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KBS Music Bank 29.01.2010 – C.N Blue wins #1 on KChart!

Today on KBS Music Bank, rookie band C.N Blue had their first #1 award on KChart with their Korean debut title song ‘Alone’.

Also, other highlights of tonight’s show include:

  • Kim JongKook‘s comeback stage
  • And other hot performances by HyunA, ZE:A, C.N Blue, HAM, Hybrefine, TRAX, F.Cuz etc.

Go under the cut for the performance cuts.

Come Back Stage

  • Kim Jong Gook with ‘Don’t Be Good To Me + It’s This Person’

Today’s Music Bank

  • CN Blue with ‘I’m A Loner’
  • 2AM with ‘Even if I die Wont Let you Go’
  • TRAX with ‘Cold Hearted Man’
  • ZE:A with ‘MAZELTOV’
  • HyunA feat. BEAST Joon Hyung with ‘Change’
  • Dia with ‘Another Boy’
  • Miji with ‘Don’t Cry’
  • HAM with ‘Heartbeat Aflutter’
  • KCM with ‘One Day’
  • Hybrefine with ‘You Can Fly’
  • Rainbow with ‘Not Your Girl’
  • WooJoo with ‘What Should I Do’
  • BEAST with ‘Mystery’ remix
  • AB Avenue with ‘Love For Two’
  • SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara with ‘Wonder Woman’
  • Gavy NJ feat. BEAST Yoon Doo Joon with ‘Sunflower’
  • Lisa feat. BEG’s Miryo with ‘Should We Get Married’
  • F.Cuz with ‘Jiggy’
  • Yoon Hwa Jae In with ‘Wings’
  • Kim Dong Hee with ‘Like I’m Going To Die’
  • Shi Hyun feat. Jewelry’s Ha Joo Yeon with ‘Crazy Person



29 Responses

  1. CN Blue fan here from the Philippines!
    So happy about this honor.

    Will be sharing this good news via my blog as well, with proper credits to KBites of course!


  2. congrats to them but they just win once coz of snsd coming bak

  3. Whohoooo! C. N Blue is so talented, and it pays off!

  4. F.Cuz’s clothes are always hype. I love ’em!

  5. COngratZ C.N Blue!!!!!

  6. woohoo congrats to C.N Blue!!

  7. Congratulations CN BLUE < 3
    They did really well for just debuting for a couple of weeks or so.
    I had midterms today, and their song is so addicting, i was humming to it the whole time ^___^

  8. congrats to the boys! i hope they will continue to win. i have also enjoyed the performances by 2AM, Gavy NJ, Dia and Wonder Woman. All the girls have impressive vocal and Wonder Woman’s song is so darn catchy!

  9. I really want 2AM to win an award.

    But I like CNBLUE too. Congrats to them! ^^

  10. wow that’s a great achievement there! congrats!

  11. The only thing I feel bad about is that their sunbaes haven’t yet won right? I hope FTI gets awards soon.

  12. Congratulations to CN Blue. I’ve never rooted for a rookie group as much except 2NE1. I’m so glad my biases are getting love from Korea! 😀 I hope they do well!

  13. I think CN Blue is able to separate themselves from the other rookie boy groups like F. Cuz and ZEA because they brought something different or at least something thats not norm ( singing and dancing boy groups) Congrats to them

  14. Congrats C.N.Blue, they really deserve it,, love those guys

  15. Yay!! Congratz to them! Love their song and the band!!
    A great start as a rookie! They totally deserved it.

  16. cn blue hwaiting!!! congrats!!!

  17. congratulation to C.N. Blue! More success in the future, fighting!

  18. One of Hyuna back Dancer look like Minzy. HAHA!

  19. CN Blue is the first ever rookie to win an award after debut in music bank in 2010. CONGRATZ!!!!

  20. YES YES YES!!!!!!!
    So happy for CN Blue. I think I have luck when it comes to
    loving rookie groups. First 2NE1 who took kpop by storm last year now CN Blue ^_^ I really love their music and I feel like they have a lot of potential. I enjoy watching them perform and I look forward to see them growing as muscians 🙂
    Whether or not they win more is okay, I’m content with just one win 😀 but more would be nice hahaha

  21. I want 2AM to WIN…

    • me too but congrats to CN Blue anyway 🙂 they deserve it too

      • I am happy if 2AM or CNBlue wins because both groups are extremely talented and should have that talent recognized.

  22. Pretty impressive. 😀 This is only their THIRD Music Bank performance!

  23. do afterschool performs at kbs?

  24. ohhhh finaly cn blue win in music bank..
    love this song

  25. congrats C.N Blue mnet family is on fire ^_^

  26. finally!!!

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