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Gesture of SHINee MinHo giving handicapped elderly a kiss warmed the hearts of many

The act of SHINee MinHo giving a kiss to an elderly has attracted much attention.

Photos of MinHo kissing the cheeks and holding the hands of an elderly lady Park YeSook (56) who lives in ChoongNam on SBS Star King have been revealed recently.

Mdm Park YeSook has got weak and broken bones since she was born and has since stop proper bones development. She is only 80cm in height. Down with congenital osteogenesis imperfecta, she has never walked with her husband for once before.

Even though life is often inconvenient and tough, Mdm Park has always live enjoyably through singing. And appearing on Star King show, it was her first time visiting Seoul in the 56 years of her life.

Not only was she able to fulfill her dream to be on Star King stage, she also revealed, “I really like MinHo, even though he is 40 years younger than I am.”

She even present MinHo with poppies as gifts on the show. And poppies symbolise “the love that will never be”.

She gave MinHo kisses on his cheeks and he also returned the kisses, while the audience cheered on in envy.

The PD of Star King said that the audience was very touched that MinHo returned Mdm Park’s gestures of affection in that sudden situation. MinHo has always appeared as someone who is matured, and with this filming, he has proved to be so and warmed the hearts of many.”

The show will air on 23rd January at 6.3opm.


I seriously cannot find a reason not to love MinHo more.

Such a darling

31 Responses

  1. WAH!!! minho is so lovely becuz of his cuteness,kindness,and warm hearted
    I LOVE MINHO SO MUCH ❤ ❤ ❤ 1000000000000000000000000x!!

  2. Heartwarming!! he’s not only beautifull outside, but the inside seems to be most beautifull ^_^

  3. Wow!! That was so emotional& he was really thoughtfull. He have a heart of gold. Who in d world would not love him. Really admire him.
    Infact I can’t spend a day without looking at his pic. His picture cheers me up when i feel blue. U are my strength. I love u MINHO.

  4. Minho; you are truly sweet ❤ ~

  5. awww…sweet minho…such a nice guy. =)

  6. minho is cute
    n he is cuter when he winks!!

  7. so sweet…..

  8. how sweet can this be ? :3

  9. that’s our boy! more reasons to love our flaming charisma! i think this reaction of his is very pure!

  10. i never really looked at shinee’s stuff…or news but OMG this is soooooooooooooooo ❤ im tearing up the fact that she never walked with her husband before and omggg minho is sooooo soo nice and warm hearted ❤ _ ❤

  11. He IS lovely…

    And hey, he is no longer as quite as he was at times during their debut!
    He is more talkactive now

  12. he is a darling..this is so touching…

  13. wow….happy for this

  14. that just brought tears to my eyes,
    he’s matured so much; especially through the show,
    <33 adorable minho <33

  15. That’s just adorable…

  16. Minho is adorable (:
    That picture made my heart warm ; the
    one with him & Mdm. Park.

  17. this is sad

  18. it is just for a show…

    • Even if it was just for show it was very sweet nonetheless. He didnt even blink an eye – just went with it. Seemed natural to me. If not then he is a fantastic actor and he still made that lil ol lady smile – and that in my book is still something to be admired even if inside he may have been like “…gosh i have to bend over so much :P”

      Anyway, this is very sweet and he just went from a plain ol pretty boy to REALLY ADORABLE.

  19. OMG *0*
    So sweet ❤
    Minho is love ♥

  20. waa those pic are so moving~~ T__T
    his gesture prove all his personality ^.^

  21. He is a really sweet boy =3

  22. Aww, love Minho even more!

  23. that’s my man!! ^^

  24. When I came to K-bites, the first things I saw is a picture of Minho looking like was kissing someone… *Biscuit was in pure disbelief*. But reading the title and description really is heartwarming ^^

  25. this is really, very nice and heartwarming.
    awww, he’s not only good with kids..
    he’s good with almost EVERYBODY!

    a beautiful heart indeed.

    cant wait to see this pretty boy in Singapore; keke.

  26. Minho’s such a sweetheart ❤

  27. ah minho. 🙂 so kyo~! kiss me too? kekeke

  28. AWW ❤ Minho :3

  29. minho~ah.. what a lovely guy ^^

  30. awwww!! minho is love!

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