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Netizens in heated speculations over real reason to SunMi leaving the WonderGirls

After news that WonderGirls youngest member SunMi has left the group went out, fans and netizens are in heated discussions online over the real reason of her leaving.

Various speculations are going around, some netizens pointed out that the company CEO Park Jin Young is at fault for this, while some thought that SunMi could not adapt well to living in the States etc.

Many questioned if the reason stems from SunMi herself or from the company.

It was known that on 20th Jan, SunMi wrote on her Twitter the message “I’m starving”. Some netizens read the message that SunMi is starved of being able to pursue her academic career after having to stop middle school for her singer career.

And earlier last year, WonderGirls returned to Korea for a short while for their CF filming, and during the press conference back then, SunMi was also seen in tears talking about promoting in the States.

Meanwhile, some netizens thought that the underlying decision to this came from JYP Entertainment itself. Especially since the replacement member HyeRim is said to be able to speak various international languages like English and Chinese, it seems that this has a link to the WonderGirls’ Chinese music market advance coming up.

Netizens commented, “How can the company let SunMi leave the group so easily?”, “At this critical point in time for her singer career, do you think that she would want to let go of it all to pursue her studies?” etc.

Many netizens revealed that they totally did not see this coming. Meanwhile, a new member HyeRim has been introduced.

More about HyeRim coming in translated news


55 Responses

  1. she got pregnant with a black guy. thats why she left.

  2. I feel very sad about this…
    I hope that after Sunmi graduate she will come join WG again..
    Sunmi will always be my favourite WG members…
    Wish u all the best Sunmi…
    Wonder Girls fighting…
    Saranghaeyo Sunmi…..
    Love u all WG…

  3. join the group at facebook for those who hate HaeLim and doesn’t want her to join wonder girls http://www.facebook.com/pages/Anti-Hae-Lim-the-girl-who-will-replace-SUNMI/426161995050?ref=share

  4. OMG.
    I’m really confused here.
    I’m not sure whether to blame JYP or not!
    Ok, maybe it’s really SunMi’s choice that she wants to pursue her.
    OR maybe, JYP kicked her out(?)

    SunMi once said not long ago that her dream is to see many people in the world, as a WONDERGIRL MEMBER. That’s her dream. And she also said that she wants to be the world’s best singer.
    OMG. How could she just easily give up her dream and pursue her studies?

    So what’s real? What’s fake?

  5. Sunmi,you will always be my favourite…T_T

  6. ~SUNMI can NEVER be REPLACED. Wonder Girls as 5 n ONLY 5!!~

  7. Why can’t the meet in the middle? If she really want to study then there’s home school. Anyway if this is what she really want then I admire her lots. This decision took guts. Specially now that they’re getting well known all over america.

  8. wow….

  9. Regardless I wish her the best T_T

  10. good luck SunMi…

  11. Completely wrong angle, sookyeong.

    Remember, JYPE said JYP will be based in the USA for the first half of 2010 when he flew back to New York on January 12. This hinted as much that WG’s planned promotions was leaning towards the English album, probably at the expense of the Chinese album — although April’s Show Of Peace concert can let WG to fly out for a media blitz campaign. Then again, WG may skip the Beijing gig if, say, they’re committed to touring Stateside during the period.

    So Haelim’s addition isn’t going to be as a spearhead at China. In fact, her Southerner/Hong Kong accent is more grating than the lyrical Northerner version WG attempted to speak Mandarin with. Rather, my guess about the “hurried” replacement is that there are already ongoing negotiations to book USA gigs for March & beyond, so no time left to repackage or re-choreograph WG as a foursome.

  12. I don’t think saying Sunmi has been replaced feels right. It seems like she was kicked out and replaced.

    As far as we know, it could be temporary and Sunmi may return making WG a 6-member group.

    JYP understands how Sunmi is so depressed, as she cried almost every night during the JB US tour. Sadly, WG can’t go on as a 4 member group when their songs are fitted to be divided as 5 members – each member in charge of a certain part of the song.

    With their American album coming out in February, this is actually the perfect time for Sunmi to leave if she wanted to. She’s leaving before the album is released, so she doesn’t have to worry about promotions. If she wanted to pursue education, this is the only opportunity she will have.

    At the same time, because that the album is released so soon, there’s no time to sit and wait for a member to temporarily take over Sunmi’s responsibilities. This was also the only good time for JYP to put in a member before US promos.

    In the end, if there was going to be any change, this is the best time to do it before US promos starts.

  13. I think all these conspiracy theorie are coming out because jype is putting a new member in so easily to replace sunmi. If jype just left the group at four I’m sure all us wonderfuls would be okay with sunmi leaving for school and never would question it. But jype is not doing that. He’s adding a member that speaks apparently fluent Chinese and English and wg are going to promote in those areas. I’m pissed that sunmi can be easily replaced. I’m not piss at sunmi choosing school. 2pm is only 1 year group yet they still stayed as 6. Wg are a 3 year group yet they can’t leave them at 4 and just adds someone in like that and expect us to just accept and move on. We respect sunmi’s descision. We just don’t respect jype for replacing her already when we’re still in shock that sunmi’s leaving in the first place. Sorry for this long entry. I’m just in shock. It came out of no where

  14. I feel bad fro JYP. Everyone blames him for everything. I think he works quite well with what he has.

    Even if Sunmi, Jay, and Hyuna actually said something publicly about leaving (which they did) – netizens wouldn’t believe them b/c they’ll think the big ol scary company made them say it. Personally, I think JYP is one of the more relaxed CEOs with what I think gives the fairest contracts. The fact he let Rain, truly his protege, leave at the peak of his career b/c that is what RAIN wanted, AND continue hanging out with him and helping him out…that takes a man who has the artist’s best interest in mind, not just money.

    Also might I add Hyuna is still in Cube – a SUBSIDIARY of JYP Ent. Health problems or not, he kept talent around (regardless of how minimal it is *cough*) and look, 4min (Hyuna in particular) is doing fine! Also JYP met with Jay (tho it hasnt been long enough to see if he’ll do more for him) and he certainly is leaving the venue for Jay to come back wide open (blank spots in in 2pm dances? 2pm constantly referring to Jay (sure doesn’t seem like JYP is trying to suppress them). Let’s face it, the second Jay public ally says he wants to go back to performing again, JYP will have to do something b/c of K-netizens/fans in general. Jay can take his jolly time building up anticipation IMHO. And I’m pretty sure JYP isn’t going to cut ties with Sunmi either. Of all the singers in the industry, JYP entertainers have the most freedom. I think JoKwon’s complete insanity (and yes I know JYP tried to suppress JoKwon in the early years but hey, i understand – for a ballad singer JK is off his rocker…anyway he gets to do what he wants now for sure) and 2pms general talkativeness about Jay is pretty good evidence of that. In fact, I think JYP sees personality is what makes his stars interesting and in fact banks on the honest image of his idols.

    Cut JYP a break – jeez. I think he’s doing all he can and all fans do is jump down his throat b/c they can’t accept that maybe – just MAYBE – their idols don’t actually care – or even like – all the attention they are getting from their kooky fans anyway :)…unless bloody letters & underwear are your cup of tea 🙂

    • i agree with you all the way!

      but angry fans will never blame who they love.. always fix the blame on someone else.. typical.

      and dude.. love how you stated jokwon’s craziness! HAHA totally off his rocker.

  15. How dare JYP replace Sunmi?? Park Jin Young always talks nonsense about if they (members who left group) would decide to comeback we would be all open for them blah blah blah, now what about Jay? he said exactly same thing to bring him if he wants.. If they should replace Sunmi, it’s better if they perform with 4 members, i don’t want any new member

  16. jyp is guilty of all these. they are making weird decisions.. ever since —– problems lol

  17. its a good thing if she want to continue her study..
    not that she leave bcuz she want to get married or what..
    just respect her decision..
    netizen always do their own conclusion..
    its not like mimi cn’t make a comeback..
    furthermore, she still train vocal n dncing under jyp ent.
    jyp is like WG own father..
    i’m sure he wanted the best for her..
    if she want to leave…than respect it..
    the new member cn’t replace mimi..
    but she might add other charm in WG..
    just wait n see..hope she has enough talent to be in WG..
    WG fighting!

  18. I agree with netizens to me the only main reason why she left is b/c she couldnt handle the life in the state and most importantly to be away from her family I wish if JYP did not decid to add to new member I think adding a new member is a mistake

  19. wonderfuls knew SunMi can’t cope to live in states living far away from his family.
    although I’m disappointed her decision but I do respect her.

  20. Why does everyone blame JYP?
    We all know from shows, clips, and other videos that the wondergirls are like his daugters. Do you really think JYP would be stupid enough to just kick a member out after Jay left? (Which I don’t think was his fault either) If anything I think JYP respects his artists and if their going through a hard time, he fully supports them.
    If Sunmi doesn’t want to sing anymore, then he’s not going to force her. Would you guys rather have them go to court over this??
    *cough cough*
    *cough cough*
    And another thing, he didn’t kick HyunA out, did anyone notice that she’s part of another group that is from a SISTER company of JYPE.
    Netizens need to get a life, and so do anti fans. Quit blaming JYP. I can see why he doesn’t want to be a producer anymore cause of all this bullshit.

    • There are things that we will never know about SunMi and Jay’s situation. Why? Cause JYP is not revealing everything! Where’s the press conference for Jay, for SunMi??? Why can’t he let them talk in front of everyone?

      Who do you want people to blame??? Whether you like it or not, there will be a lot of speculations. The new member is fluent in English and Chinese (obviously useful for their promos).

      The Wonderfuls have the right to be angry!

      JYP took WG out of Korea and didn’t come back for a long time and now a member is out??? It’s impossible for people not to complain!

      • agree if they’re not guilty why so afraid having a press conference where ppl can ask bout all the unclear things and let jay and sunmi talk

      • Maybe they’re not holding a press conference because they want to respect Jay & Sunmi’s privacies and decisions? For example, what IF it all turns out that it was Jay’s sole decision to leave even though everyone tried to stop him? Then the fans wouldn’t be able to blame JYP/JYPE anymore and some other fans would be like Jay’s a coward for leaving, and that might create more problems. I don’t think that’s what JYP wants. So it’s better to keep things quiet sometimes and let it all surface later when things have calmed down.

      • Totally agree…
        I think JYP kicked SunMi out for a replacement who’s fluent in chinese and english.

      • But what do you expect JYPE to do, release a statement on how they were weeping and crying their eyes out while talking about how they want a break?
        I agree that we don’t know the full details on what happened, but it was easy to see that SunMi wasn’t happy in US. Crying everyday in US isn’t exactly a sign of happiness, and culture is very different. Not to mention that WG is a type of group that might not be taken seriously in US and international netizens are equally mean, which she probably found out after learning English.

        As for the new member, it’s said that she was born in Hong Kong. People from Hong Kong aren’t exactly fluent in Mandarin, so unless she lived in China as well, her Mandarin might not be that good. She’s free to surprise me though.

        And like what Tina said, they might not be emotionally ready immediately for a press conference. If that’s the case, I’d rather they recover in peace rather than being forced to go for a press con and shedding tears like no tomorrow.

        Just had to get it off lol.

    • I’m wonderful but I don’t blame 100% to JYP in this matter.
      SunMi still a young girl.. she’s not strong enough to live other country. she need back to her family

    • Yeah, it doesn’t make good business sense to kick a member of a successful group out at the risk of irking the group’s fans. They could have just included another member if they really wanted to. Not to forget, JYPE is a business and responsible for making sure their trainees find work and putting someone in a successful group will be faster in ensuring that person finds work.

      Even though we don’t know the full story yet, everyone is so quick to pile the blame on JYP.

  21. It’s really quite obvious! It’s JYP’s fault! WG is one solid group in terms of popularity! Why would she leave? It doesn’t make any sense! She stayed in WG for years. If she wants to leave, she would have left earlier! studies? that’s an old excuse! fans didn’t see this coming!!!

    JYP kicked her out for a replacement who’s fluent in chinese and english! All JYP’s greed!

    • sunmi has always not liked living in america. if you watch golden fishery jyp was talking about how sunmi cried the most, she just couldn’t get used to it. and besides sunmi is also very fluent in english. she’s probably wanted to leave earlier, but she thought that she could eventually get used to america. After months of staying here, she was probably still homesick, and so made the decision of going back to korea. no need to blame jyp for anything.

  22. Why replace her?!
    I rather have 4 members than add a new one!
    No one can replace our 4D sunmi T_T

  23. Sun Mi ah! You just can’t leave like that. You want to be world’s best singer right? Ahh. This can’t be. I love you so much. I’ll miss you.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not questioning Mimi postponing her career for school. I salute her for that. Buy it’s not the case. Why replace her??? Wonder Girls can continue as 4. They won’t be the same again without Mimi and a new one!

    Urgh. JYP. I had enough.
    First, not defending Jaebum and letting him go.
    Second, replacing Mimi.
    Who’s next???

    If you didn’t chase that American dream, they would have been stronger in Korea and no need for Mimi to leave ’cause she can study and have a music career at the same time!!

  24. isn’t it sohee who is the youngest in WG??

    something wrong with JYP-nim..
    i don’t understand what he was thinking letting her go when the groups album will be out soon..

    but anyway, good luck to SunMi~


    Why are people blaming JYP and JYPE again? I just don’t get it!! We all know JYP is extremely close to Sun Mi (she always bullies him, lol). He wouldn’t ever force her to quit something she loves to do. Everything is crystal clear here. Sun Mi just doesn’t feel this is what she wants to do at the moment.

    God, stupid nitizens.

  26. i don’t think JYP kicked her out
    after the thing with jaebum i don’t really like jyp but i also think he’s not that heartless
    i was just too much for her

  27. Omg for the first time i agree with netizens because her replacement can speak chinese and english and is good at dancing and singing and also very cute and if JYP had to kick a member out he can’t kick the face of the group Sohee, or Leader who trained for 8 years or Yen and Yubin as they are the vocal and only rapper out so it amkes sense to kick out the 4d girls Sun Mi.
    but i totally don’t agree with it.

    • agree, jyp won’t let her leave if they don’t get any advantage.. but at least I know sunmi is much happier in korea.. hope she can have a second chance.. now why don’t they let her speak and having a real press conf. instead of blog announcement.. soo coward

    • That’s stupid! Sunmi is like the second best English speaker in the group so why did they choose Sunmi if they just want to kick out a member? Don’t blame JYP. It has been really hard for sunmi. Everything was prolly sudden since Lim was already announced to be part of the Chinese WG before this.

  28. jyp should know better than adding a replacement member
    This remind me of hyuna when she got kicked out of the group
    Now another my 2nd favorite WG member(hyuna was the first) is gone too…

  29. its getting BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTIONS AGAIN!!!!!!!!

    when will the netizens ever learn??????

    RESPECT people… she wants to leave RESPECT…..

  30. the jyp curse hits again .

  31. this is tragic really, but don’t be blaming JYP. Sunmi wants to continue her studies, and JYP is all for it. that shows a great relationship between the producer and the group.

    truly though, its really shocking. no one saw this coming. although i’m saddened by it, I hope she does well with her studies and comes back and is very successful. very rare do we see celebrities put their education before their careers. its admirable, really.

  32. too shocking and unexpected..
    yeah, so it seems like they have this prepared long ago huh?
    finding replacement and everything…

  33. I am very sad..I can’t imagine and can’t believe it.I hope she will joins again someday..I miss myMISO couple T.T

  34. I think JYP needs to have a press conference abt this issue. and i dont think that she’s the person to give up being a wonder girls just to pursue her studies.

  35. I am very sad..I can’t imagine and can’t believe it.I hope she will joins again someday..I miss myMISO couple T.T

  36. no way! If that’s the truth… how dare JYPE!!

  37. i dont get this. WHY?!
    noooooo don’t leave =(

  38. JYP shouldn’t replace SunMi.
    He could’ve just let WG be a 4 member group until SunMi return..
    Goodluck to SunMi’s studies…

    • i agree, even if sunmi were to leave they shouldnt put another replacement. i think she just really hates not being in korea cos she cant adapt properly (since she said that she cried everyday in the us)
      anyhow good luck to her 😀

    • i agree….
      why they can leave empty spot in 2pm when jay left but not wonder girls???
      sunmi leaves wonder girls already shocking… fans can’t accept that…. and jyp even introduced the new member… 0.o

  39. Oh God –“

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