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C.N Blue surpasses 2AM and 2PM to get to #1 spot on Monkey3 weekly chart

4-member rookie band C.N Blue has overtaken groups 2AM and 2PM to reach the #1 spot on music chart.

C.N Blue’s Korean debut song ‘Alone’ has gone up 26 spots to the #1 spot on Monkey3 chart for the 3rd week of January (18th~24th January).

Even though the group has been plagued with plagiarism accusations recently, they continued to gain popularity amongst music fans at a scary rate, and going up to the #1 spot on Monkey3 weekly chart.

At #2 is SeeYa, Davichi and T-ara with ‘Wonder Woman’ which was #1 last week. While at #3 is 2AM with their comeback song ‘Even If I Die, I Will Not Let You Go’, and #4 goes to 2PM with their new CM song ‘Tik Tok’ which fell 2 spots.

Here are the rest of the chart results:

  1. CN Blue ‘Alone’
  2. SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara ‘Wonder Woman’
  3. 2AM ‘Even if I die, I will not let you go’
  4. 2PM ‘Tik Tok’
  5. Gavy NJ ‘Love Like That’
  6. Im JaeBum ‘NakIn’
  7. Kim JongKook ‘Don’t be nice to me’
  8. Lee Seung Gi ‘Teach love with wine’
  9. Rumblefish ‘Men are all like this’


29 Responses

  1. […] sejak peluncuran albumnya, lagu mereka mendapatkan posisi pertama di chart-chart musik seperti Monkey3 (periode 18 – 24 januari 2010). Tak hanya itu, C.N. Blue juga telah dua kali menang di acara […]

  2. i’m so glad they are doing well on the chart. i love their Bluetory album. all the songs are good. i hope they will promote if not all, some of their other songs too especially I Will .. Forget You cos i just love Jong Hyeon.


  4. LOL CN Blue >>>>>>>>>>>>> 2pm+2am
    CN Blue is the BEST!!!!

    • Totally agree, 2pm guys are cool and all… but CN Blue is AWESOME. they are so talented.
      I’m so proud of them …. CN Blue <33333

  5. they are fresh n surely jung yong hwa isnt just another pretty boy, he can sing, can play guitar, can rap, can write songs
    jung hyun’s voice is sexy
    well, jung shin and min hyuk are tall..lol XD

    i’m sure they make big although there is some companies *cough* SM *cough* who doesnt want to lose their market share and started to make a debut of band other than idol makers..well you’re late greedy soo man…CN Blue already take over the industry and gonna be BIG..yess, i’m so sure

    CN Blue go..go..go!!

  6. i like their style of music ^^

  7. LOL they’re probably gonna be the “scary rookie” for 2010, just like 2ne1 in 2009 ^^

  8. yay!!! i’m so glad for them!
    at least their music is different than everything the idols are putting out, i swear it sounds the same, but cn blue has that oldie feeling to their song that i love

  9. 6. Im JaeBum ‘NakIn’

    Caught my attention, I thought it said “I’m JaeBum’s NapKin”…

  10. but now snsd oh is on the number 1 spot…

    • It’s not #1 Weekly, idiot… the world doesnt revolve around snsd cuz they released a plagiarized crappy track.

      • yea snsd doen’t make the world go round dummy

      • i’m not sone, but i just want to inform that snsd ‘s oh! is on no.1 spot right now… but who knows about this weekly result…
        about the plagiarism, i don’t think so, …
        I mean, they are totally different… rihanna’s shutp up and drive is more powerful song that i love it so much…
        but snsd’s oh is cuter side ones… if u listen both songs carefully… they are totally different…
        please, us, as human, i think it’s not good for us use bad word like what u said in ur comment…
        respect each others, especially for the owner of this blog…

      • of course the world revolves around SNSD

      • “i’m not sone, but”

        I love it when sones put that to seem unbiased. if u’re not #1 weekly then u’re just not, stop ruining other ppl’s moments.

        That’s why I found it so satisfying when 2ne1’s I Don’t Care went all kill on SNSD’s genie.

      • joo you really need medical help if you believe that.
        snsd is nothing to the world if you said beyonce then i
        wouldn’t really have anything to say back because she
        has millions of fans

      • @joo don’t categorize as the world revolving around SNSD. They are not some worldstar superstar. Yes they have a lot of international fans, but that doesn’t make them BIG BIG. As for Korea, Korea revolves around idol groups not only snsd. If korea revolved around one idol group, I’m pretty sure it’d be DBSK.

      • dbsk!! powerful vocals and good song >.<
        btw: plagiarism could mean some form of copying without proper referencing to the original material, especially when the original could be identified.
        Shan't sae Oh is plagiarized but they sure sound somewhat similar.

  11. Wow! congrats!

  12. so proud of our boys ❤
    will always support them

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