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Rain’s personal airplane revealed gets many envious

Singer actor Rain‘s personal airplane revealed gets many netizens envious.

Recently, photos of Rain on his personal airplane in Korea have been uploaded and circulated by netizens online on various portal sites, catching the attention of many.

Rain will board his personal plane to fly overseas when he has activities or events to attend overseas from domestic airport. The personal airplane has Rain‘s full-body photo printed on it, and is one of the most eye-catching airplanes at the airport.

In addition, it is known that he owns a 15-billion KRW building with a basement and 2 higher levels in Seoul KangNamGoo.

Netizens’ comments were, “It is a great feat that he gets to have his own Hollywood movie at such a young age, now it is shocking to know that he has his personal airplane”, “So envious” etc.


44 Responses

  1. oh nice….

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  3. eeeeek. i wanna have a flight in his airplane *_*

  4. I like it !!!!!

    Love RAIN>>>>

  5. wow , i want one πŸ˜€

  6. I think so many k-pop artists deserve this kinda luxury!

  7. the man sure knows how to spend his money…
    i wonder how much he pay for his taxes…

  8. sugoii *.*

  9. … that’s a hot plane XD

  10. RAIN HAS A PLANE ! Hey it rhymes LOL im so lame -_- anyways if i went on that plane id be looking outside the whole time πŸ˜‰

  11. His plane or not, whatever, the man is rich!
    Go on Rain, do ‘yo thang!’

  12. I dont really like Rain. But I do enjoy his dramas. And I thank him for bringing MBLAQ. πŸ˜€ But WOW…I wish I was part of his family XD LOL.

  13. wait i’ve seen that plane when he was touring for his korean album and stuff ?!

  14. woooooow
    i know he worked hard and all..
    but is the picture of him on the plane really necessary?
    w/e rain FIGHTING!

  15. it looks photoshopped to me.

  16. I dont think thats his personal plane, he has an endorsement deal with Korean Air and a lot of the planes will have his face on them.

    • I actually think the same too. Why does he keep the Korean Airlines Logo if it’s his personal airplane? In the pic, it’s line up with other airplanes and that’s sure one big airplane coz normally personal airplane is smaller than that, like 15 passengers or something. but he maybe need to bring large crew, but still… kinda doubt about it.

      • hahah yeah. I’m pretty sure that’s endorsed πŸ˜› Unless he likes that logo or something xD

        I’m a little surprised netizens aren’t attacking him for “over-spending” (or at least getting the luxury of an endorsed plane) in these crap economic times….testament of Korea’s love for him I guess ^_^ ehehe that’s real fame for you tho – your face on a plane πŸ™‚

    • lol yeah, he probably rides the plane with his face on it to other countries. The other plane next to it have the same colour and logo but without the picture.

  17. Rain is pimpin’

  18. all of his hard-work just worth it!!
    ~keep on going Bi-shi…~

  19. the product of hard work πŸ™‚

  20. So he have private plane now?? is it true?? Geezzz, he’s really rich…i’m happy if this news is true, i hope someone can confirm the news..:)

  21. DAMN that’s a nice airplane…

  22. i dont like him i just think he is too cocky for some reasons.. plus he aint all tht good looking.. comeon… without those abs.. he aint anything people die for his body nothing much.. there are other korean stars who are way handsome than him

    • why you bashing him, do you have talent like him, or body like him, just see yourself first…for addition,he’s the most charismatic & biggest star in korean entertainment industry, all the stars & idol respect him, that;s why he have fans all around the world…just see yourself first be4 bashing another..

    • blah blah blah! say whatever you like but you can’t erase the fact that BI RAIN is KOREAN PRIDE!!! he is one of the best damn thing in SEOUL!!! he is a star and will continue shining so bright esp. now he is in hollywood!
      besides RAIN got talent and i bet you don’t even got 1/8 of RAIN’s ability in dancing! boo yah! so stop hating! :p

    • If you watch his CNN interview or Discover Channel Documentary, “Hip Korea”, you’ll know that he doesn’t hides the fact that he is not that good looking. I mean, 18 lots of companies rejected him coz his not good looking enough. It’s a good thing JYP found him and nurtured his talents. Now he is so big, most people think he redefined Korea’s standard for beauty — more korean-looking and less with those double eyelid (plastic) monsters.

  23. if i hve my own plane.. i wont put that image (there lots of pic are better than that, maybe bcoz of the wings?).. hehehehe..and change the color.. the plane ..humm.. just added rain’s pic at the back..? ahaks!
    i think it isnt his.. maybe for advertising, since everyone noe bout N.A..


  25. *hilarious

  26. yh i am more happy tht he debuted MBLAQ… those kids are hilaruous to watch and talented πŸ™‚ no to mention they got good looks.. well ya Rain is rich indeed.. esp at this young age..but he is lacking love life..

  27. ^That is Korean Airlines logo.

    But then isn’t that was during I’m Coming period. The world tour got sponsored by Korean Airlines. So what? They don’t removed the photo yet. Or did Rain buy the airplane from them.

  28. LOL ! Raaaain is truly amazing<3
    jeesh the guy already has that much money?!?
    :O And I love him even more for debuting MBLAQ<3

    .but err..is that a pepsi/cola logo I see? xD

  29. he’s a richman!
    Everyone must be jealous..kekeke

  30. he’s good at spending his money…
    really worth it to buy that plane. Nice! ^^

  31. hope he’ll get a lovable wife,, not gold digger.. he’s such a hardworking person

    Rain totally deserves it. His hard work is paying off.

  33. *O*, My Bi Bi, Of course he deserve it!!!!!!!!

    but Hummmmmm, he has no more problem of money, becareful my Bibi…..

  34. this were published when he is still doing his i’m coming promotion ^^
    and this is the reason why i am taking tourism right now =))
    my goal is to become a stewardess in that plane lol


  36. WOW!!!

    well all his hard works are paying off :)) he sure deserves it man~ ^^

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