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TaeYeon #9, YoonA #7? What do the numbers on SNSD’s shirts in ‘Oh!’ MV mean?

The MV to So Nyeo Shi Dae;s comeback song ‘Oh!’ has just been revealed today on 27th January.

In the MV, the girls are featured in 2 concepts for their cheerleader styles – there is one where the girls are seen wearing the pink and white pastel tones reminimsing the Barbie look in the locker room; and the 2nd one featured the girls in blue and white clothes like typical cheerleaders.

Other than that, there has been much interests on the meaning to the numbers on the members’ shirts.

Go under the cut to find out.

In the MV, the numbers seen on the girls’ shirts:

  • HyoYeon: 32
  • Jessica: 22
  • Sunny: 12
  • SooYoung: 24
  • TaeYeon: 9
  • Yuri: 21
  • SeoHyun: 11
  • YoonA: 7
  • Tiffany: 0

A SM Entertainment representative revealed on 27th January, “The So Nyeo Shi Dae girls chose the numbers which they like.”

Meanwhile, the girls will have their comeback stage on MBC Music Core performing ‘Oh!’ coming 30th January.

S: MyDaily


37 Responses

  1. i like SNSD, but im not obssesed:) there songs are cool and all the antis out there are really annoying-.- youde probably discover a way of disliking them even if they wore nun outfits in their next MV,so just ermm..shut up >.< i think the new song is super catchy and obvs the outfits are gonna get the male attention so thats why their made to wear them

  2. i don’t love the Oh MV that much, their costumes couldn’t suprpass the signature they left with gee and genie. I say fire the designers na d go grab those sailor outfits back.

    but i can’t wait for the next envy, SNSD’s dark saide is what i love most….the bitchyness at the end is so hott!

    more blacccckkkkk….

    picking their numbers? well, that’s their choice, don’t make hallucinations of why they pick them…it’s just a number!

    fuck yeah minds!

    and on the post where Westerners are saying that Asians have a different eye for beauty, yes we do!!!!

    we have a more avant garde fashion and dont go trying to be asians…lol!


  3. […] All has been talked about, even to the randomest of topics – this time, even the numbers on the girls’ outfit in one of their costumes were speculated. Especially Taeyeon’s #9 and Yoona’s #7. A representative of SM said that the girls’ were the one to pick their numbers. The meanings however can be only be revealed by them. Credits to KBites: […]

  4. Regardless of what sm ent says, those numbers are their IQ numbers and tiffany’s represents how much talent snsd has plus her IQ.

    • How mature. I think some of the lower numbers would probably represent your age.

      • Eh, I take that back.

        After some thought, I’m guessing you’re just a joke/troll account because that was some low-level insult.

  5. I honestly did not think at first that Taengoo chose 9 as a representation of snsd. My first thought is she chose it because her birthday is on March 9. lol

    And why the hell would people relate 7 for 2PM??!! Yoona chose her favorite number and it’s not about 2PM. Get over it.

    And please 2PM stay away from SNSD. None of you has any chemistry with each other whatsoever.

  6. her fave num just like mine…. 9…. XD

  7. If the numbers are their
    favorite number , then
    i will be a bitch like them
    and i will wear a t-shirt
    with number 6 hahaha
    what a children they are O.O!

  8. I really marvel at these girls, in such cold weather in Seoul of minus 14 degrees, yet they can wear ultra short pants for their concerts while the audience were wearing layers of thick clothings. Truly they shld take over the name from Wonder Girls.

    • yeah..i admire them a lot for that…they wear it because of work/concept..since i always see they’re covering themselves with blanket when it is not on stage..

    • not to mention how they must have to take care of their legs x_x
      at least on music shows the places are heated AND have lots of stage lighting

    • What makes me amazed more is they don’t have major sickness and still can perform. With their hectic schedule & those outfit in cold weather, they’re still healthy & no news about them collapse or whatsoever. It must took a lot of effort & hard work to maintain that.. I feel sorry for them though; getting bashed for wearing hot pant, and have to endure with the weather. Since it’s their concept picked by the company, they have no choice but to wear it. Those who hate them for that should realize, like they want to be in cold weather just wearing that. I will die wearing that coz I cannot survive below 20degree.

  9. Waah it must be fate bringing me and Sooyoung together by letting her choose 24!!!
    Ok sorry
    Haha it’s a nice MV
    I don’t get why all the people are bitching how they are acting too slutty
    That is slutty

    • Just because people said snsd looks slutty doesn’t mean you should call another artists slutty. I don’t mean to be rude but your just the same as other people callng other artist slutty.

    • Nobody even called them slutty in this article post. I think u’re just being stupid by bringing it up and bashing other artists.

    • that’s a general assertion!
      *roll eyes at stupidity*
      what do you know of slutty or being slutty?
      what defines slutty-ness?
      you can be slutty if you have class.
      oh the superficial stereotyping on other artistes.
      just don’t use your own yardstick as a form of measurement on other artistes.

  10. Haha Sica pick 22. I’m loving her more and more.

  11. i maybe crazy right now, im thinking yoona is supporting 2PM for wearing # 7 =)

    im starting to relate everything to 2PM now

  12. the blue and the white cheerleader colors are typical colors depending on the school colors. but the style of the blue and white cheerleader uniforms are lame. they should have used real high school or college cheerleader uniforms from the U.S. and then they would have looked more like real cheerleaders from a real school in the U.S. unless if that’s how they look in korea. if that’s how they look in korea schools, then i think they have to do more fundraising to get better uniforms. LOL.

    however, the pink and white cheerleader outfits were awesome and are more like the NFL cheerleaders or NBA cheerleaders for the professional football and basketball games.

    • I think both outfits are ugly.
      The only thing that make it cute because SNSD girls wear it.
      Not really a fan, but gotta admit they turn every ugly thing into something beautiful. The power of 9! XD

    • why do people from the WEST always insist to apply and base everything here in the EAST on their standards or norms?
      so what if SNSD’s cheer leading outfit does not look the same as in the US? is that a big deal? we Asians have our own yardstick of what’s beautiful and appropriate for us, so we don;t need your comparison . ok? :]

      • I fully agree, who cares about the uniforms — the girls look pretty and ok anyway. However you can’t help these people from nitpicking such things and other matters since most of these KPOP artists usually get ideas from the west. Just saying. 🙂

  13. awww, Taeyeon chose 9!

  14. LOL at Tiffany’s 0.

  15. sooyoung has the same fav number as me ^.^

  16. lol the numbers are different with Girls Generation MV 0__0 wonder what is that mean also…well i assume that Taeyeon choose 9 to represent SNSD and Yoona choose 7 as her lucky number? dunno also haha

  17. # Yuri: 21
    # SeoHyun: 11

  18. It’s actually Yuri with 21 and Seohyun with 11

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