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Park Jin Young, “It will be good even if Jo Kwon dates GaIn”

Singer Park Jin Young talks about 2AM member Jo Kwon on variety program, “I’m fine if he dates GaIn.”

Brown Eyed Girls GaIn was featured going for Park Jin Young’s concert on MBC We Got Married aired on 30th January. 2AM was the opening performing artistes for Park Jin Young’s concert.

GaIn, who has been a fan of Park Jin Young since she was a student, gave him rice cakes and seaweed, and also sang his song ‘I have a woman’. But halfway, a 2AM members appeared and said, “Jo Kwon announced that he will have a girlfriend when Park Jin Young goes to the States.”

Flustered, Park Jin Young gave a surprising comment, “If it is GaIn, I will allow. GaIn is kind, pretty and even sings very well. Just get married! And you have to come once a week and sing for me.”

With that, the 2AM seemed surprised and Jo Kwon told GaIn “Come catch me” as an artifice. And GaIn said, “It will be good to see father-in-law (Park Jin Young) everyday if we get married.”

Meanwhile, during the concert, Jo Kwon sang a proposal song to GaIn as a special event.

S:Asia KyungJae

26 Responses

  1. JYP stamp of approval?!!? Jk+GaIn = perfect~!! get married plzz!!!

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! i’ll be so happy xD

  3. Yes, yes!! Just get married!! But I don’t know…JYP is still single…well, kind of sad to thought that JYP get stepped on by his child if Jokwon really get married…

  4. Just date already!!!

    Everyone approves of your relationship~!!!! XDDD

  5. kekekeke omo the father is ok with that ;P

  6. Gain can find a way better person…jyp see himself while watching jokwon face….LOL…thats y~~

  7. hahahh thats so cute.

    just make sure jyp keepps his hands off jokwons wife (:

  8. YEAH
    even jyp agrees
    they should just get married already


  10. i saw it and now i can’t talk!no seriously my voice is really bad after i screamed!i’m still not over with all those cute romantic moments!a lot of skinship and kiss next week!wee!how am i supposed to wait?…omona!!!!GakwON!!!!weee!

  11. Date already ~ (:
    JYP’s request for GaIn to sing for him once a day? I think Jo Kwon will be jealous 😉

  12. They should just date for real but not tell the public. This way it would be so much fun for people to keep guessing and also keep the media out of the way …. you may never know how scary the media turns out hahaha.

  13. YAY
    you have jyp’s blesssingggg~~~~~~~


  15. what if at the first place jo-kwon + with another girl…

    hmmm… will the fans acted “I wish jo-kwon + miss X date”

    anyway i dun mind if they date. lalala

  16. GaIn and Jo Kwon forever.. =))

  17. OMG! If they got married everyone will go mad and love them more ^^
    i’ll doubt that they will get anti’s since EVERYONE loves them xD
    IAM’s love Gain and BrownEyedGirls Fan Loves Jo kwon 😉
    May i know whats BEG fanclub name?

  18. “And you have to come once a week and sing for me.”
    LOL! awww jyp haha

    i agree just date already! ❤

  19. that would actually be great! WGM will actually produce their first couple ^^

    • hahaha… so true!!
      but they’re not the first real couple if they going to date..
      because jun jin and lee siyoung is the first couple~
      and they ended very fast

  20. They’re so cute. I love their interaction when they’re together. So natural and they compliment each other well. Just be a real couple already <33

  21. oooh yesss too!! date already, the two of you!! 🙂 JYP is reading our thoughts! XD

  22. Gain-Kwon couple ftw!!
    I love both of them so it’ll be great if they are dating in real life.
    Gain unnie is perfect for him. They kinda have this love-hate relationship.

    Gain ❤ Jo Kwon

  23. aw, totally AGREE!!

  24. oh yes please…it will be REALLY great…

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