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So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Oh!’ doing strong on album sales chart “faster than ‘Gee’ minialbum did”

Girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae upcoming 2nd album ‘Oh!’ is dominating both music and album chart.

According to online album sales site Yes24, after the reservation sales for the album started on 21st January, the album has been gaining overwhelming interests and popularity. And on Yes24, 1100 albums were sold in just 10 hours after the reservation sales started on 21st January. They also set the record with hitting the #1 spot for album sales on consecutive days.

Yes24 multi-product team leader Kim GiJung said, “So Nyeo Shi Dae gets overwhelming responses for the ‘Oh!’ album reservation even before it is being released. As compared to their minialbum ‘Gee’, the sales are going up at a much higher rate. With the rich variety of songs included in the album and also the great level of quality and perfection achieved, we are expecting another round of So Nyeo Shi Dae craze in 2010.”

Meanwhile, the song is up #1 on various daily charts and realtime charts.


65 Responses

  1. i still think gee and genie are better than oh. and yes, some members have good vocals and they should use their vocals on better songs – which could also be catchy as well.

  2. i actually think its not too bad..its kinda addictive, for me that is. haha.

  3. it feels like i’ve heard the sound before,,, i can’t remember what song was that so, but i’m sure i heard it before,

  4. SNSD is like going down.. DX
    “Gee” is wayyyy better than this “Oh!”

  5. ew i hate all their songs -0-;; seriously..how old r they? 5?
    some of them actually have very good vocals, its a shame they have to waste it on this crap

  6. plagio la cancion y la compran que lastima

  7. I think sometimes when a group had a very great hit from the past, it’s very difficult for them to make another hit as successful as the previous one. Love GEE and GENIE .

  8. It’s not as catchy as Gee, but i like it! Waiting for the full album to come out.

  9. im not a fan but i hope theyre working very hard for their own life not just only rely on their face.

  10. SNSD Fighting!!!
    can’t wait for their comeback.

  11. This song is crappy and cheap. How can you compare this one with Gee? Gee is anyway better. I’m supprise with this concept. It doesn’t work on SNSD. And omo, the lyric, nosense things

  12. how can this be more successful than Gee?
    sounds 100% like a f(x) song, and this is not a compliment.
    Shouldn’t they be growing as artists? Instead I feel like this is a big step backwards

  13. No 1 can stop the antis tsk2x. Just be happy with them guys. So insecure. Crappy songs? Well, we have our own standards. Their songs are just kind of mass-friendly, that’s why lots of people are liking it & can relate to it easily. It has a meaning, that’s why it was called music.

  14. why does everyone is hating SNSD?i mean what did they do???
    gosh,korea loves them that’s why thier album has been sold faster..duh!
    SNSD haters get a life!

    • Amazing grammar my friend. 🙂
      more like guys in their 20’s and so on would totally love them. 😀

      • music is for the mass audience.

        whats wrong with guys in their 20’s? frankly speaking, 20 years old and so forth isnt even that old – especially not too old to listen to music

  15. I hate it that they achieve so much with crappy song like this,
    but if DBSK comes out with song like ‘Oh,Oh,Oh, ah, ah, ah’ like this, fangirls would definitely buy it too.

    It’s not so much about quality, it’s fandom.

    • DBSK will STILL sound decent, though ^^

    • Wow… music is a matter of taste. I like the song, so don’t say it’s crappy, okay ? I’m sure I hate many songs that you like… So respect SM’s work for SNSD and us fans, who enjoy their music.

  16. *sigh*The lyrics are just so…empty…
    what’s with snsd & all their same lyrics in all their songs like ‘im so shy’ ‘don’t tease me just becoz im younger’ ‘look at me,im no longer the same’ & etc(insert other MANY similarities i’m too tired to write)
    seriously,i really really love them..they’re just perfect~and talented too..
    but that was before they release this song>..<A big surprise for me..

  17. I support them…
    I haven’t fallen for the title track but i believe the songs in there r good. ^^

  18. SNSD the best!

  19. bahaha, even though anything from soshi or 4minute receives an automatic judgement from me (that being AWESOME! :D), i reckon oh is a step down from gee. i agree with wow – it doesn’t really matter what antis think though, it’s not them who decide the album sales XD
    power of nine!

  20. congrats!

    another year of snsd craze in 2010! hope they get rests too ):

    ill be supporting the cause. albums coming in soooon hopefully

  21. GO GO SNSD!!! THE POWER OF 9!!!!!!!
    am addicted to the song alrd!!!

  22. so many hate comments…

    they are promoting the song in korea, so it wouldnt matter if u guys hate on it. the international’s taste of music is different than koreans.

    bo peep, tell me, gee, and now this… these types of songs are popular in korea!!

  23. 2 thumbs down. 😦

  24. haha tuna u need help in your spelling because in their only contains oppa no ahjussi.
    @Sososorri it is impossible since DBSK SJ SNSD is from SM and 2ne1 and bigbang is from YG while 2pm and wg is from WG.

    • “People in their 30s and the 40s are emerging as the main cultural consumers, and Girls Generation specifically targets men in that age group,” says Lee Soo Man (53), CEO and producer for SM Entertainment.

      ahjussi is most commonly used for adult men that are around their mid 20’s to 40’s and even the 50’s.

      • Actually “ajuhssi” is most commonly used for men around their 30s to 50s.

        But if there’s like a really big age gap between a girl and a guy, I’m pretty sure they are considered ajuhssi to the girl. I’m not too sure, but yeah.

  25. SOSHI JJANG! ❤
    It's awesome that they're first even though they haven't make their comeback yet.
    Oh! is such a great song! It's been on repeat ever since the release.
    Can't wait for the full MV and MusicCore this week ^^

    SNSD hwaiting! <333

  26. but that song to please Ahjushi sound really suck

  27. lol it’s common in Kpop esp BIG idols like SNSD,Suju,TVXQ, Big Bang, etc

  28. Tell me your Wish > Gee > Oh?
    i liked their mature image better

  29. see now this is where its gets boring. what i wanna see is when BigBang, 2PM, WG, 2NE1, SJ, and SNSD all release a song at the same time and see what happens. oh gosh the bashing and screaming and whining would be glorious to witness.

    • actually, the competition just started, but the real competition will start Feb-March i think? oh gosh what competition am I talking about.

      The glorious year where SNSD, 2PM, WG, SJ, and DBSK was promoting was 2008 and it was all friendly competition, but now is 2010. That ‘real’ competition I’m talking about is probably around the middle of this year. Why? Most groups and artists are most likely be promoting all at the same time.

      You can’t expect a group to release a song/album the same day as other groups, though I’d more glad to see that happen.

      I think this year would be more like 2NE1, SNSD, Big Bang’s year. [biased opinion]. I’m not too sure about 2PM, DBSK and WG. I’m pretty much [more]biased towards the groups I just mentioned so don’t go all my statement is stupid.

      Anyways, I went a bit off topic, but CONGRATS TO THE GIRLSSSS! Way to start off the year. And AM! I love their song.

      • In 2008 glorious ‘friendly’ competition, I don’t even remember SNSD and 2Pm were there.

        It was DBSK vs BigBang vs WG vs Hyori vs Rain. All the big guns of kpop industry.

        I think SNSD play it safe by releasing song when top singers aren’t promoting. But I guess in 2010, if ALL k-pop groups release thier single at the same time I believe SNSD can grab 1 or 2 awards. hey’re popular now compare to 2 years ago.

      • 2008 was the BEST year, seriously…
        despite all the fanwars, bashings, dramas, etc, it really was GREAT xD
        DBSK, BB, WG, Hyori, Rain, and some others which i couldn’t remember (sorry XP) at the same time ??? crazy…

      • Yess..I agree with you guys…the best of best year is 2008…
        What happen to 2AM? I thought their album come out already?

      • hell yeah! 2008 was the best year ever for kpop!


        if only 2PM debuted earlier that year then i must say i couldn’t ask for more!!! it was the bomb!!!! superb songs and perfs from the artist! worth the watch every performances and the songs are awesome!

        imho, this song of SNSD’s Oh is really crappy and im really disappointed coz i was expecting more swag on SNSD’s new album…seriously the song is mediocre at its label…Genie and Gee were a lot better than this!

    • Just be happy with them guys. So insecure. Crappy songs? Well, we have our own standards. Their songs are just kind of mass-friendly, that’s why lots of people are liking it & can relate to it easily. It has a meaning, that’s why it was called music.

  30. No surprise here. it’s SNSD we’re talking abt they always get #1 n always will ! ^_^.

  31. well gee was the stepping stone for them. usually things would only get better from now.

  32. totally agree with loveholic!!

  33. the power of 9…yeah soshi jjang…

  34. They’re buying it blindly even before they’ve heard the songs, it doesn’t have anything to do with the damn album!!!

    • So what? That applies to every idol group out there. It’s kpop for you.

      • yeah you can say that to every idol group even they release crap music they still buy it the only idol group is worth buying for me is Big Bang all the music they release is awesome you be never disappointed.

      • But this article makes it seem like Oh! is more successful and better than Gee.

    • Agreed. It’s not about quality these days, just quantity..Literally..

      • yep!..agree w/ u… one reason why i’m not fan of snsd is the content of their songs… but anyways congratz to the 9 pretty girls ;>

    • Stop complaining, as if you (will) have the album.

    • oO” i’m hoping the rest of the songs will make up for the album.. i never really liked all the songs on snsd’s album besides their title songs, but hey, it’s just me.

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