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F.cuz Jinon is lookalike to Kwon SangWoo!

Rookie group F.cuz leader Jinon has sparked off heated discussion by netizens online for his resemblance to actor Kwon Sangwoo.

F.cuz released their first digital album ‘Jiggy’ on 8th January and has been promoting the song on the 3 major music shows recently. Many netizens who have seen the group’s performances pointed out that Jinon looks like Kwon SangWoo and photos comparing the features of the 2 were also posted online.

Netizens posted comments on various posts on online bulletin boards, “I get confused which is the real Kwon SangWoo“, “They really look alike, are they siblings?”, “Their smiles and eyes look so alike” etc.

This is not the first time the resemblance was brought up. Even before F.cuz’s debut, Jinon was said to be the lookalike to Kwon SangWoo on SBS ‘Truth Game’.

Jinon commented, “I’m really honoured to be said to lookalike to Kwon SangWoo seonbaenim whom I like. I will continue to work hard as F.cuz Jinon. Please show us more support”.

S: SeoulNtn

17 Responses

  1. *watching the video*
    the song is catchy for a little bit, but too cutesy for a male group and they’re WAY too over-dressed,
    they should focus more on having fun on stage and not so much on their looks.
    although I don’t like them much as of now because they dissapointed me for the way they went, I’m not going to deny that their vocals are really good.

    A talented group, being promoted wrongly and with the wrong concept as well. Jinon and Kan don’t fit this concept neither does the other guy with black hair. only the taemin look alike with the curly hair kinda fits here.

  2. && I’m a big KSW fan from his “Sad Love Story” days
    so I would pick him over Jinon any day!
    with THAT BODY….WOWWW! :”D

  3. Jinon<33
    he is the most handsome in F.CUZ IMO! ^^
    and i hadn't noticed this, but he does look like KSW.

    However the first time I saw him he reminded me of Micky Yoochun more. He is sooo hot!! (:

  4. one of a few groups with great vocals? Lol.

  5. Nope… I don’t think they look a like.

    And sorry for those who love these F.Cuz guys..
    But I don’t think they got a singer quality.
    Well at least if they have, their debut song n live performances so far hasn’t show that yet..
    And it look like they put emphasis so much on their looks instead of their voice.

    No hurt-feeling, OK. I’m just trying to be objective, and that’s my opinion.

  6. uhmmm the cheekbones?

  7. no….he doesnt…..are u all blind??

  8. Kwon Sangwoo is my ideal man im sorry while they might have some small similarities KSW is a million times hotter

  9. I find Jinon more attractive.

  10. Sorry for mis-spelling..Kwon Sang Woo

  11. stop trying to deny about their similarities. i think they do look alike, sure Kwan Sang Woo is hotter, but they do look alike.

  12. No, not really.

    Kwon Sang Woo is MUCH better looking! That other guy wishes he looks like Kwon Sang Woo and I do believe he tried. I do see a similarity in the cheek bones in one picture but that’s it.

  13. KSW is HOT as hell !!! šŸ˜€

  14. haha sorry but they are nothing alike, kwon sangwoo is much hotter lol

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