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C.N Blue up #1 on music charts and album sales charts just 5 days into debut

4-member band C.N Blue is up #1 on album sales charts and music charts just 5 days into their debut and official album release.

They released their 1st minialbum with title song ‘Alone’ last week and on 18th and 19th January, they are already up #1 on music sites and also Hanteo site.

Many fans and music industry experts say, “At the time when the mass are in love with dance music, they came up with a new music style, and also being a band group makes them stand out too. They are a diverse group combining capabilities and popularity.”

They had their debut showcase on 14th January and then performed on the music shows of all 3 broadcast companies, and the song ‘Alone’ went up instantly to the top rankings on various music charts. And their fans ranged from those in the teens to those in the 30s.

The music industry is watching just how far the group will go with all the attention they are getting with their debut.


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  1. i seen a story that said that cn blue song im a loner is plagiarized. it was on allkpop.

  2. […] Music new band CN Blue is getting everyone’s love with their fresh music genre! They even up #1 on both music charts and album sales charts ! Are you one among the many who loves their title song “I’m A Loner” ? Well, […]

  3. I cant believe that some of guys are talking about other groups when this article is about C.N Blue cant guys show some respect to C.N Blue and to their fans

  4. cnblue is doing really great right now but to compare them with how 2ne1 did when they debuted is a different story… cnblue is different in a way that people already knew their kind of music since they have performed in japan already. they’re not technically rookies in the ‘newbie’ kind of understanding. plus yonghwa had acted in you’re beautiful.

    it’s really great that cnblue is achieving success early on but 2ne1 also did but in a different manner. 2ne1 is really a newbie group when they debuted in korea, plus fire was just a digital single. and they competed with really big groups with fire and i don’t care.

    what unifies them is that they had that different feel amongst the usual kpop music.

    so hurray for those who risk to be different!

    i love both groups, but to say one is better than the other when they’re definitely two different types of groups promoting different kinds of music is just not right.

    • well said…totally agree! love both groups & hope for their better future! 2NE1 & C.N Blue FIGHTING!!!

  5. first of all CN Blue as a rookie group makes a great impact where kpop is flooded with groups releasing auto-tune beats but comparing them to 2ne1 is a different story. 2ne1 is a super rookie of 2009 deserves recognition where the girls able to compete with superjunior and shinee. they won their first mutizen award with the song fire based only with digital sales..of course with other criteria which is really a big accomplishment. This is also a rookie group which went head to head with SNSD, BEG, etc. on promotions with I Dont Care and it was not a joke. they have accomplished much since their debut..2010 is going to be a lot of surprises and CN Blue is one of the surprises…their songs are great especially I am a Loner, kinda alternative and they’ve debuted in the right time, where no big idols are promoting…but i am liking them.

  6. In my opinion, none of the rookie groups lived up to the hype they delivered. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that they are super talented. They are just delivering a genre that hasnt been heard for quite awhile. Moreover, if one of the member wasnt a cast for you’re beautiful, i dont think they would even receive half of the attention they have now.

  7. you can’t compare a band with a group ,
    anyway , congrats CN BLUE !

  8. LOL CN.Blue >>>>>>>>>>2ne1
    these guys are soooo talented.

  9. Congrats C.N Blue !!!

  10. C.N Blue impresses me.
    They’re really good and especially good looking ^^
    I’m looking forward to their upcoming performances. Their song is so awesome and i’m not surprised it’s no.1.

    They’re really beating out 2NE1 by dominating after only 5 days. lol

    C.N Blue hwaiting!! <33

    • no there the same 2NE1 went to number one to in 5 days or 3 not sure but they got the same start the only difference is they release an album first i think they going o win an awards soon hope so.

    • -_____-

      beating 2ne1 is not the groups focus. it shouldnt be yours either. groups hope nothing but the best for others, that should be the fans focus too

      you being an snsd fan, i am saddened by your arrogance ):

  11. ahh CN.Blue..I kinda expected it..
    I’m looking forward to them..

  12. Congrats to the boys! More success in the future.^^

  13. i havent read any comments but i cant believe people are still nip picking at that “no ones promoting currently” fantasy.

    okay, let me throw analogies out for you.

    **disclaimer: i am sorry for disrespecting artists. i mean no harm what so ever to the following idols. im just blatantly using them as an example and an analogy, comparing some ridiculous claims being made earlier. i do like 2pm, etcetc. again, no disrespect.

    2pm wouldnt have any awards if DBSK and Big Bang were still promoting. Suju, Bi, etc.

    2NE1 wouldnt have won any awards if 2009 was similar to 2008, where snsd and wonder girls dominated.

    beg, after schoo, t-ara, etc etc.

    i covered both genders. point being, who gives an ef if “no powerhouses are promoting”. its how people make names for themselves and grow.

    IM NOT saying 2pm would not be successful if the likes were still promoting, it was just an example and an analogy.

    sry for my rant ^^

    • i agree on some of your points but 2NE1 won against Super Junior 2PM and Shinee when they promoting fire and they won against SNSD with i don’t care.

    • that great (:

      means 2NE1 is indeed a powerful group but it was just an analogy.

      oh btw @123grr? (from an earlier newsbite)
      “‘holier-than-thou’ attitude ” sry if that illuminate that impression. maybe its just the way i type.

      but the whole “not liking yg, 2ne1 thing” is ridiculous. honestly, i do like yg. im a big bang fan. more importantly, a wonderbang fan. it just seems like im anti YG bc i usually like supporting the underdogs. the underdogs get overlooked and judged harshly because of fandom for the greater groups, thats all.

    • Agree about everything except for 2NE1..when they won the awards SNSD was promoting Genie..

      Not that i hate 2PM or anything i love them but that is a fact..

      • 2PM and Super Junior were promoting last year same time as Super Junior and I believe they beat Super Junior with Again and Again so that kinda of stumps your point. It don’t matter which group has more fans if the song is good it will win

      • “It don’t matter which group has more fans if the song is good it will win”

        this screams hypocrisy.

        so if C.N. Blue wins, its because their song is good.
        so if T-ara wins, its because their song is good.

        okay, point settled 😀

    • i think this group can beat 2ne1 too

    • I agree with you except for this part:

      “2NE1 wouldnt have won any awards if 2009 was similar to 2008, where snsd and wonder girls dominated.”

      Snsd was M.I.A for most of 2008, and when they were active they weren’t dominating.

      **note: I do not hate snsd so please don’t attack me and call me an anti.

    • yeah genie practically lose over I don’t care. maybe this analogy will fit better. gee won’t bit that big if wonder girls or big bang still in korea 2009.. even though I’m hottest, kinda agree with you.. but really don’t care,, esp 2pm rival is shinee at first.. so they always had a fair competition..

      • i was realling looking forward to C.N Blue (mainly because of yonghwa) but personally i was kind of disappointed . maybe im not used to the style of song they are promoting but anyhow congrads to them! 😀

    • I think fans of the Big 3 are too arrogant sometimes like oh we have the most fans no other group will touch us if we were promoting. I don’t want you to take this opinion the wrong way buts I just don’t like how some people think they are like God’s gift to Kpop and they are some unbeatable force.

      • i understand, mikey. some people just jump on the bandwagon but some really do like groups of the big 3.

        i, do like groups of the big 3 but i am honestly all for the newer groups to make an impression. i’d like for newer groups to have a fighting chance to grow and succeed. but honestly, i said this before, im just sorta bored with some new groups. lack originality. aside from that, i understand your point and agree

  14. congrats!

    bands often get overlooked, so this is sorta surprising.

    oh btw, did anyone know? coolsmurf alvin updated his wonder girls blog! 😀

    • really???
      by the way, they aren’t the first but I hope CN Blue can spread rock band craze in kpop

    • yeah, and im sorta late but also his coolsmurf blog.

      its totally nostalgic, hahah.

      i agree, i do hot CN blue gets recognized among the flood of “idols”. bringing rock into mainstream music shows? can be a nice dose of variety

  15. I love CNBlue!!!

  16. mnet family is on fire Im really happy that C.N Blue are doing well so I guess 2010 turned out to be a good year for mnet first it was t-ara wining all most all the awards and I guess C.N Blue will also going to start to win by this week since they are #1 all most all the online charts and now they are 1# in album sales

    • yeah mnet is doing a nice job promoting their artist the pick the right time to promote them t-ara don’t have to go against SNSD, Kara, or 2NE1.

    • isn’t they from FnC entertainment?

      • F & C Music is a sub-company of MNET..the real big boss for them is MNET..same goes for Core Content Media artist like T-ara, davichi, seeya, supernova..both company is the sub-company of Mnet and belong to Mnet..

  17. Awesome~~~ ^^ I’m really loving this group.

  18. congrats.. well-deserved!

  19. congrats they pick the right to debut to with no big group coming back it be interesting if they promote the same time as 2pm how will they fair against them.

    • im not feeling the group, but im feeling Shinwoo, no, Yong Hwa, alright.

      I want more FT Island….

  20. I was expecting such. To be honest, if Shinwoo(I know his real name occasionally, lol) wasn’t part of the group, I wouldn’t be paying much attention, though.

    Something about the way he performs also screams “I’m not just a pretty boy, but a passionate singer”. I dunno…I like this group? But I think it’s just because of him.

  21. awesome!!!
    and they totally rock the daily charts and not only the real-time charts!

  22. they deserved it =] im lovin this group right now!!!

    • I’m not a fan of them really but at this rate they’ll get their 1st #1 next week or even this week. idk

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