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[BreakingNews] GDragon exposes his feelings on the concert issue

GDragon had many labels in the past, some good and some bad. Big Bang’s leader. The youngest boy who was participating in HipHop albums by the age of 13. One of the top 8 composers that shined in 2008. Placing first in all possible music charts with his solo album. 2009’s greatest selling record. Plagiarism issues. Known for interesting fashion. And the most recent one, concert issues.

There had been a set of associated words with GDragon. However, he was the boy that went on along his way without any rest in the music world, but there will always be the critics commenting on his actions. Through an interview, we learned about what kind of a path he kept on going from that one little boy to a star that is loved by many people.

People who are close to GDragon say that he is “very detailed and trustworthy.” So detailed that he would check daily on every single detail of his album and watch the concert stage from the 3rd floor to make sure that his fans wouldn’t miss out on a thing. A person like that was slammed down on his first concert. It was all because of the sexy performance he displayed during his own song, ‘Breathe.’

GDragon stated, “I believe that since I am a singer for the public, I know that it is right for the public to judge me. No matter what I was trying to show, it was my fault if it [the concert] was disturbing and high level. I was only trying to show a stronger appearance because it wasn’t a public show, but a concert performance. I’m really sad that the response was different from what I expected.” While he was preparing his first concert, he was excited. Since the age of 13 entering YG Entertainment, this was the stage he was dreaming about for 10 years. He pondered on the videos to show, and explored each section of the audience seats to view how the stage would look from there. Big Bang’s stages also made him excited, but this solo concert that had his own name on it as a single singer meant the world to him.

“Seriously, I don’t know even remember how hard I rose up to this level for my solo concert. I might be saying this because I’m still young, but really when this concert ended, I really thought to myself, ‘I would want nothing else more.'” But, when I turned on the internet the next day, my heart crashed to see only the parts of concert torn apart with the issues.” He confessed that he faced sadness as a singer when he realized that the performances that he worked hard on was torn apart and that one cut represented his whole concert. Was it to much for him to show different sides of him to the audience that couldn’t easily access the concert?

“Instead of tears, fake laugh came out as I thought, ‘will I be cursed so that anywhere I go, I get bashed at?'” I didn’t want it to go this far. I just wanted to show my fans the different sides. In the performances I showed cute sides, and handsome sides, but why did it only get cut into this part? All the news paper articles had that strong word in them, and I was embrassed and sad that my parents might see these articles that only had one side to them.” He added on, “My thinking was short. However I just wish that people wouldn’t criticise me just for that one section. The song ‘Breathe’ in general is about not wanting to wake up from a dream because my ideal woman appears in them. Because of those lyrics I had a bed on stage and showed that I was searching my dreams. But the final product the public saw was, “sex demonstration.” I was shocked and thought, ‘I’m not this, but I guess this is how I look to the people,’ realizing it then.”

He finally added, “Whether I get praised at, or slammed at, I think that is proof that the public is showing interests toward me. I have to understand the fact that telling me what part I did wrong helps me to improve in the future. The way I could he accepted and win praises is to do better on the next album. This once again reminded me that I have to do my best on the Big Bang album coming out this year.”

Nulsaranghae: Please be respectful when commenting. Realize that GDragon confessed his feeling on the issue himself.

credits: Asia Kyung Jae


87 Responses

  1. OMG!!~!!! G dragon!!! I LOVE U~~!!!!! even more than before now!!!!! i love all of big bang members and especially G Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOVEEE U~ GD!! forever faithful to u~!

  2. I’m so proud of Jiyong oppa. After reading this, I have no doubt that he’ll be just fine no matter what the outcome. It breaks my heart to have to see him go through all this, but the fact that Jiyong oppa can find the good in the midst of all the bad is amazing to me. He makes me so proud to be a Big Bang VIP and GDragon lover.

    I love you Jiyong oppa, and I’m so proud of you. Hwaiting! ❤

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  4. my heart seriously cried reading this but this is why I love him so much. HE’S A REAL REAL DEAL. I wish he acknowledges our love and supports. KWON JI YONG, KEEP FIGHTING!

  5. until now.. only GD that can make me fell so in love with korean musician. So GD I’ll pray the best for u….
    i hope GD will be accepted public heart.

  6. i really dont understan why people think like that about gd
    its realy unfair for him ..
    i thinks missunderstanding about gd mean for
    the concept of his concert/song
    and i hope people will understangding him soon


    american concerts are worst than this.

  8. That’s right! Be strong G-D ! ^^
    You’ll be fine !

  9. its good that he is facing the issues head on…

    kudos to him since he took responsibility and explained his side of the story.

    it’s good that he took like a true gentleman.

    good job GD. ^^

  10. he may seem a lil crazy and too much at times…but he is still the BB leadah we know he is…he’s still great in mind…now all we as fans can do is make sure that he’s still great in the spirit of music…

    and for those who criticizes him…its good that you do…criticize equals up to improvements…but there is a limit…

    we don’t want to eliminate a great composer, leader and singer now do we??

  11. Poor him, no one talked about his good sides =(
    He always work too hard and try too much, and care about his fans. Why can ppl keep criticizing him?
    I wish everything would go easier for him

    Thank you for sharing!

  12. helloooo, we’re in the 21st century
    so why be so freakin narrow minded.
    and all those underage kids as if they have never seen any
    ’18 +’ things. so just give him a freakin break.

    and btw i’m 14 (:

  13. GO GDRAGON!!


    fuck those hu broke ur heart.

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  15. awww, the statement really made me tear up a bit.. g-dragon sounded mature and leader-like with that statement, and i hope he’ll continue to strive to be a better composer and an even more creative person 🙂 and kudos to yg also.. instead of releasing his own statement he allowed gd to, in order for k-netizens and anti-fans out there to know how gd felt 😀 / hopefully, big bang’s album will be filled with awesomeness XD

  16. i thought he did go slightly overboard with that particular concert video. and yes, i do think he’s a bit of a showoff. but it’s true, he did showcase a lot during that concert, and all people chose to do was to criticize one little part of it.

    as i said, i did think that the one controversial bit shouldn’t have been put in a performance. but what really got to me in this article is when he said he worked so hard and was so excited, and then it suddenly all came crashing down the next day when he saw what people were saying.

    i think that would have been hard on anyone.

    chin up, GD. even if i don’t understand it a lot of the time – or even disagree with it – your refreshing individuality is much appreciated

  17. i think koreans should be open-minded about music. when it’s all about the sex things and such. it’s not even sex though…why making it a big deal?!

    i support geedee because, as he said, he wanted to “try new things”, and that’s just inevitable for us human beings. we like to try new things. also, he wanted to show a new GD image for the fans. what’s wrong with that?!

    always keep the faith, GD. 🙂 we’re just here.

  18. Netizen get a life , seriously .
    GD ❤

  19. All I have to say is that this was blown out of proportion by the netizens. Like seriously who the heck are they to say it offended everyone?

    Anyways thumbs up to GD for speaking up about this and Aimee as well.

  20. i feel very sympathetic for him. he should know thousands of fans are always there for him.

  21. rideo!!!!!!!
    my faith in you didn’t fade but even grew stronger!

  22. i still dont quite get what was wrong with the concert. but i will take into consideration that i am not korean, nor am a minor)

    i like how Gd responded to this. it shows admirable qualities only a true leader can come out and stand up for what he believes is right or wrong.

    i think its time people opened up to the real world, where children are exposed to much more X rated material and that this (to me) was nothing (or very very x 10000 little).


  23. kids these days are pretty much expose to this sort of things in the first place through the internet or television..

  24. brother fighting!!!

  25. GD oppa be strong Hwaiting!!!!

  26. I love u GD !

  27. what a loser. hope he goes to jail… his number one fantasy come true to be locked up with a bunch of men.

    • Thumbs Down x30
      Bad Comment Hide

    • sometimes you need to put urself into other ppls shoes and see the world how they see it to understand fully. He had dreamed about this concert since he was 13 it must be heartbreaking to be criticized for it. GD oppa Hwaiting!!! we will forever be in ur side!!!

    • why r you so slack? that was extremely mean whether you’re a gd fan or not.

    • huh.

    • OMFG who the hell r u to b bashing on some innocent artist…all he did was perform…he didn’t beat someone to death…i don’t see any crime in performing, since he is a performer its his job…if its too much for u then don’t watch…close ur eyes…

  28. now that’s my kwon leadah!!
    wassup baby, i’ll be there for you<3
    stay strong cuz VIPs back you up like no one can. what won't kill you makes you stronger. better believe it.

    still felt a bit sad knowing he was hurt. i mean, who wouldn't be? he said everything i thought he would feel. how ppl only focused on the bad things and magnified them beyond logic. i knew he'd be feeling bad. but i'm glad he's positive abt this. never doubted the boy. aimee said he was coping. i'm glad. last thing we want was for him to fall into depression again. gogo kwonji baby!

    now i KNOW bigbang will come back with a vengeance. lets get it on! BB HWAITING!

  29. He’s a strong willed individual! This will only make him become a stronger person.
    GD supporter!

  30. hes very strong.

    i like his attitude. he knows that many still supports him and that the only events that’re newsworthy are the controversial events.

    ““Whether I get praised at, or slammed at, I think that is proof that the public is showing interests toward me. I have to understand the fact that telling me what part I did wrong helps me to improve in the future.”

    i really liked this part. it shows a strong competitive spirit. shows a lot about his character. he may be somewhat thick skinned, but thats what it takes to make it big. take the negatives and turn them into positive learning lessons. grow from there and people will support/love you even more.

    great qualities for a leader.

    on the other hand, wonderbang making incredible, powerful, hurtful headlines as of late. its like 2007-2008, only without the positive news ):

  31. That was mature response from him IMO. Stay strong, GD. I can’t wait for BB’s comeback. I know you won’t disappoint.

  32. aww T T Jiyong oppa
    i’ll support you no matter what !
    now i feel like crying T T

    oppa~~”Close your two eyes. Block your two ears. We will protect you.”

  33. Himnae GD~~~ everything will be alright… ur VIP fans will be rooting for u!! no worries.. nothing will happen to u.. even it happened, u still will not lose our trust..
    GD is awesome for saying out such couragous words.. and his efforts will not go down the drain easily.. fighting GD!! u’ve got ur VIPs <33

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  35. I want to cry when I was reading this article. Even if I love TOP more, I love gd too, so my heart wants to break apart while I was reading this! OMO, I hope everything will be alright! We love you Kwon Leadah! Don’t worry! We have your back!

  36. so sad. i feel for him.

    and he expressed his feelings in a gentlemanly manner. i admire him more because of thsi.
    and he makes absolute sense and point in this.

    keep fighting!

  37. Jiyoung, you are my “undying star”! I believe in his talent. I believe in him. People can say what they want to say, but in the end you can only do what you love to do.

    “I believe that since I am a singer for the public, I know that it is right for the public to judge me. ” —I agree, but the public don’t need to get so ugly about something so small. GD, VIPS will always be by your side.

  38. thank you for the translations… 🙂

    All these criticisms will only make him better and stronger as a person and as an artist. Keep on fighting GD! VIPs will always be here to support you and Big Bang.

    GD Fighting! 🙂

  39. GD should not have been “bashed” or hurt just because his performance was absolutely and undoubtably AWESOME! i believe that he is a great role model and never deserved to be badly judged because he gave his audience an incredible show. I support G dragon to the fullest and i can’t wait to see the 2010 BigBang concert!!!!

  40. Thanks for posting..

    Ji Yong..no matter what please remember VIP loves you..
    we’ll support you through the very end..
    Stay strong for us and Big Bang..

  41. This was hard to read for me. On the other hand, I think it shows how much GD has grown, matured, and how he really truly understands the business. I’m glad that he was strong, and that he knows that no matter how many people try to throw him down, there will always be people raising him up. He’s also accepting the responsibility by even talking about this issue, and not just keeping silent about it. Jiyong has really grown up, and definitely has my respect as an artist and also as a person. I just really hope that the k-netizens won’t bash him for this. Stay strong, jiyong. VIPs have your back.

  42. It’s good to know he understands where he is standing at. All the best, GD. I just hope you’ll consider the younger audience more in the future & knows his responsibilities towards these growing kids. Applause for speaking this from your heart. – I’m not supporting him in this case, coz for me he deserves the criticism. But human makes mistakes. He deserves to have a chance to improve or fix it.

  43. Never did I lose faith in nor doubted GD’s talents and decisions. It’s the public who says all TOO much. He’s every bit talented and wise as all his seniors (or maybe even better). Biased as I may be, but no matter what I will always support GD the solo artist and GD the BIG BANG LEADER.

  44. GD, keep your head up high (as you always do!).
    I am a very, very proud fan. And I know GD values his fans’ opinions more than the ‘other fans.’

    So true, when he said they only pointed out the ‘sex scene,’ and completely ignored the other scenes.

    The dancer, Aimee, also spoke up and I think she is so true.

  45. this is pretty sad and heartwarming at the same time
    and of course since this is a positive article about GD A!!kpop hasn’t posted anything about it
    i would love to see what antis say about this

  46. I support you GD!
    I believe he wanted the best for his solo concert~

  47. hopefully 2010 will be a great year for kwon leader and big bang. i’m sure he has learned a lot from all the issues and accusations against him. jiyong fighting!!! vips will always support and protect you!

  48. for a 21yr old artist like that , with the freedom & privilege that he has, i admire him for his kind of thinking. he took responsibility of the issue and didn’t make excuses for his actions. kudos to you g-dragon….

    we got your back ❤ your truefans will stay by your side ❤ we trust you.

  50. I respect, admire and love this man. I don’t get why people hate him, he’s a complete sweetheart and very very talented. I will always support u GD!

  51. Thank you for translating this article!

    I’m glad GD spoke up about his concert issues.
    He’s been bothered by controversies so much lately. I wish it wasn’t so.
    But he’s a strong guy and will overcome this. Good to see he’s being optimistic and will work on improving.

    Excited for Big Bang’s new album and BIG SHOW concert! ^^

  52. QUESTION!!!

    Why do people hate on GD so much? Is it because he tries to be diffrent from all the this-is-how-an-idol-suppose-to-act crap?

    • it’s the media.. one news after another.. it makes him bombared with alot of issues and labelled him with bad reputation. I guess it’s all come back with the cultural issues where Korean are mostly conservative and one issue might destroy something big.
      I’m glad GD is strong through all this and YG is supporting him 100%. The world is changing and he act accordingly. he wants to be unique and different that’s why he worked so hard. But what did he get??? bashing. i pity him. I’m proud of him for speaking up. i know they’re people bashing about what he said and contradicts everything but as long as whether it’s bad or good at least like GD said ““Whether I get praised at, or slammed at, I think that is proof that the public is showing interests toward me””.. Good Luck GD!!!

  53. Im glad that hes keeping his spirits up ^_^
    but this made me sad to know how he was hurt by it all,
    esp from one picture or a clip that could change so much for him..
    Now i hope that it will be all over and done with him so that he can get back to smileing so bright like he used to do.. and not a fake one…
    Always supporting GD fully no matter what.. 🙂

  54. Head up ji baby, your fans know you’re a well rounded character. mistakes (if it would be considered as one) happen, you live & you learn. ❤

  55. some people hate him cause theyre jealous of him…. but f**k em haters. theyre just makinq him famous !

  56. thanks for the translation…yeah hopefully he will have a better year. no matter what of all the controversies thrown at him gd is an icon, he has huge amount of antis but yet there is an enormous amount of people who loved him dearly. i admire this person, not a rabid fanatic who only treats gd as a sweetheart, lol…not that case for me.. but a person who is a real artist, no pretentions, no boundaries and willing to explore and try something different for the so-called artistry. and for that i respect him more than before as a musician and as a person.

  57. I hope he learned so many thing after this.
    Peoples only attract to a controversial thing.

  58. It hurts to read this article:(
    He is the artist and he can show different sides of him. Why do people hate him so much?
    I feel really sad for him and I am so glad that he speak up about this.
    Kwon JiYong I will support you all the way:)
    Dont let antis/haters pull you down.


  60. GD, thank you for your response, really.
    Your response is very mature,and i’m glad even with all this crap people give you, you are still able to smile and stand tall as the leader for BB.
    I agree the concert should have been 18=, but it was one hell of a concert overall, sad that breathe has to represent your entire concert.

    your still loved by the VIPS so don’t worry. fighting!

  61. reading this only made my faith and support for jiyongie and big bang stronger. i cant even imagine what he would have been going through when he said what he saw on the internet and in the news. 2010 big bang fighting!~

  62. I feel bad too as this controversy still continues…
    He just did and gave all his best effort for the concert and for the Fans to be w/ them.
    GD…JUst stay Strong and KEEP Fighting!!!

  63. Thank you for the translation. It’s what VIPs feel sad about the most too. GD worked really hard for his concert but people judge it only through some misleading pictures on the Internet.
    Looking forward to Big Bang new album.

  64. thanks for posting this. at least now we know what his thoughts are regarding the concert performance issue. and i was kinda teary-eyed after reading this. and good to know that gd is still optimistic. 🙂

  65. as the saying goes, what can’t break you, can only make you stronger… so be strong GD!

    • agreed. thats one reason why GD is such a strong leader, he’s survived so much crap! GD fan or not, gotta admire this boy for all the hardships he’s gone through. GD hwaiting!

  66. I’m glad he spoke about it himself instead of always keeping himself on the down low. He is a public icon so whatever he does will always either be criticized or loved. I, also, didn’t get why reporters only focused on one performance when there was at least 10 other performances they could’ve highlighted as well. It kinda sucks how ShineALight was his fist ever concert by himself yet people just pinpoint something from his performances and make it a big deal and overreact. Well the only ones that overreacted was the people that DID NOT go to the concert themselves, but judged it based on what they saw on the internet not the actual concert/performance itself.

    JingYo! Don’t worry, your fans will always support you through thick and thin. We love you!

  67. This is so sad.. so heartbreaking to see him sad like this…

    People only making comment based on the pictures and believing wrong sources.. The truth is i don’t see a sex scene, but i do agree that this concert should be restricted for 18+.. and people also need to learn this isn’t fully his fault..

    Whatever happen as a fans i will always support GD and Big Bang..

  68. Poor guy. I really feel for him. It sucks being criticized so much and I really hope he doesn’t let this dampen his spirits. He’s an awesome artist and I only have good wishes for him. ❤

  69. Thanks a Lot!

    Wow! i Support GD!!!
    by the way, where do you get this?

  70. Thank you very much for this post.
    My faith in GD has been restored.

    Leadah-sshi hwaiting! 🙂
    Now we can move on and aim for better success in 2010.

    • yeah i would hope ppl give him a break. he’s apologetic and remorseful. although i don’t particularly believe that he really didn’t see the “sexual” side of his performance, i do believe that he meant it to be both sexy AND artistic. just the artistic part was lost bc there were underage viewers. it’s a mistake and he’s learned. let’s move on now folks.

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