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KBS Music Bank 22.01.2010 – Jo Kwon and GaIn wins the K-Chart again with “We Fell In Love”!

Today on KBS Music Bank, Jo Kwon and GaIn’s duet ‘We Fell In Love’ for We Got Married wins #1 for the 2nd week!

Also other highlights of the show today include:

  • Comeback stages for Gavy NJ&Sunnyside MJ, Trax and 2AM!
  • Special Stage by After School performing My Lips…Warm Like Coffee
  • Hot performances by Rainbow, F.CUZZE:ADia, T-ara, Davichi, SeeYa, After School, Lisa & Gilme, CN Blue, etc.
  • Backstage interview with 2AM & CN Blue!

Comeback Stage

  • 2AM – Never Let You Go

  • Trax – Cold Hearted Man

  • Gavy NJ+Sunnyside MJ – Sunflower

Special stages

  • After School -My Lips…Warm Like Coffee

Music stages

  • T-Ara with Like The First Time

  • CN Blue – I’m A Loner

  • Lisa & Gilme – Uri Kyeorhon Halkka

  • Seeya+Davichi+T-ara – Wonder Woman

  • ZE:A with Mazeltov!

  • After School performing Because of You Remix

  • DIA – Another Boy

  • Kim Dong Hee-I feel like Im going to die


  • Rainbow – I’m Not Your Girl


  • 2AM Comeback Backstage Interview [ENG Sub]

  • C.N Blue – ‘Performers interview room’

10 Responses

  1. i live music bank

  2. 2am boys = love 🙂

    i’m pretty dang sure he said
    “jaebum hyung, i love you”

  3. watched this last night xD great comeback!

  4. that song, my lips warm like coffee from s#arp
    was great hit when it came out
    a shame they broke up
    surprised that jo kwon and ga in are still winning
    even though they are not promoting the song on any of the 3 channels (correct me if im wrong)
    but they are doing well on online charts i guess
    anyway looks like a great lineup and will check out the other clips later on

  5. isn’t it miryo should be rapping for lisa why is she not

  6. Gosh…I know T-ara’s song is full of high notes but please….the singing was so off…(And one thing is sure : that’s not because of the dance moves…)

  7. i really enjoyed tara’s and after school’s songs

    • my bad i enjoyed the song after school performed. just found out that is not their song

  8. thanks for the updates.. great perf line up on mubank! ((:

  9. OMG, the After School girls are so talented. Almost all of them can rap and they do it very well in the Special Stage performance.

    And Congrats to Gain & Kwon!

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