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T-ara, “Lee Hyori seonbae gave a box of persimmon to our boss as gifts”

T-ara members HyoMin and EunJung appeared on SBS Strong Heart recently.

And member HyoMin was asked by MC Kang HoDong if there is any singer from the same company who is very persistent/stubborn and she answered, ” Lee Hyori seonbaenim”.

She revealed that Lee Hyori had decided with ‘U-Go-Girl’ while their company boss had wanted the song ‘Mister Big’ as Lee Hyori‘s 3rd album title song. She added, “Lee Hyori seonbaenim then gave a box of persimmon (or ‘kam’ in Korean) to our boss. She had wanted our boss to find the ‘kam’ (feel).”

HyoMin ended off with, “I respect our boss.” smiling.


Hyol unnie is ❀

I’m glad ‘u-go-girl’ was the title song

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  1. […] or which songs will be released as singles … She revealed that Lee Hyori had decided with β€˜U-Go-Girl’ while their company boss had […]

  2. Made me miss Hyori and more excited for her comeback. LOL, what Hyori wants, Hyori gets!

  3. Hyori and Tiara are under the same company?
    Hyomin looks really pretty.

    • Hyori under M.net
      and t-ara and seeya and Davichi under CoreContentsMedia and CoreContentsMedia part of mnet so yes you can say that they are under the same company

  4. hyori is the best!! i love her personality, she is one of the few that does anything she wants and say whats on her mind. she is so funny and pretty. she definitely dominates the kpop entertainment world πŸ™‚

  5. hehe~ hyori unni πŸ™‚ i love her personality ❀ so glad she always puts so much of her own input into her albums. u-go-girl~

  6. i actually liked mr. big more hahaha oh well

  7. thats why hyori is number one she knows what she wants and goes and gets it i love hyori u go girl is a great song its my second favorite song from her 10 min is my number one

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