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Photos of Kwon SangWoo and Son TaeYeong’s son revealed for the first time!

Son TaeYeong posted up photos of her song RookHee for the first time.

She posted up 4 photos of her husband Kwon SangWoo and son on her minihompy on 23rd January. Son TaeYeong wrote, “What are this 2 doing in front of me?”

Meanwhile, netizens’ comments were “He looks just like his father”, “The father and son looks good together” etc.

13 Responses

  1. the baby’s adorable but look nothing like KSW. how could he? KSW underwent so much plastic surgery

  2. honestly, the baby doesn’t look at KSW at all and that’s not a surprise since KSW underwent a lot of plastic surgery

  3. these pictures are totally adorable!

  4. AWW cute (:
    i LOVE the last too.

  5. Baby is ehhh, I like his daddy!

  6. Omgosh such cute pics of father+son.

    Sangwoo looks great and his son is super adorable! -squishes- ^^

  7. aw, so adorable! korean babies are so cute! tekeke. ^^

  8. awww! so cute! He looks like KSW.

  9. GUH. WHY SO CUTE <333

  10. next mason? *_*

  11. OMG!! the baby is so cute. KSW looks handsome as well.

  12. OMO so cute!!!!!!

  13. dang cute ass baby. but of course look at the genes!

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