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Omona! Is that Narsha touching SHINee MinHo’s thighs?

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha touching SHINee MinHo‘s thighs?

The action was noticed during Narsha‘s appearance on KBS Dream Team filmed on 24th January where it was the girlgroup special.

During the show that day, MC Lee ChangMyung had Danny Ahn and MinHo play against each other for cockfight. And then the MC turned to the girlgroup members present Brown Eyed Girls Narsha, GaIn, KARA Nicole, Han SeungYeon, Secret Jeon HyoSeong, So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany, Sunny, Jewelry Ha Yoo Jeon, Kim EunJung, “Go stand behind the one you think will win. And if he really does, you will get 2 points.”

And so the girlgroup members took their position behind Danny Ahn and MinHo – Nicole, Han SeungYeon, Jeon HyoSEon, GaIn, Sunny, Ha JooYeon and Kim EunJung etc stood behind Minho, while HyoYeon, Tiffany and Narsha stood behind Danny Ahn.

Before the match, the MC got Tiffany and Narsha to touch the thighs of the 2 male celebrities to compare. Narsha touched Danny Ahn’s and asked, “Are you going to use all your strength?”. While after touching MinHo’s thighs, Narsha said, “Not bad” and Tiffany said, “Hard to describe” causing laughter during filming.

The show is set to air end-February.

S: EDaily

11 Responses

  1. LOL. Narsha. She’s freaking hilarious. Minho is so hot ❤

  2. hehehe

    must minho be shy when she touching him like that

    love that girl

  3. narsha is so cute. so unaffraid & unashamed. its great seeing her in more & more varietyshows.

  4. woow she dose hahaha

    i think that minho eas realy shy

  5. narsha is awesome XD

  6. Narsha is one lucky & cool girl lol Seems like she’s the only one who is capable to do it without getting bashed by netizens. ehemwooyoungehemminhonowehem.. lucky Narsha..

  7. I love how Narsha is all pedo for Minho! lol

  8. You know Narsha loves feeling him up hahaha.

    She’s not an “adult-dol” for nothing 😀

  9. LOL! Narsha you lucky girl! or is Minho the lucky one? 🙂

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