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2PM holds fansigning on 27th January, fans relay ‘2PM is 7 members’ message

2PM held a fansigning on 27th January in Seoul KangNamGoo MarketO ApGooJung store, and the members shook names and gave autographs to about 500 fans.

2PM has recently been chosen for the model for MarketO. And to get a glimpse of the 2PM members, about 1000 fans had arrived at the fansigning venue since early that morning.

The 2PM members appeared in casual style. And fans were also seen holding placards with ‘Waiting for Park JaeBum’, ‘2PM is 7 members’ written on them during the event.

Recently there has been speculations about Park JaeBum’s total withdrawal from the team, and many fans present at the fansigning want to relay the message that they will always be waiting for Park JaeBum’s return.

Meanwhile, recently ending their 1st album promotions, the 2PM members are currently focusing on their individual activities like MCing and acting. Member TaecYeon has also been casted for ‘Family Outing 2’ and also drama ‘Cinderella Sister’ alongside actors like Moon GeunYeong, Seo Woo, and Cheon JungMyung.


With rumors surfacing on 2PM Jaebum’s complete withdrawal, Hottests and other 2PM fanclubs have gone on the offense against their agency, JYP Entertainment.

Fans were especially disturbed after Wonder Girls’ Sunmi’s sudden leave on the 23rd and have made conclusions that the next target will be Jaebum. Wonder Girls fans have made the official statement against JYPE stating that they are against Sunmi’s withdrawal and the joining of a new member.

2PM’s fans are now beginning to come together out of anger and rage after finding out about the rumors. 2PM fans believe that JYP will make an announcement stating that Jaebum’s health issues will not allow for his return evidenced by the groundwork effort of JYP forcing Jaebum to put a halt on all of his bboy activities last year.

They have also reached conclusions on Jaebum’s possible complete withdrawal with the newest CF contract that the 6 members of 2PM are now endorsing. Since the contract’s terms state 1 year, 2PM fans are believing this to be evidence that they are now excluding Jaebum from all of the group’s future activities. Taecyeon’s cast into SBS’s Family Outing 2 and KBS 2TV’s Cinderella Sister is also being interpreted as the process in which the leader of 2PM is changing from Jaebum to Taecyeon.

A Hottest that has requested to remain anonymous stated, “There are rumors circulating that JYPE will be announcing Jaebum’s complete withdrawal in the beginning of February. We are now discussing a group movement against his withdrawal and for his return.”

On this matter, JYP Entertainment has stated, “These are groundless stories. We ask the fans to wait for us.”

Another associate stated, “The fact that Jaebum will return through 2PM has never changed. It’s just that the time for his return and how he will return is not yet decided. There has also been reports that Jaebum has filmed for a music video. It was a false report. Fans do not have to be shaken by this news.”

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35 Responses

  1. They all looks tired… looks at kim junsu,he looks very cute…
    it will be very cute if the person is J-Bum Hyung..

  2. taecyeon does not looks handsome with that style hair… try looks….But he still looks cool ^_^ (n_n)

  3. chansung look tired.
    take a look at his red watery eyes.it shows.

  4. Wooyoung looks so good !

  5. When did Taec’s eyes get so small! 😮
    I’m loving Khunnie’s haircut though,he looks gorgeousss ❤
    and @ ruffles, I totally feel you!
    It's pretty inconsiderate to keep forcing Jay to come back when the other 6 are working their butts off 😦

    They all look so tired, especially Taec 😦

  6. aww! junsu looks so different! i couldn’t believe it was him~

    but as regards to the entire situation;
    its starting to look a little pathetic. I think Hottests should just drop it already, ya know? Jay will do what Jay will do, you can’t force the boy to come back just because you miss him. He felt really bad, and he’s probably still uncertain about what he feels now about returning. Give him some air to breathe and stop trying to shove the idea of bringing him back down JYPE’s throat.
    Let him run his business. He knows what he’s doing.

    And I think its really insulting to the other boys who are working really hard to satisfy their fans when Jay is thrown in their faces like that. Don’t you think they need a little credit, too? :\

  7. their hair…is different…

  8. if any of the “less popular members” left, would there still be this much commotion?

  9. let us juz say eventhough they got the kbs song of the yr,so what! jyp still need jay for this group and u knw why? cuz he is talented as @jblux mention above. if he’s out of the group,2pm is lk grade C!

    BEST RAPPER :JAEBUM. chan n taec seriously need guide 4 their rap! khun need alot of guide for dancing and vocal!


  10. Junsu’s got a nose job…again!!!

  11. those rumors.. driving hottest nuts!
    i can only hope that everything is gonna b alrite! not the diehard fan..but i mean he’s a very talented guy..isnt he? ..not looking 4 those pretty boys/very well mannered/ look gd 4 their idol image sort of thing..!!! but com’on he’s .. leadership/dancing/singing/rapping/bboying capability does matter in kpop world..!! i’ve been searching alot of him lately..2pmboys definitely proud to have him as their leader!! ..
    if he ever comback..this definitely makes him more stronger..but the dorky side of him..seems dead!

  12. new haircuts”””!!! ^^ they look great (;

  13. Taec looks tired

  14. Jay.. TT__TTTTT

  15. im tired with all these fuzz!
    im still supporting 2PM no matter what!
    if JAY will be back then that’s great! if not, then let’s respect him! whatever makes JAY happy, so be it..
    why put all the blame to JYP? oh c’mon! im sure he himself doesn’t want these things to happen! from JAY and now SUNMI..for sure its hard for him to see his artist leaving the group..who wouldn’t right? everything happens for a reason…all of these things shall pass and everyone will be able to accept the reality…maybe not now but someday they will…

    there’s something going on in Junsu’s nose…hmmm..
    oh well, all of them looks great though…

  16. Iz it juz mi or did chansug looked like he has gt a bad hair day wif dat hairstyle? aniwaes,i luv taecyeon,but i sooo pray tat jay will resume his duties s 2pm’s leader n nt 2 b replaced till we heard frm jype’s mouth..

  17. Totally dig junsu,taecyeon n khunnie’s hairstyles..de rumours circulating jay r senseless n obnoxious..I mean,we dun reli knw wats jype’s plans 4 jay yet.. Hearin untrue stories bt jay is sooo vexing..Give de poor guy a break,man..He’s in his hometown 2 unwind n 4get bout de controversy surronding him..But,i think all these assumptions bt jay,nt only mke him feel down bt also 2pm n we,de fans..I think we shld gif jype,2pm n jay space n room..I’m sure we will know sooner or later bt jay’s future wif or without 2pm..Let’s b patient guys n wait 4 jype 2 deliver de (hopefully and i’m keepin my fingers crossed) pleasant news bt jay’s future wif 2pm..

  18. is it me or did Taecyeon and Wooyoung age a lot in those group pics? Especially Taecyeon

  19. I like how the fans continue their support for leadja,
    but all this groundless stories is getting annoying.

    I used to check 2ONEDAY forum, but all they have there are rumors, anger, rumors, frustration and rumors again.
    How did they know Jay’s withdrawal this February? How did they know about the CF contract?

  20. huh.
    i’m with hottests all the way about jay’s return, being one myself… but they seriously need to stop with the groundless accusations and petty demands… it just makes them look bad…

    and with the whole thing where they BELIEVE jyp is gonna take jay out on health reasons… well that’s what hottests BELIEVE not what jyp is actually DOING. i don’t understand where they got that from… and why they would even say it out loud. its not true until jyp says it from his own lips… and then they go spreading it around like its true… -_-;; i don’t understand why there’s so much controversy over jay AGAIN after a good couple of months of peace… there was no news about HIM at all.. just fans being fans.. irritating, really.

    no offense, but all i hear nowadays is propaganda against JYP and how horrible of a CEO he is… and it really sucks because, even though its partially his fault, he shouldn’t get ALL the blame… wonderfuls and hottests should remember it was JYP who debuted their beloved groups in the first place…

    i want jay back.

    • and boys look freaking good, but freaking tired.
      saddening…. 😦

    • You’re right.
      We all want Jay to come back, but now they are only 6, why can’t we support them instead of complaining about that one person…

  21. 7!

  22. please JYPE……omg.
    this is getting ridiculous….i know there must be more to this situation than the public knows…but seriously….this is really frustrating for those of us who care.

    i love taecyeon….he’s arguably my favorite (and my future husband keke) but i wouldnt feel right if he became the leader officially or unofficially. im glad that he’s popular right now…but i dont want it to go overboard so that the other members are overshadowed or that he replaces jay’s position.

    jay is forever the one and only leadja.

    if 2pm continues on like this….i will continue to love them….but there will always be this frustating empty spot. it wont ever cease to bother me. especially if JYPE doesnt give a legit reason.

  23. I hope that JYPE’s statements about Jay who will comeback with 2pm someday n Sunmi’s so-called hiatus are not a mere strategy to keep the current fans from leaving the fandom. … If yes, I’ll be very disappointed…it’s like keeping the fans hanging with empty promises just to milk them.
    I still have faith in them, but waiting is the most tiring thing to do.

    Good luck to 2pm n their future projects.

  24. Wooyoung looks like Micky Yoochun with that hair. I hate chansung’s hair. Junho hair looks like his debut days?

  25. Nickhun and Wooyoung are so CUTE!!! XDDD
    LOVING the new haircuts ❤

    JYP is just stalling until one day he will tell every Hottest that Jay won't come back and leave the group officially. That'll be -_-'

    2PM's leader will only be Jaebeom and I don't think that any of the members would one to change that.

    First SunMi, now it's going to be Jay? *sigh..complicated kpop world

  26. Love the haircuts and woodong dyed his hair brown! ❤
    Hope hottests efforts to bring Jay back won't put to waste.

    • Wow. Forgot to comment about this “2PM fans believe that JYP will make an announcement stating that Jaebum’s health issues will not allow for his return evidenced by the groundwork effort of JYP forcing Jaebum to put a halt on all of his bboy activities last year.”

      That is really low. Damn.

  27. with just the six of them they look so incomplete. i used to think there were too many members but now i’m really missing jay especially now that he really might be gone from the group.

    and Junsu’ haircut remind me of Junsu’s dbsk haircut in Mirotic. lol.

    really love Khun and Woo’s haircut XDDDDD

  29. lol…new haircut
    i love it
    jay is the one and only leader….
    hottest fighting!!!

  30. awww everyones looking tired =(

  31. idk…
    this’s just getting confusing for me..
    btw sookyeong, no solo pic of junho? T-T

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