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SHINee Key’s ideal woman is one of the SNSD members? “YES”

SHINee member Key reveals that there is a member from group So Nyeo Shi Dae who is his ideal type of girl.

He was on ‘Idol Maknae Rebellion’ on SBS E!TV recently when he revealed that amongst the SNSD members, there is his ideal type of girl.

It was during the corner on the show called ‘The terrifying YES’ where he was asked the question ‘There is a member in SNSD whom I like” and his answer was “Yes”.

But with much suspicion coming from the ‘MakBanShi’ members on the show, Key said, “I have never thought of them as women since they are family members from the same company. I just answered that for the sake of the game”.

The show is set to air at 10pm on 23rd January.


46 Responses

  1. he is soooooooooooooo cute i dont understand the songs since i dont speak korean but i sure admire ths guy 🙂 yoona or Taeyeon would be great choices they are sooooooo decent i hate tiffany she is soo stuck up and jessica is weird its like she appears lost in this world but sunny is a sweet heart she is sooooo energetic and spreads energy everywhere 🙂

  2. OMG! Key is in LUV!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

  3. i think ti true i think it is jessica NO! Key is mine!

  4. no, jessica belong to jaebum.

    i prefer sooyoung or sunny.

    or jongkey is better

  5. its just a game…cute huh…I wanna try this game with my friends..it would eb fun


  7. Gosh all of you are stupid. He said NO IT WAS FOR THE SAKE OF THE GAME. Do you even READ the rest of the article.

    Anyway, if it WAS true, I would hope it wasn’t Tiffany, Jessica, Yoona, or Yuri. I hate all of those whores. Maybe Sunny or Taeyeon would be okay.

  8. OMG ! NO !
    Key is mine 😛

  9. Oh no! is it true. key you broke my heart .But any way i will sacrifice it for you. And i will always be loving you. may be you are hearing my name for the first time. By the way i am from bhutan. It is a small himalyan country. Do you know our bhutanese kids are big fan of your group.see you soon. bye!

  10. i prefer jongkey than keysica.

  11. I like Jessica for him, but srsly…. I’m jealous. TT

  12. no key, you are gay. but it is okay you know.

  13. LOL, i’m hoping it’s Jessica 🙂 or maybe Sooyoung.. please don’t let me hear “Yuri” or “Yoona” XD

  14. Haha…

    That’s Key!!!
    As he always do.

  15. i’m thinking Jessica xD lol but then again maybe it’s not true you know Key ;P

  16. OMG! i was shocked when i read the title.

    oh key… it’s really a pleasure to hear you say that’s JUST for the game.
    but if it’s for real, just don’t let her be jessica. cuz i don’t like that ‘keysica’ thing.

  17. lol it’s for the sake of the game. And this is not the most scandalous answer on MakBanshi yet. Like last time, during this corner, Lee Joon said he was dating Hyomin; Jinwoon said a lot about Nicole as well.

  18. Key really does know how to play safe..he’s smart..

  19. i think it might have been Jessica.
    or was i just hoping for it?…
    all is well though, as long as he wasn’t thinking about Yoona. he would be the stereotypical man if he chose her.

  20. nahhh, KEY is playing safe…
    like Dojoon said of Beast…during SGB, ” he was trained to say that”…biased!

  21. WHAT!? *reads article*
    Oh….ok.. I think it was just for the game. xDD
    Almost had a heart attack. o.o
    <333 Keyy

  22. i think it’s just becuz of the game… but if it’s true, i guess it’s Jess, cuz they seem matched with each other! Actually, the title of the news mostly let me die :((

  23. i really don’t care who she’s, just please god don’t let her be yoona, or i swear i’m gonna freak out.

    • LOL who knows 😀

    • Haha SAME. It’s like EVERY MAN’s ideal type is Yoona. I really hope it isn’t Sica too!Can’t it be Tiffany or Sooyoung for a change xD
      But, he did say it was for the sake of the game 🙂

    • why? although i reli dislike yoona sometimes…( coz my idol is shinee onew, and onew likes her)

  24. I like Key 🙂 he’s funny !

  25. I dom think their company lets thrm choos anybody out of sm

  26. i bet it’s jessica..since keysica now is a trend..haha

  27. I will cry………………:”(

  28. so it’s true or not lol? if it’s true.. i’m curious as to who is the member

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