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Big Bang to run donation drive for Haiti earthquake victims during concert

Idol group Big Bang will extending their help to the earthquake victims in Haiti through their upcoming independent concert.

Coming 29th January at 8pm, 30th at 6pm, and 31st and 5pm, the group will be holding their ‘2010 BIGBANG CONCERT-BIG SHOW’ concert. And to help those in need in Haiti, the group will also be donating from their concert.

A YG Entertainment staff said on 29th January, “Big Bang will be doing a donation drive at their concert venue for their concert performances this time. The Big Bang members will also be donating into this donation funds.”

It was also added that, “We are expecting that the Big Bang fans will be participating actively in this donation drive. And the funds collected will be donated to help those in Haiti under the name of Big Bang and their fans.”



28 Responses

  1. ooohhhwwwww, they’re really adorable!! ❤

  2. BIGBANG ❤

  3. thats my idol!!!!
    they like to do charity and help those who aren’t lucky…
    go go go Big Bang! go go go VIP!!!! ^___________^

  4. awesome!!! Good luck on the BIG SHOW later ^^

  5. hehe!
    proud to be a VIP ❤
    Big Bang !

    now, I really want to be part of the concert =(

  6. That’s sweet of them.
    Everybody can help !

  7. im proudd of them

  8. The long term effects of this quake are devastating! In the next 6 months, the World Food Programme says 2 million people will need food assistance to rebuild their lives. If you want to help and learn more about the crisis, go to: http://wfp.org/crisis/haiti or text FRIENDS to 90999 to make a $5 donation.

  9. urghhh!!!!!!! i wish i was there to donate. it pains me to know how i know they are having a concert but not being there… singing the wonderful songs when i have to resort to a fancam!!

  10. the way GD & seungri sit are sooo…

  11. […] to Kbites :A YG Entertainment staff said on 29th January, “Big Bang will be doing a donation drive at their […]

  12. Aw great idea! Hope a lot of VIPs donate. ^^


    Wish I could be there. Ü

  13. They are perfect.

  14. Yeah..Wish I could go to the concert and donate also.
    Big Bang is Vipz!!!!


  16. Awwwww go Big Bang and VIPz!

  17. BB <3333333333333

  18. yeah go bigbang and VIps!

  19. wow! go bigbang!

  20. That’s really sweet of them… ❤
    good luck with 2010

  21. that’s very nice of them! wish them luck this year!

  22. that sweet~ all concert goer’s are so lucky!

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