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Korean stars who love to do the ‘corpse play’ photos

We are all familiar of selca photos (be it the funny, sexy or ugly ones) which celebrities would take, but some netizens pointed out how many Korean celebrities also like to do the ‘corpse play’ photos.

In such photos, they will pretend to be like corpse lying lifeless posing for the camera. Go under the cut to find out who are the celebrities who have done that.

Many said that Bae DooNa was on the one who came up/made this type of photos popular.

She is seen doing the ‘corpse play’ photos with the God Of Study cast recently too.

I thought that for the 2nd last photo, Bae DooNa posed really well for the photo (ignoring Yoo SeungHo’s goofy expression).

27 Responses

  1. bae doona was the scary one…man, on the streets like that, haha, i thought someone shot her!

  2. brown eyed girls too!
    love one day’s one.

  3. sdpa~dslasdalsd~
    So crazy 8DDDD

  4. Big Bang did it too :))

  5. haha, thats awesome!
    i want to do one of this too!

    corpse play photo!

    OneDay; definitely cute;in relation to heartbeat = zombie!~

    jay.. T__T

  6. new trend.LOL

  7. OMG…this is great. The creepiest/scariest ones were the ones in the classroom…though Jewelry did a pretty good job. The funniest was DBSK, who was the one hangin off the railing?

  8. creepy the last one xD

  9. i understand it’s all in fun and games and that some of the pics are old.. but i just don’t think it’s appropriate to be looking at these pictures for amusement with all that’s going on in Haiti. Just my opinion. Otherwise I’d think they were cute.

  10. This game is fun XD

  11. ONEDAY<33333

  12. Kinda creepy.. I wouldve been funnier pretending they were sleeping =/

  13. LOL!! Big Bang also did it. You should have posted the pictures!!

  14. lol someone on the ONEDAY pic has his arms crossed and doesnt seem to be pretending dead XD Lol. Who is it?

  15. AHH!! One Day!!! xD i guess that’s where 2PM got their Heartbeat idea!! xD
    so creepy but so daebak!!! xD

  16. HAHAHAHA!!! DBSK!!!

  17. aw jay… my heart is all fluttery just by a single picture of him lmao

  18. WTF lol.

  19. Yep the one hanging off the rail in the DBSK pic is definitely Jaejoong
    He always was a little special.
    I think that pic is from when they first debuted

  20. omg i thought jay came back AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! =(

  21. Aww Oneday! xD
    I see SeulOng holding jaebeom xP

  22. the scariest is dbsk the one hanging in the rail of the boat

  23. ONEDAY <33

  24. O_O

  25. Lol! I love it… Creepy but definitely unique.

  26. That’s creepy… especially the last ones in the classroom lol.

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