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Yoo SeungHo’s hairstyle for drama ‘God of Study’ is hot fashion trend!

Nation’s little brother Yoo SeungHo sets a fashion trend with his drama hairstyle.

He was recently spotted with a new unbalanced hairstyle for his rebel character in drama ‘God Of Study’. The ‘disconnection’ hair emphasizes dimension, and amidst the craze for ‘beastly’ guy and ‘beast-dol’ style, the hairstyle has been receiving much spotlight from viewers.

Netizens commented with “The uniform style, piercing, and even the hairstyle gives off a perfect rebel image suited for the drama.”

Already many fashion stylists are following the ‘Hwang BaekHyeon Cut’ or ‘Yoo Seung Ho hair’, and we are set to see the style as another fashion trend.


Well not everyone can pull off this style 🙂

23 Responses

  1. I like his hairstyle! 🙂 Works well with him!

    I loved him in ‘Sad Love Story’ and I really hope he & Kim So Eun work together again soon! 😀

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  3. beast rapper’s hair. for like the last 4 monthes. swagga jackin’

  4. junsu’s hairstyle in mirotic days.

  5. I love his hairstyle 😀

  6. xiahjunsu’s hair.

  7. Well he’s cute 🙂 and it’s not that he started the hairstyle, but he’s making ppl notice it and like it, so it becomes a trend :]

  8. off topic but i like yamapi’s hair style during the jdrama. seungho’s hair style is weak sauce for a bad boy. LOL. i’ve seen better.

  9. junsu’s hairstyle from mirotic days..

  10. Huh?? This haircut was already done and by junsu during mirotic. Plus hongki has this haircut during you’re beautiful. It’s a nice cut but it’s already been done.

  11. i dont think he started the fashion trend…
    its like an evolution from yoochun’s mirotic days and a cousin of jay’s debut hair but its definitly not new :/

  12. Reminds me of Micky Yoochun’s Mirotic days.

  13. I don’t like his haircut that much, but i am in love with Hong Chan Doo’s new haircut…he look so cute and hot at the same time!!

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