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Jo Kwon, “Nowadays I’m the trend, I’m not envious of 2PM’s popularity”

2AM Jo Kwon, who has been well known as the ‘entertainment-dol’ on various variety shows, reveals confidently that he is not envious of 2PM‘s popularity.

Jo Kwon
was on MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’ aired on 20th January when he talks about the hardship of 8 long years of training before his debut and also his recent popularity on entertainment shows.

The MCs asked Jo Kwon on the show that day, “To say the truth, isn’t 2PM from the same company getting more popularity? Aren’t you envious?” And Jo Kwon replied, “I don’t think it that way at all. These days Jo Kwon is the in thing.”

Jo Kwon added, “I feel that I saved 2AM. And now I’m not envious of 2PM’s popularity.” Even though he shows much confidence in himself, because most of his teenage years was spent as a trainee, he also revealed stories of his trainee days.

Jo Kwon said, “Because I didn’t image that it will take up 8 years till debut, I didn’t thought of changing to another company. It was quite tough looking at how WonderGirls SunYe, who trained for about the same period of time as me, became so successful, and I was honestly shaken then.”

“I hope there will not be any long-period training after me. There is no memories as a teenager, and you live by everyone with that tension not knowing if you will be cut off. I was angry and hurt emotionally so many times.”

Jo Kwon also revealed that he was supposed to be part of 2PM but because of the marketing strategies for the song ‘This Song’, he joined 2AM instead.


18 Responses

  1. 8 years in training… thats no life menn.. i guess he has a very strong will >.<

  2. jokwon is really awesome.. ❀
    2AM will do well in 2010 since 2009 was the year of 2PM!~ πŸ˜€

    let the oneday brothers strive forward!

  3. i think he didn’t really mean that he saved it 2AM like that…it’s not really his personality to say those words..probably the article just translate his words wrongly…this might misinterpret him..like the past articles they write something and it’s not really fully accurate!and it would be awesome if he was in 2PM!still it’s all good 2AM is daebak!!2010=2AM year!!!

  4. Well I wouldn’t say he’s the ‘trend’, but he is the most popular member out of 2AM. I kinda didn’t get the whole ‘I saved 2AM’ thing. It didn’t sound right to me. I mean any one that will read that will probably think “what a cocky guy” or “he’s conceited” etc.

    I don’t he should be jealous of 2PM’s popularity since he/2AM have their own fans that will truly support them.

    Maybe I just read the article wrong or it didn’t make sense to me. so yeah.

  5. what a cocky bastard. he saved 2am all by himself??

  6. Jo Kwon is definitely the “THING” nowadays! πŸ™‚

  7. hahaha….well, you know, he is telling the truth.

  8. This is definitely 2AM’s year.
    2010 = 2AM!

  9. jo kwon is now the kim jong min 2 years ago before he enlisted
    i think this is true and kim jong min will take some time before he really gets into the groove
    KJM still feels fresh and new and is yet back to his old style
    maybe he has change alot since going into the military

    i believe jo kwon has saved 2 am
    one idol (rabbit tooth) is in the fifth line of SGB and has little airtime
    the maknae and co on WGM do very little and again little airtime, we see JK more on WGM than all of them combined

    i remember reading somewhere where JYP said to JK, stop doing those stupid funny things on TV, thats not what a ballad singer should do, and his group mates also agreed as his group has gone from a ballad to pop group with the help of JK and in general people from the public have noticed the change

    GL on JK and i hope he stays true to his personailty


  10. hahha did he really refer to himself in third person? what a funny guy.

    im glad he acknowledges himself as the IN thing. it may sound cocky, but hes proven to many that he isnt that kind of person. as for him saving 2AM, idk if its just him being conceited or that hes just using common knowledge that many people know, because of the media. regardless, theres nothing but brotherly love within 2AM so its all good. he just might get a whoopin back in the dorms

  11. I’m glad he isn’t part of 2PM…he fits more into 2AM.

  12. Lol yeah I think if Jokwon made 2PM…then beasty image wouldn’t apply when u have a diva in the group

  13. I’m glad Kwonnie is part of 2AM πŸ™‚ I honestly think he doesn’t suit 2PM’s image. lol But yes, I have to agree that Kwonnie did do 2AM a favor by saving them.

  14. Him a part of 2PM, incredible O_O……………anyway like always JoKOw FOREVAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

  15. Ouch, HE saved 2AM? That is kinda true though, based on the media sources I’ve been reading from.

    And could you translate his quotes better? I can’t seem to understand what he’s trying to get across.

    • I kinda agree with Adrian.
      Love you soooo much, Sookyeong, but this news is badly written.

      Jo Kwon + Sun Ye = ❀

  16. Kwonnie really is the ‘in’ thing right now!!
    but 8 years of training is really a long time..
    so sad that he don’t have too many memories as a teenager!!
    nevertheless, hope he have much fun now!!

  17. Haha Jo Kwon is sure the “in” thing. He’s funny ! πŸ™‚ It’s definitely going to be great watching him in Family Outing.

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