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Fun Fact Of Kpop: Your idol age-chart for year 2010

We recently looked at the age-chart of the female Kpop idols where they are ranked according to age for year 2009.

Now in the new year, Korean netizens made a new age-chart, this time also featuring the male Kpop idols, ranking them according to their age.

Let’s take a look at who is the youngest and who is the eldests in the idol family.

There are about 127 idol singers plotted in this age chart including:

  • Groups: After School, Brown Eyed Girls, Super Junior, 2NE1, Davichi, Dong Bang Shin Ki, SS501, T-ara, Cheon Sang JiHee, 2AM, 2PM, MBLAQ, Big Bang, KARA, WonderGirls, BEAST, UKiss, f(x), 4Minute, SHINee, FT Island, So Nyeo Shi Dae
  • Solo: Rain, Se7en, BoA, IU


  • Red wording – Eldest in the team
  • Blue wording – Youngest in the team

Even within those born in the same year, those who are considered ‘quick’ are those who are born before the lunar new year of the year.

So the youngest of all idols is 4Minute SoHyun and eldest is After School GaHee.

Newer groups like F.Cuz, ZE:A and C.N Blue are not included in the chart. But from ZE:A, the youngest is 92-er; from C.N Blue, youngest is 91-er and from F.cuz youngest is 92-er.

Will 2010 usher a younger batch of idols? We will just wait and see.

97 Responses

  1. omgd..i feel old..although i’m 93 kids..

  2. I’m born in 1996 haha. it’s nice how idols are getting younger and younger now. But I have to admit, the shorts girls wear are maybe a bit too short.

  3. ahh you guys not wanting younger idols… because it makes you feel old?

    i’m waiting for it to get younger and younger stop in 3 years

    i haven’t had a single idol my age or near my age sadly

    so i’m used to calling them unnie/oppa

    but i dont want to be a noona the sound of it makes me feel weird


    what about XING youngest is born 1995 September 4 (Kim Jin Wan) so he’s 14 ^^

  4. i bet soon there will be a band of toddlers if the age of idol keep going down

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  9. OMG!!

    KyuHyun has a Blue wording… – -*

    That’s mean he’s the oldest?

    Felling so OLD =O=

  10. i love the line-up of the 91 babies…^^
    that’s the year where i was introduced to the world!
    damn! knowing that they are same age as me, makes me feel so proud! me likeeyyy all the idols on that pics! xD

  11. sorry, but there is a mistake at siwon’s and sungmin’s age.
    Siwon is a 86er, he’s even few months older than donghae..
    87 is just a date when his parents made siwon’s birth certificate..
    and sungmin is a 85er, same old as shindong.. he was born in january 1st 1985…
    I’m pretty sure that I’m correct, cuz I’m an ELF… ^^

    • nah. sungmin’s an 86er. he was born on jan 1st, 1986 not 85. he’s considered the same age as shindong coz he’s an early 86er. he’s only 4 months older than hyukjae but hyuk calls him hyung.:)

  12. is this chart correct?

    I know suju’s ki-bum is 88-ers.

    Boa supposed to be 87-ers

  13. lines 88, 89, 86, 90, 87 and 91 are big in number!! they are a LOT! XD
    im lovin’ the 86 line…there’s a lot of kpop artists who are talented in there!! XD

    ..and of course my line, 91ers. i love it! some of the artists who have potential are there.
    gahee seems to be older in age number, but not in the features!! wow~

  14. omgee i feel really old.
    but its good to see theres lotsa idols are the same age as me. the 91er yo 😀

  15. love 88line..famous awesome people~hehee

  16. I feel so …OLD..and I’m in the 92..
    WOW..most of my boys are in 88..what a good year it is..It’s a dragon year isn’t it?? GD<3

  17. appa still in top.. good job appa.. love you

  18. Kekeke~ At least Yoobin and Sohee are the youngest of the group! Lucky them! But i’ll be the youngest in the 90ers

  19. Wow, 86, 87, 88, 89, and 90 have a lot of idols! I will be part of 89 hehehehe…still got a large amount of boys I can marry, ya know? heheheeh…j/k

  20. gahee doesn’t look 31 years old
    she looks wayyyy younger

  21. Wow… Gahee is that old???? She looks a lot younger even from many youngers artists listed there.

    And hey… I never known b4 that the other 4 members of Brown Eyed Girls are 81ers.. that means Gain is the only 87er. 6 years younger!!! Wow, what a fact!!!

  22. I never really knew Rain was an 82er. Does that mean he’s going to the army soon?

  23. this is a fun fact for kpop indeed!

    gahee is the mother of kpop, haha. but how does say look so young is beyond me.

    `86 really spat out some big stars!

  24. correction.. beast’s doojoon is an 88er.

  25. 89ers still rule the chart, but those 90ers and beyond are coming in fast.
    LOL I remember the recent episode of SGB where Narsha happily announced that she still has someone she can call unnie. XD

  26. Sulli’s a ’93.

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  28. omgah 96´s are coming soon o-o that´s me

  29. Must be the haircut or something because AS’s Jungah looks soooooo much older than Heechul and Eetuek. Heck, I think she even looks older than Gahee’s who’s the oldest.

    • No offense, but especially with that recent haircut (I think it’s the colour too), I thought Jungah looked like an ahjumma. She looked so much better with the long hair.

  30. I honestly don’t think the ’94ers are young. They would be sophomores in high school. If its ’96ers or ’97ers then I think they are a bit too young. They haven’t even reached high school yet.

    • sophomores are soo young! (pun intended)

      idk. its my opinion. i think youre too young if you dont remember 9/11. its a weird benchmark to grade but yeah. but when it comes down to it, its maturity and all. its just the sophomores i remember were all about trying to become popular and dress in more revealing outfits trying to “fit” in or become the hot thing.

      • this of course, is only a benchmark for people in america. i dont expect people across the world to remember it as if it was the last thing on earth.

        96 and 97 are WAYyy tooo young.

        3 years from the millennium year… crazy. they might’ve not even ever watched rugrats or pokemon. haha

  31. uhh, the list of idols in their years aren’t in the correct order XD
    lol, gahee is the ultimate umma and krystal is the ultimate baby …

  32. actually, krystal of fx is the youngest.

  33. this is so cool! I’m glad to see which idols are born in my year 🙂

    but Krystal is younger than Sohyun, she’s Korea’s maknae~ just saying ._.

  34. gahee and BEG’s miryo narsha and jea should be married already if they reach 40 they can’t have children anymore

  35. if someone was born in 95, i would start to feel old, even if i was born that year. haha

  36. What ever kahi is doing she needs to keep doing because she looks younger than a lot of people on that list. I think it’s interesting that boram and qri are the unnis of t-ara when they look the youngest

    and am I the only one who thinks it’s so weird that so many of these idols were born in 91? Atleast nana gets to make a lot of friends lol

    • 90 and 91 mustve been good years for idols because so many were born in those years. I was born in 90 so I automatically like the 1990 idols a little more. Lol

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  38. I`m feeling old – .-u

  39. All SNSD girls are older than me o.O can’t believe it… I mean… they have a concept which seems younger thant 4minute…

    • lol hyuna´s concept is pretty mature for an underage girl
      i think it´s better to look younger then to act all mature although still a kid….

  40. again… someone/ some people would actually have the time to do all this… but it’s quite interesting.

  41. I feel so old……..
    i hope this year don’t have anyone born in 96 debut.
    14 years old is too young.
    if 15 i still can accept

  42. Teukie & Chulie are getting old D:

  43. wow!! some idols are my age!!! O.o 94s.. dayum!! they are YOUNG!! but still older than me!! xD
    O.o Jay is still in this?! YES!!! thank BUDDHA!!! ❤

  44. I’m so depressed right now….some of the younger ones look sooooooooo mature !!!!

  45. Didn’t know that Nicole, CL and Seohyun are same age as Hara.
    To me Hara is the magnae of all idols groups combine together. She’s so cute I wish she would no longer grow taller.

  46. Seriously 92ers? That’s really young…. A little too young. Although this was interesting to look at 😀

  47. No new idol born after ’92 please -.- go to schoooool

    • i agree. plus for guys their voice would be breaking (i,e cutie dongho) so they wouldnt be able to sing properly

      • uh wtf, dongho went through puberty late. Usually guys get their voice changes when they’re around 13.

  48. it is wrong they said that top is the leader but its GD ??
    oow well

    • GD is the leader.
      If u are referring to red color of TOP name, it means he’s the oldest in the group, not the leader.

    • fuck gd ahaha

      yea TOP made list 87-er
      I’m a 92-er

      omg taeyang a fag
      so is daesung he the 1st one 89-er???

      • no i don’t think they put the picz in the right order for each year because i don’t know about other idols but taeyang is older than GD therefore shouldnt his pic be before GD hence i dont think daesung is the oldest in 89-er

        but this is intesting, leader Gahee is the oldest, and cant believe she is older than rain and se7en lol. gahee looks young for her age

      • chanelprincess16 is that you ?


  49. whoa! Damn…Korean age system makes you a year older! haha…it’s a good thing we follow the western system here in my country! LOL

  50. It’s weird… some of these idols seem alot older then their actual age, and some seem alot younger.

  51. i juz knew that gahee AS was born in 1980 few hours ago… the oldest idol.. but she’s hot.. my favourite AS member 🙂

    i hope no idol 1995 debut this year… 1994 is so young….

  52. as i know, Boa born at 1984 and 7even born between 1980/81/82.. of dont bash me if i made mistake. i knew it from the biggest info source ever, wikipedia. ;p

  53. the oldest maknaes = stephanie the grace, gain of BEG (females) & kim hyungjoon of ss501 (males)

    the youngest oldest-of-the-group = ji hyun of 4minute (females) & honki (males)

  54. mmm.. ok

  55. wow…i didnt know that bekah of as was born in 1989…and iu too…

  56. usually netizens do some wierd things, but this is useful. good for them x)

    no more younger idols please.. makes me feel bad enough when i see people younger then me be so talented *_*

  57. wow I didn’t know gahee was that old. She doesn’t look her age coz she is awesomely hot!

  58. born 95?
    that’s toooo young!

  59. i hope some singers who born 95 will debut this year *__*

  60. This useful =3

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