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Nicole’s surprise love confession to ‘hot guy friend’ Lee Ho?

KARA Nicole does a surprise love confession to her ‘hot guy friend’ Lee Ho.

This happened during Mnet ‘Celebrity Goes To College’ show, which shows Nicole currently enrolled temporarily as a student in veterinary course in GonKook University, aired on 21st January. Nicole‘s friend Lee Ho, who is studying at the college’s film school, has recently been receiving much attention for his good looks and resemblance to singer Lee Seung Gi.

Ahead of her graduation, Nicole and Lee Ho went around the campus and took polaroid photos together for keep sake. There were also many interesting events which took place during Nicole‘s tour around the campus.

But fans have been showing rather sensitive comments like “Cannot CC”, “Broadcast is just broadcast”, “No No if they are to date in real life” etc.

Lee Ho has been helping Nicole along during her time as a college student because she still needs help when it comes to the Korean language, and much anticipation from fans and TV viewers as to whether their friendship will take off from here.


25 Responses

  1. I want them to be together
    but then also I want Nicole and Key

  2. is it just me or he looks more like kim hyunjoong?

  3. ^ ^ the fact that u even point out what so called her “flaws” compare to other good things she really are already enough to prove ur just a hater, go away antis!!

  4. i have a question unrelated to the article.

    does nicole try to make a crescent shape with her eyes when she smiles? you can contract muscles below your eyes as if youre squinting. i dont hate her at all, but i just cant put my thumb on as you why her eye smile looks somewhat forced when she smiles or laughs in a funny way

    • i don’t know, but her mom’s eyes do that also when SHE laughs, so if there’s any forcing, her mom will be doing it also (although that’s kinda weird, since nicole’s mom’s not a celeb or anything).. so basically no?

  5. woww :O

  6. Just to let people know, DSP allows their idol groups to date compared to other companies. That’s as long as it doesn’t interfere with work, they’re ok with it. SeungYeon for example, went out with someone after her debut.

    • so true. even Hyun joong had a girl friend when ss501 debuted. and the ss501 boys admitted that two of them recently had gfs.

      but dsp fails! at promotions. so. yeah. i guess there can’t be a perfect ent company out there….

      (i’m a hard core dsp-line fan, so i m not bashing the groups, just the company. i’m sure most of other fans of the dsp bands will agree with me that dsp sucks a promo)

  7. omo !! Lee Ho is jjang!! handsome!

  8. nosy netizens again , who the hell r they to tell someone not to date ???

  9. honestly i think he looks better then lee seung gi

    • Yeah I agree.,.
      Not to compare but I think he looks better..
      He is hot & Seunggi cute…!!!

  10. but aren’t some idol girl groups not allowed to even date? Not sure, but i remember some article here some time ago.

  11. i approve to the fullest nicole, fans don’t have a say when it comes to you heart, if you choose to be with him, and him you. go ahead girl. lol

  12. awww, they look cute together and i think they should date…
    just like ’emina’ said…if he treats her well..why not! 😛

  13. Hurry and snag him Nicole!

  14. it’d actually be cool for an idol to date a non-celeb.

  15. lol i dont see lee seung gi resemblance? but he is good looking & kinda agree with @riah, looks abit like wooyoung!

  16. but he kinda looks like wooyoung xD

  17. i approve of this. let the girl dateee! they may be idols, but seriously, their humans. plus, if he treats her well, then why not? 😀

  18. Let her date .__. don’t let her turn into Hyori : hot in the 30s but no bf =/

  19. i knew it was gonna happen sooner or later. her friends are hot on the show HAHA

  20. I want her with 2AM jinwoon~
    but as lon nicole happy that’s okay laaa

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