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Super Junior SiWon shows the beastly side of him?

We all know that Super Junior member SiWon is known to be a model gentleman amongst the Korean celebrities.

But recently during Super Junior’s concert, fans thought they saw a rather beastly side to him too.

Go under the cut to find out.

This is recently during Super Junior’s concert.

SiWon was seen ripping leader Lee Teuk’s shirt on stage.

Leaving poor leader like that.

But being the ultimate gentleman, he gave his tee shirt to Lee Teuk to wear

Netizens apparently seems more interested in the little ‘butt’ exposed. (:


34 Responses

  1. SiWon was practicing for the REAL act later that night when shows LeeTeuk what he REALLY has for him~~~
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  2. Hahaha butt exposure >_< poor teukie (-_-)' Siwon showing his beastly side hahahaha too funny

  3. No one guy in suju

  4. Siwon attacked Leeteuk~

    Poor guy. His butt was exposed. xD

  5. Siwon is gay.

  6. lol that was funny. (:

  7. I think siwon’s def gt de beastly thiny in him..hehe..He’s gt de hottest bod in sj.. lee teuk looks cute topless but i think siwon wld mke me drool wen he’s topless..Yummy! 🙂

  8. i miss hankyung . wherever u are, please be happy.

  9. i just want to say waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    haha why these cuteboy become outof the control like this…??!!
    my suju….gooooo…you’re become out of my imagination guys..

  10. inst this what every obessed fan girl wanna see of their favorite boy bang??

  11. OMG. he’s darm cute! Both of them 😡 Poor Teukie Teukie~~~

    Siwon is like that. He’s a gentleman w/ others but whenever he’s w/ SJ, he’s our SUPER CUTE, NAUGHTY Horse *hahaaa*

    btw, did anyone notice HeeChul? He looks so sad *crying*. Dont worry honey, Han is coming back to us!!!

  12. AHAHA Si Won, what the heck?
    if it was just out on the streets it would of looked like
    Siwon was attacking him. Poor Lee Teuk though.
    Oh wow Netizens would see that!

  13. ROFL. Poor Teukie…
    Siwon definitely fits to be a beast. Strong, big n tall…
    Luckily he’s a gentleman…XD

    Poor leader,,,
    OMG I laugh so hard
    thanks for posting such a great pict
    XD XD

  15. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The boy can’t even stay beastly for too long!! He’s definitely the ultimate gentleman…

  16. i think fans screamed like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  17. So hoooot~ Rape kekeke
    Leadah *0*

  18. LOL! Rape.

  19. That looked like gang-rape for second.

  20. oh^^..hahahahh

  21. lol @ the butt crack! hahaha…teukiieee!!!

  22. ^^

  23. loooooooooool u can all most see Lee Teuk butt

  24. kekeke!!!!! ^.^!

  25. some sexy peeking butt over there..^^..thanks for sharing siwon aa :))

  26. sexyback…^^

  27. Pity teukie..

  28. Wow haha. Poor Teukie.

  29. hahaha.. i saw this pictures somewhere. and waaah.. poor lee teuk oppa~ hahaha…

  30. teukkie’s butt was exposed!? look at it clearly.. omo.

  31. hahaha! poor leader! LOL

  32. poor eeteuk………hahahaha……
    so funny…..hope can see them closely

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