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2PM WooYoung and SNSD TaeYeon to co-host new idol talk show

2PM WooYoung and So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon will be co-hosting the first idol talk show with Kim SeungWoo on KBS 2TV ‘WinWin’.

The first episode of the talk show will air next month. Park JungMi CP said, “2PM WooYoung and SNSD TaeYeon will be appearing as assistant MCs. We have not decided on the full list of the assistant MCs. We will reveal asap as soon as it is decided.”

The CP also added, “Since this is the first MC attempt for Kim SeungWoo, TaeYeon who has much experience in MCing (on MBC TaeYeon’s ChinChin) will be able to help him along. Also WooYoung has also had MC experiences on SBS Inkigayo.”

It is known Choi HwaJung and Kim ShinYeong will also be doing co-hosting on the show.

Meanwhile, ‘WinWin’ will take over the timeslot for KBS ‘SangSangPlus’ which will stop airing after 6 years on 2nd February.

S: StarNews

40 Responses

  1. WooTae!!!
    you guys are so hateful
    i just love them both though !


    hopefully some of you have changd your minds

    but Woofany was cute in idol army! (it was only in idol army and you call that chemistry? jkjkjk)

  2. WooFany > WooTae anytime!
    WooFany have more chemistry, I think and they are super adorable together! 😛


    THEN 2PM !?
    theyre pretty but i dont like them.

  4. but I like sangsang plus…
    well at least it’s wooyoung…!!hehe

  5. why does taeyeon gets the spot light always?! give ’em members the chance to shine their light. 🙂

    • She’s always in the spotlight because a lot of people like her. But if you haven’t noticed, all the SNSD girls are getting their limelight too. Sunny & Yuri are on IY, Yoona is gonna be on FO2, the other girls are on variety shows. So every girl is getting their time to shine.

      I like that Taeyeon is trying an MC position. Seems like ever since she became a solo DJ, she’s rarely seen on variety shows unless it’s with all 9 girls.
      And I love the fact that it’s WooTae keke I wanna see more interactions between those two =)

    • taeyeon always gets the spotlight? please…she doesn’t even have permanent shows that she goes to except her radio which is more like voice than appearance.
      fany and yuri and mucore
      yuri and sunny on that invincible thing
      sicka on musical
      yoona and FO
      if anything taeyeon is still incredibly popular without being an attention hog.

  6. wooyoung wooyoung wooyoung!!<33
    taengoo is awesome too!
    haha i prefer wootae to woofany

  7. so sad that Sunmi has to leave.. she’s my fave in WG..T_T
    but I respect her for continuing her study.. it might give her more chances later in her life when she’s no longer young and hot and famous..:)
    hopefully Lim can sing as good as Sunmi..^^

    • oopsss.. i reply to the wrong topic.. pardon me..:p
      sookyeong, u can delete my post..:D

  8. well, at least it isn’t yoona. lololol. but then yoona’ll be on FO. *sigh* ekeke. jkjk don’t kill me. i wish it was sooyoung or sunny. i love taengoo but i wanna see more of the others too!

    anyways, winwin gogogo!!

    p/s: i can’t wait for OH! i wonder how it’s gonna be like.

  9. i hope taeng won’t ruin her voice 😡 she’s so busy..

  10. ew. do we really need more taeyeon in our lives? give some of the other snsd girls some love please

  11. so this show will go against Strong Heart who got a lot of idols to.

  12. wooyoung….he is a great mc
    and taeyeon…i like her too
    can’t wait to see their show

  13. Oww…. I really didn’t want to admit… but right now just like WB before, we are in the 2PM-SNSD era !

  14. WooTae WooTae WooTae!!!!… Does pump fist in air.. and with Kim Shin Young this is gonna be hilarious

  15. YEAH!!!! A IDOL TALK SHOW!!!! That means lots of idol will be appearing!!!! Will Taeyeon be okay to be the MC? SNSD will be promoting their 2nd album and i’m sure she will have to go straight to the filming set to record the show after finishing performing and she is also a DJ for a radio.

    Anyway……they haven’t yet decided the full list of the assistant MCs? That means there is more than 3 MCs of the show??!!! I hope my favourite group gets to become one of the MCs.

  16. Eh, I don’t think Wooyoung and Taeyeon will get a lot of screen time with 3 other MCs (and possibly more). We’ll see how it does against Strong Heart..

    • I think there will be alot of screen time for them. Depends on their personality, i’m sure they will have plenty of screen time. But since their guest will be an idol, i’m not too sure either. ;P

  17. it’ll be weird for me to watch Kim SeungWoo MC after his serious role in IRIS

    • Omg, thanks for your comment!

      Now I know who he is… dang. I agree with ya. So weird. o w o;;;

  18. idol talk show….ooh, looking forward to it XD

  19. WOOYOUNG !

  20. Wooyoung!

  21. awesome! Taeyeon~
    but she’s going to be soo exhausted… since Oh! promotions are starting soon and she already has a daily radio DJ job..
    Taengoo hwaiting!

  22. Why not Tiffany ?
    She get more chemistry with wooyoung, i think… =P
    But, good luck for all 🙂

  23. zzz taeyeon……….. ZZZZZZ

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