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Goo HyeSun says, “I’m okay with going bald for my acting, but…”

On Entertainment Relay, Goo HyeSun was featured and she revealed her interests in acting. She also revealed that she would even shave her head if her acting required that. However, she admitted that she wouldn’t do something else for her acting.

Wondering what that something is? Go under the cut to find out!

Goo HyeSun has been on the popular searched tags because she admitted her personal acting preferences. During an interview on KBS Entertainment Relay, she admitted, “I could gain weight depending on my character. I could gain up to 10kg.” In addition, when they asked her about her weight she replied, “It often goes back and forth.”

She also added, “I could even go bald. I like to cut my hair,” showing her passion for acting. When they asked her about acting that shows her skin, she truthfully replied, “That I might have to think about.”

Nulsaranghae: I’d love to see her more in dramas this year as well!

9 Responses

  1. i totally admire Hye Sun`s overall packaging as an artist..she`s exceptionally amazing & very lovable..i wish her the best & would continue to support her in all her undertakings..
    Go Hye Sun!!! fighting!!

  2. if any actress is willing to go bold for a movie/ tv series, it shows their motivation and willingness to perform their character

    last year, she delved into acting, piano playing/singing, book writing and directing, she been everywhere and not stuck in one area of field

    of all the celebrities last year, he activities were varied and that meant less time for tv drama, hope to see more of her this year
    and about showing skin, assuming we are talking showing nudity, i hope she doesn’t, she looks like she will become a big star over her life as an actres. who wouldn’t wanna see an actress nude but looking at the actresses who have gone nude in movies, their chances of landing a good role is very little, like the girl in frozen flower, she hasn’t landed any recent roles after that movie, but thats my opinion. usually it has killed any chances of future roles

    for some reason in asia, celebrities are frown upon when they are nude etc etc but in america, it is not, and i blame it on culture, traditions and conservativeness

    the only person who is quite successful in showing some skin in um jong hwa, (i hope thats how u spell it) she has alway shown skin but shes never been fully nude on camera

    anyway this rant is over

  3. she’s a good girl!!

  4. yeah…I feel like she’s super conservative when it comes to showing a bit of skin..

    • ^ I wouldn’t say ‘super conservative’, the schoolgirl skirts in BOF were TINY – lots of leg, and she shows hints of cleav sometimes – not in a skanky way, for some people cleavage peeks out with fairly high necklines – but my point is she isn’t super conservative with showing skin

  5. can’t wait for her next drama her noise looks weird in that pic.

  6. agree JiYoun..she shud do more drama this year..jebal ^^

  7. i love her!

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