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[Updates] JYP, “WonderGirls will hold dialogue with fans”

It has been known on 27th January that a WonderGirls fan union’s request for conference with JYP Entertainment has been turned down by Park JinYoung himself.

The 4 major fansites Wonderful, ByeolHa, Wonderholic and WonderGirlsWorld are known to have submitted a request to JYP Entertainment for a conference on 23rd January.

With that JYP posted up an announcement on their official homepage after that saying, “We will open a window of communication by demand of the fans.”

It was also emphasized that, “But in the case where the official answers are obviously twisted or what gets revealed are untrue and without evidence, we will stop the dialogue.”

JYP is also aware of some of the criticisms going on about the WonderGirls’ promotions in America, “After using the contract approved by the Fair Trade Commission, all the decisions regarding the celebrities are carried out through the consensus of the celebrities.”

Also, “All the questions which we have received recently, we will be revealing the official stand and answers to them via postings. And all the notes pasted on our building situated in Seoul CheongDamDong every 24 hours will be kept safely with our company through photos taken every 24 hours.”

S: TVDaily

25 Responses

  1. i was crying when i wroted about sun mi will be leave WG…i cant accepted another girl then…T___T
    hope sun mi will back in the future then….sun mi u go girl…

  2. […] However on 27th January, it was revealed that an open communication window will be opened for fans to ask WonderGirls the questions themselves. […]

  3. I wonder. If HyunAh wasn’t in 4minute, would JYP bring her to replace SunMi instead?

  4. LMFAO. I actually can’t believe JYP Ent. is doing this. If it were my decision, I honestly wouldn’t give a shit because you know what? Some fans expect TOO much. There’s only so much you can do. They need to grow up, shut up and deal with it. Life’s gonna throw so many curves at you that if you take something like this to the extremes, well dear, I feel sorry for you, cause you won’t know what’s coming.

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  6. good bye Sunmi
    JYP SUCKS !!!

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  8. There you go!
    Good job JYPE.

    So all of you who start baseless rumors about WG, go ask him directly WITH evidence.

    And I bet there must be bunch of idiots who gonna ask about Jay and 2PM too << hope it won't happen. Wondergirls fighting!

    • some hottests really immature
      believe everything rumor translate from korean
      Jay’s case & SunMi’s case isn’t same
      Jay’s past action insulted whole nation

  9. WGs are so cuteeee….
    SunMi is brave if it is her decision to leave.
    May be she really know what she want

  10. I hope this clears somethings out. As a huge wonderful, this whole SunMi leaving has come as a huge shock. I still can’t believe it. I respect her decision and don’t want to force her to stay against her will, but would like to know what JYP’s plan is.

  11. Hoping for the best outcome….
    Sunmi T.T

  12. i have this feeling that JYP will continue to use this “New contract approved by the Fair Trade Commission” excuse to fool fans concerning Sunmi and Jay… sigh….

    • How is the truth an excuse? At least they’re giving their artist freedom unlike other companies that haven’t change their artist contracts. I’d rather have the artist have their say in it instead of controlling their daily lives without them having a say.

      People tend to forget that JYP isn’t the head of JYPE. He may be the founder of JYPE but there’s bigger bosses behind him.

      Why don’t people give JYP the respect that he deserves because if he wasn’t around Wonder Girls would have never been here. He treates all his artist like his children. There’s evidence all over the place.

      I don’t blame JYP or JYPE at all because the girls did agree to come to the USA, every single one of them. SunMi just couldn’t take the pressure. The more you get famous, the more pressure there is to stay on top. She just couldn’t take it anymore. In every interview or photo in the States, she’s always gloomy and quiet so it didn’t surprise me when she wanted to go back home.

      All we can do is cheer her on and support her decision.

  13. If Sohee join 92-line to leave WG
    good bye WG,
    good bye Kpop,
    good bye Music

  14. this is the best way to SunMi, WG, JYPE & Lim

  15. I think that is the best thing to do

  16. owh.. cant wait to hear from sunmi..herself.. hope she is..

  17. netizens are in an outrage again.
    i think it’s better to appreciate sunmi’s and JYP’s decision. it WAS sunmi’s decision to study right?! is that bad now?!

    woah~ i hope the dialogue goes peacefully.

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