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[Photo Spam] Official SNSD ‘Oh!’ album photos revealed!

Official photos for So Nyeo Shi Dae 2nd full length album ‘Oh!’ has been revealed on their official webpage on 28th January. The photos revealed feature the girls in a retro preppy fashion concept.

Go under the cut for the full photoset.

Click for larger view.

My apologies for the confusion caused by the earlier post on their album concept photos


54 Responses

  1. beautiful….my 9 angles

  2. oh~ there’s an FHM magazine on hyoyeon’s photo! hehe… they look all so pretty! i love Jessica’s curls!^^

  3. People who think those pictures are slutty LOL… How old are you? I seriously think that fanboys who are fantasizing after seeing those pictures are not normal. Cause SNSD didn’t wear anything provocative at all.

  4. why use sexual comment like that.. most of them even use long socks!!!!! and yeah, they’re sexy like that..haha…even they covered most of their body and not even wearing a bikini…
    SNSD is sure a HOTTIES~

  5. That rude comment is really a hasty generalization……..generalizing all men or fanboys as maniacs….wow! you’re very smart in hypocrisy…u must be awarded the rudest comment award!!!maybe ur d one who’s spazzing in those pictures… not all became fan of their bodies u know…and in d 1st place their not showing their flesh…mayb some will do what u mentioned f they wore undergarments only….and i didn’t do that when i got my album early this day….hoping we’ll back to old kpop days….with least bashing…

  6. hyoyeon pictures were the cutest in my opinion 🙂

  7. I like Hyoyeon’s pics the most. She looked cute.
    N green really suit her. ^^
    Finally, the stylist put something good for Hyo.
    Other than that, Taeyeon’s pics are also nice. ^^

  8. I dont get the fuzz about the FHM magazine =)) It’s just a shoot. There things that work well with the set up try removing the fhm magazine and it’d look empty. it’s what makes different for every girl’s shoot they dont want to look the set generic.

  9. this is likee alice and the wonderland inspired 😮
    well a bit!
    i like

  10. is it just me or do i see a playboy magazine or w/e it is in hyo’s picture? O.O

    anyways. HATERS GTFO! the girls look gorgeous. not even close to slutty.

    yuri loooks extra gorgeous in that last pic. nice leg line xp

  11. I think I just saw a FHM magazine? o_o

  12. oh please, the ones complaining are blackjacks…the same one defending CL’s outfit that shows off her bra.

    • why you gotto bring 2ne1 in for.

    • how the hell do you know it’s blackjacks that are complaining? damn hypocrite.

      this is a freaking SNSD article. there’s no need to bring down another group. and no i’m not being overly defensive as a 2ne1 fan since i’m a snsd fan myself.

    • Oh please…
      Antis don’t need to be blackjacks to insult SNSD.
      Just don’t generalize.

      • before 2ne1 debuted, snsd already gained a lot of antis….
        why blame all the blackjacks right??????

    • This is the best defense that you have for snsd? Sometimes it baffles me why there are some real good, 100% idiots in the world. Like wow dude, go hit the books once again or something.

    • how come CL’s name pops out on this article? and blackjacks aren’t complainin on what SNSD girls are wearing! the people who are complaining are Antis! so much hate for the fanclub eh?

  13. It’s okay. But they should have picked a better setting though. There’s beer in the background…

  14. To be honest, it’s surprising how some can make ridiculous accusations about these pictures and tie them in with sexual comments @___@

    Most are “covered up” (though it makes me seriously have a good laugh when at one moment one party is saying that Korea is overly-consesrvative, and the next moment SNSD are so sexualized in wanting to attract men). 3 out of 9 members show their entire legs, 5 out of 9 only show 6-8 inches of flesh cause they are wearing knee-high socks, and you don’t even see Tiffany’s lower half XD
    Besides, it’s not short skirts…. they’re pants -_-

    Than again, they don’t even show cleavage or anything as their entire top half of their body is “covered up” :O

    I, personally, found some pictures cute. Others a bit creepy (THE DOLL), and I want TY’s glasses TT___TT

  15. Those make me love them just that little bit more. 🙂

  16. T.T i liked their gee/genie clothes better, but whatever. soshi will always be #1 no matter what they wear XD

  17. i love their clothes style 😐

  18. I’m not a big fan of SNSD but damn, their Genie concept was so MUCH MORE BETTER.

    • I agree with you.

    • Even as a fan, I agree with it. Genie concept simply mind blowing. They wore uniform on stage. No one really pull that concept. Their current concept is everywhere. I still like it, but not give me the WOW.

    • AGREE. Nobody can pull of that marine/soldier look but snsd. Seriously genius concept they had back there. I’m a fan of retro concept they’re sporting now too, but those genie photos are forever in my mind when I think about snsd.

  19. They’re very VERY pretty I really wanna hate them… Arrghh.. Jessica and Sooyoung are so adorable in those pics! I’m not even a fan of this group. Arrghh.. why do they have to be so gorgeous…??!!! I’m jealous!

  20. @Sauly, are u sure you’re a fanboy? Or at least a healty one? Cause that’s a lot of thighs and short short..
    And I’m pretty sure that’s what boys like..
    And aren’t that is their image anyway, being pure and innocent but ‘secretly’ being fantasized by an oppas and fanboys? Cause I can remember it clearly than LSM said by himself that SNSD target is a fanboy and the ‘oppas’ bcause that range of age is favoring the short short and pure innocent image, I can give you the article if you want?

    • lol Yes I am and proud to be ! I think SNSD is hot, they’re definitely sexy but that’s not the main reason why we love them. Of course, they look hot and these are eye candy but we’re not horny everytime we see legs. We’re not animals. <_< And I'm not gay if that's what you think.

      I think many people always think fanboys are perverts but I swear we're not. Fangirls are probably the worst ones… xD

    • And even if SM said that they wanted to torget older males doesn’t mean that works lol. To tell the truth, they have lots of female fans too. Just go on Soompi and SSF and see that most of the members are girls. I’m a guy but I’m younger than most of the SNSD members, so I’m not an “oppa” fan… Gosh lol So many stereotypes about SNSD’s fanbase.

      • Yes! You said it! I’m sick of people who don’t like SNSD just say they’re sex objects. People who don’t like them are making them the sex objects, while we fans are fans just like everyone else. I am a young girl fan by the way, and I just think they’re a very girly, sassy group full of a bunch of young girls.

      • Hahaha, I so agree with Devi & Souly. I’m a year younger than Seohyun and a fan girl of them. Are they “sex objects” to me? No, antis just generalize them because they wear skirts… or whatever they wear. I wear skirts and shorts too. SNSD has a lot of fan girls/unnie fans, its just unknown to antis. Even on daum (I think), they did a survey and unnie fans/girl fans were not far from the males. And the other point that I wanted to point out is their “ahjusshi” fans. Do you know why though? Most of them were released from the army or are still in the army, and who is there to look at in the army? Guys? Unless they are secretly homosexuals. The only girls they can look at are celebrities. SNSD are everywhere, and they also perform at the army base so obviously SNSD would have more “ahjusshi” fans. Btw, guys don’t just like girls who wear short shorts, skirts and yada yada… I bet most guys love Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and games more than SNSD. Trust.

    • It is a fact that LSM stated himself that their target audience was Ahjussi’s. If you want to bring up the article, feel free to do it. LSM’s intention and the reality is different.

      Now, about their image about being “pure and innocent but “secretly” being fantasized by oppas and fanboys”, can you bring up an article of fact that states that is what their image is?

      To be honest, being pretty unbiased, your words are complete rubbish. What are you trying to imply by saying “cause that’s a lot of thighs and short short”?

      Sure, they are all wearing shorts. Yet their shorts aren’t even that “short short” but are normal length, average size shorts. And it’s not “short shorts” because “short shorts” tend to go up to the buttocks, but their shorts are at least 4.5 inches longer than the average short shorts -_-
      Don’t exaggerate certain details to make it seem like these pictures are more sexual.

      That aside, only 6-8 inches of the legs of most of the members are revealed because most are wearing knee-high socks -_-

    • LOL Now this one is degrading male.
      If all men get horny just by looking at legs.
      How many rape cases would have happened everyday in the whole world? LMAO

      I’m a fangirl who’s same age with Yoona…
      Too bad I am not LSM’s target market??
      FYI, SNSD has many many fans from a wide age-range. From little kids, dongsaeng, unnie, oppa, samchon, ahjussi n it’s shocking u…AHjumma…lol

    • a fan is a fan makes no difference. they help snsd by growing their fandom and helps them raise there income , fan. I will admit I’m not a fan of SNSD, but it’s really just rude to show such judgement towards others. 😦

  21. I love the vivid colours here. Really suit the theme. Their retro concept is really good with all those details prop… but that 1 creepy doll in TY pic is… creepy no matter how many time I see it.

  22. aww…
    love the pics!!
    so pretty!!!!!

  23. what is up with the “sex pistol” & the fhm magazine ?
    lol, anyways, gudluck to snsd

    • is that an fhm magazine I see?.. maybe not
      lol at swiss miss and kfc…hehehe
      and ooooh UK’s amazing band sex pistol

    • sex pistol is a band from the UK. Legends.

    • LMAO. What’s more suprising to me is how Hyo Yeon is posing next to Megan Fox in bras and panties and expects to be the centre of attention in that photo!

  24. @………. : that was an inappropriate comment. 😦

  25. soshi fanboys probably have their lubes out and touching themself to this as we speak…

    • true enough. haha

    • unless you’d like us to be fapping to you, you shouldnt sound so cut

    • that was uncalled for………. and mean. =__=”

    • Do you think fanboys are like that ? I’m one of them and I don’t like SNSD for their looks and I’m was not touching myself when I saw the pics. Surprising, uh ?

    • uughhhh I really hate sexual comment. You wanna bash & leave hatred comment, go on.. but leaving such comment…. Sookyeong, if you dun mind, pls delete this comment. This is not a freedom of speech.

    • @…..: so this is what u think about Fanboy?

      so, do u know what do people think about FANGIRL?

      and, how do people here think about “ANTI” ?

    • LOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think u’re degrading some decent fanboys or maybe male as a whole.
      Many of them are not that dirty-minded. =.=

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