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‘Family Outing 2’ first filming ended with a success!

The first filming of Family Outing 2 featuring its 7 new members – Kim WonHee, Ji SangRyul, Shin BongSeon, SNSD YoonA, 2PM TaecYeon, 2AM JoKwon – on 25th January ended successfully.

According to SBS, the filming took place under weather of below zero degrees calcius in KangWonDo. During their first filming, the 7 members showed great teamwork despite the harsh weathers.

The SBS staff also said, “The 10 members of Family Outing 1 including Park YeJin, Lee CheonHee and Park ShiYeon went for their last vacation to a village in JeonRaNamDo on 11th and 12th January. The last episode will air mid-February.”

Meanwhile, it is known that one more male member will be added to Family Outing2 team, making it a 8-member group. And the first filming took place with much curiosity the 8th member is since nothing has been decided yet yet.

The PD to the show said, “We cannot confirm as of now, and we are still in the midst of discussion. We have not decided on that 1 more member. But we went ahead with our first filming anyway, the new member will be introduced once everything is confirmed and decided.”


34 Responses

  1. Still!!! FO1 is the best and funniest show. Jaesuk, Hyori, and the others makes it happens. Each they have their unique characteristic, and Jaesuk job is always give sunshine in the family. I’ve seen FO2, it’s……somehow.zzzz….just compare it to FO1 1st episode. FO2!! just give up trying to look funny, you’re not!! Yoona..Yoona…why don’t you join FO1 instead of FO2 which is full of weirdos n a man who thinks that he is the most handsome guy in the show. the prank video not even funny at all…

  2. i was so devastated when i first found out about the WHOLE cast leaving.. i thought Daesung atleast would stay but another blow, then i thought Hyun joong would join the cast but yet another painful blow..

    anyways i’m giving this a chance because i love Won hee and Sanghyun..
    i just need to get used to 2pm..

    anyway i hope the last member is either an awesome comedian or a famous actor/idol whos extremely hot hahaha.

    hopefully they have great guests on the show.

  3. can anyone tell me why Taecyeon is considered funny???
    Out of all 2pm shows, it was wooyoung and junsu who were the funniest in the group.

    I’m gonna give this a chance because diva jokwon is here. But i hope he won’t try to keep doing his diva dances because it is seriously going to get old.

    Missing dumb and dumber, nation’s fairy, game devil already…

  4. i thought yoo jae suk was going to be on this.

  5. GaIn…plz let her be the last member even if they say it’s a guy i’m still hoping she’ll be the last member
    i want to see how Jokwon and GaIn will be on the show…they’ll probably always get teased

  6. uhmmmm will give it a try….for Jo Kwon! LMAO! i find him very very funny xD

  7. I like the cast….XD
    3 females n possible 5 males is perfect.
    Bongsun -The crazy one
    Wonhee -The blunt one (she’ll be teased a lot for her age…lol)
    Yoona – The young n decent one
    Taec- The handsome dorky beast
    Kwon – ridiculously funny kkab kwon
    SangRyul- Funny guy
    Sanghyun – Good looking dork
    I hope the last person will be a funny guy like KimJaeDong or YooSaeyeon…..^^

  8. I am excited to see Shin Bongsun chillin out 1 more time a week πŸ™‚ She’s so jjang.

    I am happy for the other cast members (non-idols) too, because I would like to get to know more comedians πŸ˜› Idols will have fun regardless, methinks.

  9. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Family Outing. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I always make the time for FO. When Chunnie left and YeJin left, I was sad, but the guests got better and funnier (to me).
    This FO2 is definitely not what I would like for it to be, but I will give it a try. For my personal reasons, one is it’s too many females on the show.

  10. Sookyeong you’ve forgot to mention Yoon Sang Hyun on the list since I saw him on the pic wearing green coat…

  11. I loved FO but after Yejin & Chunhee left, I stopped watching. I just hope FO2 would be funnier and all.

  12. i want BIG BANG !

  13. Ooh I was hoping to see the last member from the pics/article… but wow, still a mystery!
    So it’s going to be a male member?
    I’m very curious who it will be. ^^

    Looks like the cast had fun in the snow.. Snow games are good to see. :]

    I like FO1 a lot, so I’m gonna give this season a chance after hearing Kwon is in it. ❀

  14. they should just make a new show
    but people will watch this anyways.

    ill watch it for jokwon.lol

  15. ..without Yoo Jae Suk, its never going to be the same..

  16. I think Yoon Sang Hyun should be on the list?

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  18. I don’t know if this will be good because I got tired of the first season… The last episodes weren’t as funny as the beginning. It’s actually a good thing that they ended FO and changed the cast… Hopefully they found new ideas to make the show more entertaining ! I’ll watch it for Yoong.

  19. omg….. last episode.. can’t wait 😦

  20. Oh Family Outing fans need to give it up! My god season 1 has ended get over it. Rather than lament and belabor the fact, either watch season 2 and enjoy it or just drop the show. No one cares enough to keep reading comments over and over about how so and so was better blah blah blah. Irritating.

    • the same as how no one wants to read your comment

    • Totally agree!!!
      eso de que FO1 es lo mejor y que nadie va a poder reemplazarlos ..uggg.. sinceramente ya se esta volviendo muy repetitvo.
      btw, 1N2D Rocks <3333!!!!

      • speak human please..
        go to other place to talk troll.

      • just because you can’t understand a languge, it doesn’t mean its troll, please don’t put other languages down like that.

        but in the future, if you kandonwa can actually speak/type english, it would be preferred if you did type in english.

  21. since 2 artists already from JYP and 1 from SM i think the 8 member could be from YG–> that is why there is no info on the 8 member because YG always do thing secrectly- hoping for Bommie (or dara)

    • if that’s the case, then it can also be seungri. when baby appeared in FO he was trying to rub up on jaesuk with all that friendliness. kekeke. baby has major self confidence, and that’s adorable in a funny way. =]

    • i don’t think so YG is artist will join Big Bang is in japan for a month this february i don’t think YG will let 2NE1 go to with there album coming up.

  22. I maintain it won’t be the same as the original – with FO1 having the best comedian in the nation, diva Hyori, Chunderella and the likes….it’s going to be tough and comparisons are inevitable~ however, all the best to the new season – lets hope for less scripted scandals *cough*Taek&Yoona*cough*

  23. Family Outing 2 Fighting!!!!

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