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[Kpop Review] Kim JongKook comes back with 6th album ‘Eleventh Story’ with pop dance song as title song

Singer Kim JongKook is back with his 6th album ‘Eleventh Story’ released on 27th January.

Coming back after 1 year and 3 months, Kim JongKook who is known to release mega title songs is back in 2010 with a new album. And the title song to his 6th album is ‘This is the person’.

The title of the album ‘Eleventh Story’ signifies that 11 albums that Kim JongKook has released since he was part of group Turbo.

Go under the cut to listen to the album.

The title song ‘This is the person’ is a pop dance song. The song is different from the pop songs which are in these days, with its lyrics talking about the innocent love and the excitement of love.

Kim JongKook will have his comeback stage on 29th January.

Singer : Kim Jong Kook
Album : Vol.6 – Eleventh Story
Date : 27 January 2010

Tracklist :

  1. 이 사람이다 (This is the person)
  2. 기다립니다 (Waiting)
  3. 못 잊어 (Cannot forget)
  4. 잘해 주지 마요 (Don’t be nice to me)
  6. 내 마음이 사랑입니다 (My heart is full of love)
  7. 잊을게 지울게 (I’ll Forget, I’ll Erase)
  8. 다 알면서 (You Know Everything) ft Sori
  9. 구인 광고 (Help Wanted) ft Mighty Mouth
  10. 떠나가지마 (Don’t leave)
  11. 행복병 (Love Virus)


5 Responses

  1. do really love to listen track 01 song.The rhyme makes me addicted. After all, his 6th album is good.

  2. Excellent album…i’m so gonna get it..love all the songs in it!! well done! hope he’ll win some awards this year….

  3. Third song is my favorite!

  4. After listening to his album, I’m gonna order it! ^^

    I’m glad his album isn’t full of slow ballads.
    Hehee another song collab with Mighty Mouth! <33

    He released a lot of teasers. I thought Don’t be nice to me was the title song.

    I like 못 잊어 (Cannot forget) a lot, but overall his album is good. ^^

  5. Oh I love the title song! I can’t wait to get the album and can’t wait for his comeback!! And the teaser is so cute….Thanks for sharing!

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