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Guess who #55

Guess which representative Korean celebrity this little bubbly kid grew up to become?

Get the answer under the cut!

He’s none other than National MC Yoo JaeSeok!

Netizens posted up photos of him from he was little till present.

And now…

Guess it right?

More love for national MC!

33 Responses

  1. He’s awesome !

  2. mc yoo!! Love him!! and the picture look so cute….

  3. he look so adorable when he was so young!!
    and suave when he was a youngster!!
    now a soon-to be-father!!

  4. i got it right!!<33
    thats cus i saw FO when they showed pics of them when they were kids and i kinda remembered how jaesuk looked like XD
    && yes EVERYONE loves nation MC YOO JAESUK <33

  5. Wooooooh. SO CUTE! Wow, what happened MC Jaesuk??? Hahaha, j/k…that was my shot at a joke…

    But he was very cute!

  6. Mr. Grasshopper was one cute baby….

  7. haha
    he was so much cuter as a kid 🙂

    i’m gonna miss him on FO so much… i___i

  8. AWWW he looks so cute when has little

    omg. i absolutely love yoo jae suk. he’s awesome. and i agree with GfM, he is a great husband material!

    wish him the best :] and can’t wait to see his baby :]

  9. Aww cute (:
    Ahahaha yep, looks more like him with the glasses

  10. i think he’s not that bad looking afterall!

  11. HANDSOME GRASSHOPPER ! god, he’s freaking hilarious ❤ and adorable! Mc Yoo is the besssssst.

  12. ahahah, he’s so funny, i didn’t expect it to be him..
    should’ve looked at it carefully- it was in black and white 😛

  13. without a doubt mc yoo is the best mc!

  14. Awwww I love him!! He’s my favorite!!

  15. BEST MC!!!

  16. ahhh! cute! omg!!! i love the one where he’s in shorts with one foot on the rock. too cute! i love this guy.

  17. aww he was such a cute kid

  18. omggaaadddd ❤

  19. Aww I had no idea.

    Jaesuk was such a cute lil kid! ^^

    Rofl…. some of his past hairstyles didn’t look good on him.
    Have not seen him with long hair before, wow.. hehehe.

    I like his current hairstyle nowadays.

    Love MC Yoo. ^^ ❤

  20. holy m….that was such a surprise! O_O

  21. hahahaha
    love his first few pics…. he looks soo cute
    love him >_<

  22. great pics
    didn;t know who it was
    thought it was someone older
    cos those photos were in black and white
    go mc yoo
    and 2nd best mc is lee seung gi
    followed by mc kang ho dong

  23. OMG SO CUTE!

  24. i thought of dbsk’s mickey XD

  25. MC Yoo so cute. LOL

  26. yes 🙂 that baby pix of him has been shown before…he’s SOOO CUTE ❤ i wonder if his baby will look like him too ^^

  27. awww little Jaesuk <33
    so cutee!

  28. hahaha nice

  29. best mc yoo

  30. omg. sooo cute 🙂
    No kidding, I think Yoo Jae Suk would be really great husband material, he might be no Adonis but he is so charming and awesome in his own way.
    His wife is really lucky. I mean everyone loves Yoo Jae Suk 🙂

  31. Awww! I love it — thanks. 😉

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