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Bang ShinHyuk clarifies on ‘noise’ heard in 2AM new song, “It is just the electronic sound”

Amidst heated interests over 2AM‘s new minialbum title song ‘Even If I Die, I Will Not Let You Go’ revealed on 21st January, there are some netizens also in heated discussion about hearing “noises” in the sound.

With that, the PD of the song Bang ShiHyuk came out to clarify, “With the conflicting concepts of ballad and idol, I have introduced electronic sounds for the balance. Sync music instruments are used intentionally to give the ‘crackling’ feeling, it is not noise that everyone is hearing.”

Meanwhile, 2AM’s minialbum title song has gone up to #1 on various real time charts as soon as it was revealed.


Anyways the song is so daebak. It’s been on replay for the whoel day!

18 Responses

  1. Yeah I noticed too.. it annoys me. He shouldn’t have put it in 😦 the song is sooooo good by itself!!

  2. i didnt notice that “noise”
    waiting for their comeback today right ^^

  3. Jinwoon kinda looks like Leeteuk there

  4. i love it..love it..what noise!!!2am fighting!!

  5. i fell in love with song!!!all the new songs of 2AM is in my replay trust me!!!i got addicted to it!i even memorized their lyrics without looking at it and i don’t even speak korean!!!!hahaha!!!so obsessed!!they deserved to be no.1!!!now ga in fulfill ur promise!kekeke;;;

  6. The whole album is on repeat for me to! I thought audio problem at first until I heard it on different places. LOL Then I figured it out. Can’t wait to see them perform. Glad they came out early and get recognized be number 1 for a change. So many new releases coming soon that the competition is going to be fierce. This album is DAEBAK so I no longer see 2AM as underrated after this. 2AM AJA AJA HWAITING!!!!!

  7. ^^ @ thao yeah I totally thought my mp3 was corrupted (low quality)
    interesting….but w/e that minialbum is hella awesome

  8. yeah i think that the mp3 had a problem ^^”

  9. At what point did people thought there was noise then?

  10. Yeah… i thought my headphone had problems at first..
    Oh well.. Im starting to like this song!^^

    Thanks Sookyeong for posting this article!

  11. i love the whole album ^^ the whole thing is on repeat…
    when i first heard it i kept saying daebak with each song lol my parents know what daebak is now because of this album ^^

  12. i didn’t really know there was that ‘noise’ hehe
    but the songs are really good! been playing them the whole day.

  13. I thought the song is nice thought !!!

  14. what noise? hmmm…the music is fine!

  15. oh~~~ i thought it’s my headphone!! =)

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