/lets-cheer-up-leader.html send him a message..

  16. sookyeong, can you please post DSP’s official note on this matter? they have sent a message that clarifies the issue. Hyun joong was basically just “following” a DSP representative please do so. for triple s and other fans of hyun joong, and the general public?

  17. It was a big mistake… I just hope that HyunJoong and DSP media will be able to manage this with a lot of brains and care, so that the people that felt bad about this (the people that really care about the ex-president’s thing, not the stupid haters that are only good at bashing -_-) can forget this and not damage his career…

    I kinda understand the bad feelings that something like that can cause in people… in my country we also have a Genocidal ex-president, and I get totally disgusted when I think of him and the people that support him and his crimes -_-)

  18. i saw his note. i really don’t know what to make out of it.

  19. Maybe he should have avoided going to such an event since he is so famous. But I highly doubt he is stupid enough to go to an event to openly declare his support for the ex-President. I can understand why some netizens may be upset but they should think rationally as to whether his attendance really has any significance and not go too far in their criticism.

  20. its like he coming to Hitler b-day bash..
    of course hes gonna be criticized..
    used your brain you flower boy..
    or your brain got mishap in your nostril?

  21. he attended the bd party only, why are they making a big fuss out of this?
    even if the president was so called ‘evil’, he’s still the president, isn’t it? @@”

  22. So ppl were criticizing him for going to this party of this former president? How lame. Gosh. Just leave Hyunnie alone!

  23. umm,, i have one thing to say. SO WHAT?
    a mistake is a mistake, but going to the bday party doesn’t really need to be a big deal. netizens are overreacting. honestly i’m not a ss501 fan.. but srsly, wtf.

  24. Hmmm…wonder what’s going on~~~

  25. Life as a celebrity in Korea is ONE BIG STRESS. Every single thing will be blown up by Korean netizens as long as you are famous.

  26. Arghhh sucks that Hyunjoong is getting into controversy for this when he just attended the bday party. Maybe he had to go to it because of his company. And it wasn’t like he was the only one there. :3

    I hope things don’t get worse.

  27. I wouldn’t know the real extent of the ex-president’s wrongdoing to Korea, but I find the stress put on HyunJoong a bit too much. I mean he just went and maybe he had other reasons that is completely unrelated to politics. I don’t think it’s something to get mad at.

  28. What a misunderstanding! Poor hyunjoong!
    I have read hyunjoong’s diary entry. And indeed he is really mad about netizen bashing towards him.
    I am proud about his message. There is any problem about that. Its right thing to do. He just expression his frustration towards media to get the fact right first. I think with his blunt message, he really did clarify straight to netizens who bashing him, bcoz the political issue. He is the victim by media. They reported wrong news bout him. He just there unintentionally, because DSP boss. And they judge him harshly. Poor him! Again netizens..

  29. Knowing Hyun Joong, I don’t think it’s his idea. If he was there, so be it. I’m sure he doesn’t support the negative things this president has done.

    Don’t be too rough to someone who for sure just went there as a favor for someone.

  30. OH NO….this sounds REALLY REALLY BAD O_O

    Why did he go???? OMG T_T
    This is too serious!

    Poor Hyun Joong…He had no choice??? why? This is killing me…what is going on??? T_T

    • Reread the article.Then, accept the fact that him going to the party has no detrimental affect on you life. I know I sound rude but, come on, the actions of your favorite idol do not have any bearing upon your life and how you lead it. This entire situation should be treated like a nasty fart and waved away.

  31. what??
    attending someone evil’s birthday doesn’t mean hyun jong support him.

  32. So the problem is that Hyun Joong is being criticized for coming to that party?

  33. Let’s hope that he really had no choice in going to this event and meeting the ex-prez. Because from what I hear about him from my dad, I don’t think it’s good for KHJ to be associated with him.

  34. oooh lala~~ that’s what people of korea had as a PRESIDENT?

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