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No HanKyung in Super Junior Beijing concert! Only 10 members onstage!

Super Junior held their concert in Beijing few days ago, despite their awesome performances, the boys only performed with 10 members without member HanKyung, KangIn and KiBum onstage!

SM Entertainment on Jan 26, “It is true that HanKyung was absent during China’s concert. Aside from HanKyung, KangIn and KiBum absence, the rest of 10 members have given their strong concert performance,” he said.

Besides HanKyung, other member Kibum is busy with his acting schedule whilst KangIn is still ‘resting’ from all his celebrity activities.

Here’s their Concert Song List :

Super Show 2 in Beijing, China
on Saturday, January 23, 2010

1. Super Junior Introduction VCR
2. A Man In Love
3. U
4. It`s You (Neorago)
5. Super Junior Self-Introduction

1st interlude
5. She Wants It
6. Angela
7. Disco Drive
8. Dancing Out

2nd interlude
9. Baby Baby [Sungmin]
10. Temptation of Sonata
[Heechul featuring Henry Lau]
11. Beautiful [Donghae featuring Eunhyuk]
12. Resignation [Yesung]
13. Insomnia [Ryeowook]
14. Forgive Me [Kyuhyun]
15. What If [S.J. K.R.Y. featuring Sungmin]
16. Heartquake [S.J. K.R.Y. featuring Eunhyuk]
17. Honey [Leeteuk]

3rd interlude
18. Don`t Don VCR
19. Don`t Don
20. Twins (Knock Out)

4th interlude
21. Our Love

5th interlude
22. Time To Dance VCR
23. Dance Off performance
[Shindong + Sungmin + Eunhyuk + Donghae]
24. Who Am I [Siwon]

6th interlude
25. Shining Star

7th interlude
26. Superman [S.J. T]
27. Rokuko [S.J. T]

8th interlude
28. Gee
29. Sunny [S.J. Happy]
30. Pajama Party [S.J. Happy]

9th interlude
31. Puff the Magic Dragon VCR
32. Puff the Magic Dragon
[Kyuhyun + Heechul (Dragon) & Shindong (Baby) &
Siwon (Dragonfly) & Yesung (Mosquito) & Eunhyuk
(moonwalk Fly) & Ryeowook (Slug) & Sungmin
(Spider) & Leeteuk + Donghae (Both netcatchers)]

10th interlude
33. Sorry Sorry Answer VCR
34. Sorry Sorry
35. Marry U
36. Super Junior `05-`10

On Jan 23, SuJu was at Wukesong Indoor Stadium throwing their “Super Show 2” in Beijing concert as part of their Asian Tour schedule.

Previously, Super Junior member HanKyung’s contract termination request with SM Entertainment has caused great turmoil after being disclosed by the media.

s:mtstarnews , song list+fancam:SUPERJUNiORv

Here are few FanCams !

SuJu performing “Sorry sorry” in the Super Show 2 Beijing Concert !

SuJu performing “It’s You” in the Super Show 2 Beijing Concert !

16 Responses

  1. i’m still be with u guys …..

  2. no. i hope suju will perform in fute with 13 members TT______TT

  3. i hope they will perform with 13 members on stage for ss2 in malaysia..huhuhu…really miss my 13 oppa’s..can’t wait to see them with my own eyes..!

    • yeah,hoping to see all 13 of them performing in Malaysia…but it’s not likely to happen huh? but they still got time till March, so let’s pray hard!! ^_________^

  4. I think there will be 10 members also when they come to Malaysia for the concert.

    • yes..i agree…sm’s singer getting lots of probs this day…hopefully shine,f(X),and snsd would not have any probs..esps. snsd..i love them so much

  5. I miss the old days I want to see them all perform together ..heechul seemed very sad and I dont really blame him it must be very hard for him to perform without HanKyung and we all know how close these two are 😦

  6. AHH! im rally gonna be crazy when the rumor that says they’ll end the SS2 in the philippines! ’cause they said that they’ll perform in manila on april 10!
    but then! i live in cebu! I’D DIE TO SEE THEM!!!
    esp. when i saw the list of their songs!!!

    i wanna see kangin hankyung and kibum!!!

    don’t cry heechul!!!

  7. wow that’s a really long concert song list……SM Entertainment need to take it easy with their artists. In my opinion I just think its a bit too much. Its such a shame that they’re not complete. Hopefully Hankyung can come to some type of agreement with SM for the sake of the fans & also Kibum be there for their next album preparations ^^

    • i don’t think it’s that long consider that there are 10 members also most of the songs are repeated x2.
      what is the different between e.g 33. Sorry Sorry Answer VCR
      34. Sorry Sorry ?

  8. So that Super Junior is break up???

  9. cannot wait until march

  10. ..i miss d’three boys like crazy!! >,<
    ..oppa ,dont make make sad more and more TT.TT

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