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Super Junior ShinDong explains comments made on fat women on radio show

Super Junior ShinDong has been criticized for his gender comments.

This happened during ‘ShinDong and Kim ShinYeong’s ShimShimTapa’ aired on 29th January, when a female listener talked about dieting near lunar new year’s time.

The listener has decided to do on a diet for the festive season and told her boyfriend but he said, “Don’t start if you are going to quit after a few days. Your body is not one which will change with diet” and they quarreled.

Kim ShinYeong said, “To a girl, talking about her weight is like asking to be hit,” and guest appearance Ilak said, “For me I say don’t lose weight. I will give tips on doing it with exercise if you want to.”

ShinDong then commented, “For me, if you have to lose weight, then you should. Lose a little weight, can’t you just manage yourself. If I say this, the other party will go ‘Who are you to~’ and I will say ‘I’m a guy and you’re a girl’.”

With such a comment, Kim ShinYoung and Goo EunYeong announcer said, “Why did the issue of gender come out for this? Girls should be slim and guys…”

ShinDong then said, “I’m just saying. To be honest, it’s like how I would want the person I love to be prettier or more handsome/cooler.”

But after the broadcast, netizens were in heated discussion over what ShinDong said on the show. And this once again sparked off criticism over Super Junior members’ comments on ‘fat woman’ on a variety show recently.

They were on ‘SaeBaKwi’ recently when YeSung said, “I’m someone who think that fat people are lazy.” and Lee Teuk also said, “I really don’t like females who are fat. They looked like they can’t manage themselves well.”

Meanwhile, netizens said, “I cannot stand how guys can be fat while girls cannot be”, “He himself has chubby charms, but receives much love for it, how can he say such things?” etc.

S:BNT News

Shindong explains on Twitter

After the news went out, ShinDong posted apology messages and explain his case on his Twitter account on 30th Jan.

He wrote:

  • http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nid=04&c1=04&c2=04&c3=00&nkey=201001301520193&mode=sub_view ……..ㅜㅜ Sorry…….” [link]
  • “I don’t mean that…It was what I said to my girlfriend…. I just wanted to say that if I have a girlfriend I would want her to be prettier… I don’t mean that girls have to lose weight… I’m sorry that everyone heard it that way.. But please understand that I don’t mean it that wayㅜㅜ” [link]
  • “…………Thank you everyone for giving me strength. But a wrongdoing is a wrongdoing.. I apologise for that… Sorry.. And I will be careful next time.. I will work hard to bring to everyone better broadcast shows.. I will be careful.. Please show love for ShimShimTaPa. ShimShimTaPa Hwaiting! SuJu Hwaiting!” [link]

124 Responses

  1. I’m sorry but this fat pig really grosses me out 😀 I’m 95 pounds and I would not want a pig like him anywhere near me. But a chubby girl can be adorable if she holds herself nicely. But fat guys, no way! :3 No play for shitdong.

  2. Even though what they said was a bit out of line, you can’t blame them for their opinions. Let’s face it, EVERYONE judges others on appearance first. You can be the fattest, ugliest, nastiest person and you’ll still judge everyone on what they look like. If you say you don’t then you are just plain lying. People who hope others are judging them on personality first are those who think like that.

    Well it just doesn’t happen that way! Yes, personality is what most girls want the most but have you ever seen a really beautiful girl with a fat, ugly guy? I don’t think so! Why? Because they want a nice looking guy they will look good with. They might be a little bit overweight, but fat? No.

    The SuJu guys are talking about FAT not a little bit overweight. Let’s face it, if you’re fat, you do need to loose the weight. If you disagree, then you’re one of the fat people that are too stupid to face it.

  3. It doesn’t matter whether Shindong is an idol or not, what he said was totally out of line by any standard.
    His fanbase consists of mainly young girls so by saying that, it pretty much brings out the insecurities in all of them.

    As much as he’s apologised for it, he can’t take back what he’s said.

  4. if you’re affected by it, these are what you can do.

    1. feels like decreasing of being suju fan .. suggestion: just stop being their fan. spare yourself the agony and let other true fans enjoy their happiness.

    2. feels low esteem due to such fat remarks and you’re a girl …. i suggest you lost weight or gain 150% confidence. no point whining. do something. sheesh.

    3. not satisfied and feels apology is not enough … deal with it. he has aplogized. take it or leave it. its up to you to remember or forget about this incident.

    this is life …sheesh.

    • OR people could just voice their opinion about this shallow, sexist, hypocrite. kinda like how shindong voiced his opinion about fat girls.

      Make that your number 4

  5. LOL this is entertaining. Im a Suju fan myself and i adore shindong as much as the other guys. Sure enough he made a mistake in saying that during broadcast. he should have totally kept that opinions since he’s an idol.

    But then again he’s already apologized. And he doesnt even ignore, run away etc etc etc or take weeks to apologize. He knows his mistake and he apologize. It shows he’s an adult. Maybe just a little lacking in proper speech lol. But I think some commenters should start behaving like an adult and just accept his apology.

    I wonder what these commenters want more after he has apologized sincerely. Weird weird netizens we have here … so troublesome

  6. i think it’s…crappy. he’s contradicting himself so i don’t find the apology sincere and even more, its was badly planned. Like, it’s okay to say it to your gf but it doesn’t apply to all girls? So your gf is not a girl???

    It means that his perspective of a pretty girl is if she is slim. So as long as his gf is slim (to be prettier in his eyes), it’s okay for the rest of the girls to be chubby (not pretty in his eyes).

    A summary is, so long as his gf is pretty and slim, everyone else can be chubby. It’s ok. Yea, the clarifications help a LOT.

    -.- dissapointed in him, and I quite liked him.

  7. LOL who ever gets offended by his comments sure are retarded. This is coming from a FAT SHIT. pahaha I spit on him. He’s no spring onion himself. Get a proper haircut and lose weight McFatty. He must hate himself… fat guys are a turn off.

    • I’ll lose weight when McFatty here loses some or shall I say alooooooooooot of weight

  8. Seriously, I don’t think an apology will cut it. This is just not something people who’re offended can get over.

    “Hey your a fatass, sorry.”

    Yeah, it sounds so genuine. And to those clamoring to his defense with the whole “nobody’s perfect and an idol is still human” blahblah shit, well, we’re not looking to them for perfection. We don’t expect that because hey, we know it doesn’t exist. Nobody’s perfect, duh. What he said was offensive. Plain and simple. And it doesn’t even boil down to a weight issue. It’s just the sexism. I’d like to believe that we’ve evolved beyond cavemen sexism at the very least, after all, women make more money than men these days and men are reduced to homemakers now.

    Shindong must be blinded by whatever lime light that hasn’t been blocked by the other 12 guys because he doesn’t know what the average fan girl looks like and he just insulted her. I’d be surprised if he could find a date any time soon.

    I’m more willing to forgive Jay Park for calling Koreans gay than this douche bag.

  9. These guys are fucking jokes.
    Maybe they should pay more attention to chiseling their scrawny (with the exception of mr. fatass) ass bodies.

  10. i don’t know.
    but i think, everything that shindong oppa said is a totally sensitive issue !
    about gender and their appearance !
    oppa should carefully when talk about gender issue . .
    many ELF are girls babe !

  11. SM artiste are always rude except for SHINee who is trained not to say bad words.

  12. soo that is what he twitted last night!
    well, if he knows that it’ll hurt some people, he better don’t say it. but it’s okay, i guess. everybody makes mistakes. 🙂

  13. ….

    yeah, he fked up. perhaps getting to comfortable on set and just blurted out something that he would say only in their dorms.

    as for the other suju members, the “I’m someone who think that fat people are lazy” sounds like a joke got horribly wrong. i mean, i guess i can think the same thing, its possible but then there are many other reasons so stating just one, and apparently the most offensive one, screwed him over. same for Lee Teuk. i mean, its reasonable if you see someone overweight and think that they cant manage themselves well. but to express out loud and judge like so is problematic.

    i cant say im personally offended since im not fat, but what suju did was wrong. not the fact that they think that way, bc im sure they are smart enough to know there are many other reasons that can contribute to someones weight problem, but because the publicly expressed themselves. and being in the industry for a while and even a talk show radio host, its perhaps inexcusable at this point.

    an apology was given, but i think suju should lay low for a while. it’ll help people cool down and hopefully let people realize that they would miss suju if they were not promoting for a long time. it’ll work as a great marketing technique too if suju’s fanbase was loyal enough as it is. a big comeback can be in the works if something like this were to happen

  14. talking about double standards. what a shallow man he is. he should check himself in the mirror first before sprouting nonsense about the opposite sex appearance.

  15. shindong’s comment hurts me.. it offended me so much that it makes me wanna lose weight more! im a fan but 100% of me being a fan of sj decreases and there’s only 60% left. sigh~ i dunno if his apology is ok. i think i can’t forgive him now, but wounded heart maybe healed soon but not now.

    I’M FAT THAT’S WHY I’M SO AFFECTED. so if someone will comment that maybe your fat and blahg blah… yes i am fat and i’m not embarrassed by it.^^

    • if such a comment or issue makes you decrease of being a Suju fan, i suggest just forget abuot being a suju fan then. it might helps you beter. and you dont have to be thinking/affected soooo much.

  16. really dissapointed with Dong Dong but I have accepted his apology. Staying angry at him isn’t going to get me no where so I’ll just forgive. Though… I HOPE he changes his mind set about chubby girls! I have chubby friends who are really pretty. I secretly wish that he would fall for a chubby girl just for his statement. I hope he realizes that he lost ALOT of fans for his idiotic statement and REALLY needs to PROVE that he is sorry. Anyone else think he should apologize via radio or even television? I wish that people would realize idols are people to and they DO make dumb comments!! Yesung and Leeteuk also made comments about chubby girls that were hurtful but why aren’t they being criticized too?? Also alot of people criticize fat guys for being fat but if you criticize a fat girl your a terrible person? Grow up people it goes both ways!!!

  17. you lose weight for YOURSELF not for what people think of you.

    Be happy big or be happy skinny, dont let some a-holes make you think any other way.

  18. i admit i am fat, and i would totally lose weight so that people like him won’t put me down. so whatevaahhh. people can say what they want. it’s just whether or not you wanna live a healthy, happier, confident life. if you think shindong’s comment affected you, then you either show your confident side of being big and proud or you can do something about your weight.

  19. How can kim shinyoung be friends with this guys, seriously?!

    “They were on ‘SaeBaKwi’ recently when YeSung said, “I’m someone who think that fat people are lazy.” and Lee Teuk also said, “I really don’t like females who are fat. They looked like they can’t manage themselves well.””

  20. Wow. He should’ve been careful with his words. His fans are mostly[all] female and I bet some of them thinks that Shindong is their ‘future’current’ husband/boyfriend imagination so that’s really harsh if those girls try to lose weight just because their fav. idol like stick-like girls.

  21. Girls are troublesome, nuff said

    • eh… no.

      I remember a female idol who said that she dislike boys who are smaller than 1.80m for some reasons.

      well guess what? many boys didn’t like it.

      • wrong, boys do like it! do u seriously believe that most of the asian guys are taller than 1.80m? anyway on topic, not only guys, even gals go for the better looking/body ones when choosing their ideal partners. this could be evidenced by the craze over those boy idol groups in korea right now…reality is cruel, just accept it

      • You didn’t understand me.
        The guys were offended by what the female idol said.

        It’s not about accepting the reality, what are you talking about? I didn’t say a word about that.

        I only said that even boys could be troublesome, not only girls.

        And this time, girls are right cause he’s sexist.

  22. Boys/guys/men/males are so dumb! It’s okay if you think that, just don’t let it all out! They don’t think! Everyone has preferences, keep it to yourself.

    Shindong, Teukie, and Yesung are a-holes. A-holes. Doesn’t matter, go ahead and defend them. What was SAID was SAID. They are idols, and they know that! Man SuJu is just digging themselves a big ass hole right now.

    And to Shindong, he’s fat, so he shouldn’t be so harsh to the bigger girls. Girls are sensitive, and they have enough crap to deal with their image.

  23. Thanks Shindong. You know, I’ve always liked you and thought you were funny. But thanks for ruining it. Really, thanks. Not only is this a discrimination towards those who aren’t exactly skinny, but this is also comes off as sexist. Because you’re saying that women cannot be fat but men can? WTF? That’s pretty much saying that it’s okay for men to live and women must die. So, you’d rather have a world full of skinny women and fat guys like you? Way to show the world how it’s done! >.>

    Yeah Shindong. LOOK WHO’S TALKING.
    You aren’t exactly the boyfriend-material either. So why must you be so hypocritical? What the hell is wrong with you? If all women were skinny, there would be no diversity between women. I thought you were different… I thought you would actually support the chubbier ones because you’re not skinny and you’re in a popular group. How rude

  24. freaking sexist and hypocrite ..since when were women not allowed to be fat. .. I’m so disappointed …

  25. I am upset that Shindong said that, even though I’m his fan. I actually wanna gain some weight, will that look bad in his eyes? Then again it doesn’t matter, because I’ll never meet him anyways. I’m glad he apologized though. As for Yesung and Leeteuk, they’re quite wrong. Not every fat person is lazy, some people gain weight, because of stress or depression.
    I guess they’re surrounded by thin people everyday and don’t see the realities of things.

    • Then again, why did Yesung and Leeteuk come to this conclusion? Afterall, Shindong (who obviously isn’t your typical thin idol) is in their group. I’m pretty sure he isn’t lazy, since he’s a great dancer-he’s obviously dancing. Not to mention he works as an MC and radio DJ too, and having three jobs- you can’t be lazy for that. Oh wait-because he’s “a boy”. -___-

      *sighs* Still love Suju, but even your beloved idols can be stupid.

  26. I agree with him.

    Most girls don’t look good fat, and guys still look substantially okay fat.

  27. for those asking yesung n eeteuk for apologies, they don even know it become big of an issue internationally cause its doesnt in korea. n to those that says that shindong apologies are fake? arent u pointing finger at him just like how he points at u? how do u know its fake? u know his feelings well? u know what he was thinking at that moment of saying sorry or is it just your assumption. and men do have that kind of thoughts. kids reality are harsh. they are problems in every corner of the world but some of you still hurting over this? n those saying him fat? lol arent u the same with giving ur harsh comment? not liking suju thats fine cause not all will like them anyway. its a matter of preference. about education? maybe u will be a better teacher 🙂

    • Stop defending him already…..
      Yeah, talk about education….From the way you write/type seems like you need a proper one…….

      I know its an ‘ouch,’ but I couldn’t help myself! =)

      • thank you for the education. n no i m not saying i am agreeing with them cause i am woman too n i am sensitive. but i looking at the issue in a whole spectrum n yes maybe someone like me need more education to understand other woman too. no its not a ouch for me due to your response cause u are entitled to yours too 🙂 like i am too mine.

  28. I knew I didn’t like SJ for a reason. This is also really rude to fans in other countries because we are naturally built bigger than Koreans. Because an American’s bone structure is larger, does that make them fat? He certainly is not thin, and often looks out of place to me. I’ll stick to being a ukiss, big bang and 2 pm fan. Maybe when super junior loses some weight I’ll like them more ;).

  29. Not a surprising news to me.

    I’ve learn not too long ago that not all stars or idols are nice like what they show on TV. It’s just a way to gain more fans to boost their self esteem and pretty much moolah. Once they have it, they start to get cocky. And this doesn’t apply to just idols, most good-looking men AND women do the same.

    It happens everywhere, nothing to do with culture and where they come from.

    Though I do agree, not all thin and slim people are pretty.

  30. woah … i think people should just go to sleep or study (if you’re still schooling) rather than pondering over such issue. These boys have made their comment already and its done. Its a wrong move and Shindong even apologized soon after. I guess humans are never satisfied afterall. lol.

    I think fans or netizens are thinking waayyyy too much. You expect your idols to be TOO PERFECT. Dont you realize that your idols dont even judge the fans? They accept all fans from differenct races, sizes, color, age, and gender. Just because they’re idols, they not entitled to have their own opinions? LMAO. And so these guys are shallow ….. well deal with it. Your idols arent prince perfect. This is only characteristic .. and people are making huge deal lol. If you’re a fan and cant accept it, just think that these guys never judge and always remember the fans.

    To those who think Shindong is fat and should look at himself in mirror …. lol, im very sure he knows he’s fat. But that doesnt mean he not entitled to have a skinny girlfriend. Tsk … please be careful of turning into a korean netizens … and realize that you’re also judging others.

    • lol a fatboy telling girls about being skinny, there’s some epic fail right there.


      opinions are fine, just dont let it be about the people who are supporting you, it’s like spitting on fans faces by saying that. They are getting what they deserve right now, time to be men boys.

    • I disagree with u I’m a huge fan of super junior and yes nobody is perfect and idols are not but just b/c I’m their fan that does not mean I’m going to support them even when they do and say something wrong like some of the obsessive fan girls do to me that what makes me a truthful fan when the idols that I like do something wrong I will say yes what they did were wrong and the comments that Shindong and the other two made were completely wrong and offensive their comments were not only offending over weight people or women but also sexist and as girl I felt offended by it and about why he is getting this kind of respond well don’t he really deserve it ?!! u don’t expect people to act cool and clap their hands and say bravo to him after the nasty comments that he made and I don’t think any of us is thinking too much maybe his comment didn’t hurt u but I’m sure his over weight girls fans were hurt and disappointed by it especially that it came from him who I think they might relate to him the most since he is over weight

      • wow fat pppl coming out the woodwork now
        most the ppl making fun of TOPs weight must be fat themselves

    • i don’t care if they’re idol, but i think what shindong, leeteuk, and yesung said is really bad.
      although the one who said that is other people, it still bad.

    • u first line basically meant ‘people shouldn’t waste their time pondering on this little issues. studying or sleeping is more useful’.

      So why the long and well *pondered* comment?


  31. this is a case where i support the netizens criticisms and bashing. what those three sj boy said up there is shallow as hell.
    that apology was not sincere and a bunch of bull. i dont accept it

    i can forgive these boys later on cause everyone makes mistake but i won’t forget cause this was really hurtful. im not fat either but it stiill hurts

  32. it really is tough to be an idol…
    but what yesung and lee teuk said was OBVIOUSLY a wrong thing to say ESPECIALLY as an idol.

  33. lol.
    Guys who are fat are the lazy one coz it’s actually way easier for girls to be fat compare to guys. So guys shouldn’t be saying anything to girls.
    But oh well, lets just all exercise and be fit!!!Health is the most important thing.

  34. So they’re saying fat girls are lazy? I’m fat but i play more sports than any of my skinny friends. I jog every single day too. How does that make me lazy? Dang. And on the gender issue, seriously. It’s so easy for guys to say that to girls even though weight is a sensitive issue to girls.

  35. wow…. and to think i bought tickets to their concert in March in my country.

    that was a really huge blow. i know it sounds pathetic, but even when my family says i’m fat and ugly i’d just ignore them but when i read what teukie said…… aigoo~ broke my heart. i know i’m pathetic to be affected by words from someone who barely knows me, but dang!

    oppa yah! how could you! i hope you know just how many ELFs are hurt by what you said.

    SM makes you wicked and superficial and just overall stuckup. wow. never thought i’d say that to my SUJU oppas. hope they come out with an apology vid or something.

    • SM makes him wicked and superficial .. ??? LOL
      so everything is SM fault, right??

      • of course it is! who else’s fault would there be?? these boys spent almost half their lives if not the majority of their lives under training in SM. who else are they supposed to be getting their life-lessons from?? obviously they don’t live with their parents enough for their mothers to nag on them abt being polite or having an open mind.

        so where else can they learn these things? nowhere. cuz they’re surrounded by pretty girls like sulli and the soshi girls. they’re bound to have more superficial tastes. they don’t live in the real world. thus they can afford to be wicked and superficial and it’s ALL the fault of SM who never thought to instill some humanity in them instead just train them to be money making zombies who are at his every beck and call.


    • I agree with you. A lot of ELFS will be hurt cos they are growing fat from sitting in front of the computer all day long and commenting on sites when they feel necessary.

      Couch potato takes a whole new level.

      • that was pretty insulting.
        ……… maybe you intended to insult me and ELFs.
        if so then you are one lowly human being to strike someone when they’re down.

        i have a job btw. i work night shifts at the grocery store which helps me pay for college which i go to during the day. i get almost no sleep and whatever time i have left is spent on working on college projects.

        so me being fat, it aint cuz i’m lazy or cuz i sit on the couch all day. i don’t even own a couch. much less a TV for that matter. the only times i comment here are when it’s my day off or i have some extra heavenly hours to blow. which i don’t usually get, btw.

        so watch your mouth bitch. the ppl i admire is insulting me in the face. i’m entitled to feel hurt. don’t bag on us just cuz you think you’re better than all this fandom shit. if you’re better, then why are you even here??! go ahead with the life that you so proudly own. why waste time dwaddling amongst us “couch potatoes” then??


    • oh~ me too.. i was going to buy tickets for their concert. i’m saving my money to watch it and tempting not to buy 2pm’s album for now. but i’m totally offended by what they said. I’M FAT that’s why i’m really offended. now, i’m not sure if i’m going to watch it.T^T

  36. those three guys are really jerks!!!how can they say that.they are so dead to me. i can’t believe i used to like them. simple apologies are not enough.wow they made such a big mistake!!!even you are a suju fan you have to admit that this is iresponsible especially for a public figure like them. i was so shock especially for yesung and leeteuk!!!they are old they should be more mature but i guess i was wrong. i wasn’t suprised of shindong, he seemed a person who would say that.those three ruined suju image.



      • U must be really shallow to think that only fat people will be offended. I’m skinny but I think what they said is wrong. Honesty is good but saying out loud to public without thinking of other people’s feeling and sensitivity is not good. They are in the wrong and you as the fan laughing at fat people is more in the wrong.

      • …and stop with the ’13EILEVE’ shit where it should be 13elieve…they are no more 13, so u just go back to school and study more and meet more people to know what is right and what is wrong..

      • watch your word girl !
        i’m thin, but his word still make me upset .

      • love your comments speed !

  37. they just need to go back to school or at least take a lesson in public speaking!!
    so rude saying something like that in public!!
    so shindong can be fat b’coz he a guy and a girl cant be fat and need to be slim all the time?!!! think b4 u talk!!
    face the mirror know and take a look of your self!!!
    and for lee teuk and yesung..it just show how shallow u are!! one whole group need to be educated once again!!

  38. whoah…I know Yesung and Leeteuk incident last year but I ddnt mind about it, but for Shindong that can be really offensive to someone…

    nahhh…as we all know! some Koreans are like that wanted a person to be so PERFECT!!! thats why Plastic Surgery is normal their….they just have this attitude of Closed Minded Set….and Its Discouraging and Dissapointing sometimes.

  39. okay. put shindong aside, but leeteuk and yesung?
    and why are they defending him? -.-
    i thought they would come out and explain and stuff.
    not to make things worse. cant believe they actually said that.

  40. the apology is a lil bit too late =/
    well, what he said is just stupid and sexist *rolls eyes*
    you’re an IDOL, how do you think it will affect your fans ?

  41. Well Shindong, i hope your apology’s sincere & never say such a stupid thing like that again in the future. Just keep it to yourself, okay?

  42. LOL @ this….. hasn’t this guy looked at himself?he is really fat!

  43. i am actually fat coz i am lazy… but i know it in myself that i need to do something.. my bf doesn’t talk this way to me he loves me for who i am.. i just ate a lot of pizza and when i read this i want to cry.. think first before u say something..or if u want to say something use appropriate words.. if u can’t say anything nice don’t say it all..

    • please dont cry and just ignore what they said dont let their words break u and keep ur head up
      ayn fighting

  44. Apparently SM artists needs to be put in a business behavior class so they will know how to communicate better!

  45. is it me or being in SM does make you arrogant plastic snobs ? meh. come on.. he apologized cause he freakin had to and ‘shim shim tapa hwaiting. suju hwaiting!’ SERIOUSLY? how insensitive a guy could be?

  46. It’s sad how they think like that. So superficial. I mean all of us are superficial but what matters in the end is the character if the person. I would rather go to a fat person than these shallow guys.

  47. im not fat but im still very offended.. i cant help but think of people who struggle to make ends meet and cant spend time or money on looks.. does that make them lesser people than others? NO!! or how about their own mothers and sisters? are the women in these boys’ families all fit and in good shape? if not, does that mean they dont deserve to be loved? NO!! does it mean to say that you are healthy if you are skinny? NO!! i can go on and on but what gets me the most is that what of the fans who are not skinny but who have been supporting these boys? are they to be looked down on? Boys, the answer is a big NO!!

    • I agree Im also not fat like Im skinny but I was also offended by their comments what they said was not right and very rude and I hope they will learn their lesson

  48. Im a huge fan of super junior but I can’t honestly defend them with sick comments that shindong, yesung and leeteuk made… what they said was wrong and very very rude I can’t believe that they even said that.. what makes me really upset is that shindong is overweight like u are the last person to make such comments about overweight people and about the comments yesung and leeteuk made u is even worse like u guys have a member in ur group who is overweight so does that mean shindog is lazy , does not work hard like them oh I just remembered they were not talking about overweight people in general they were talking about overweight women’s so a man can eat as much as he wants but a woman cannot sorry but their comment showed me how sexist they are I’m so disappointed but I’m glad that shindong apologized because that is the least thing that he can do

  49. WTH ShinDong ??? ughhh :/

  50. even if he said he would say it to a girlfriend still doesnt make it right. Shindong u ever thought about looking good for ur girlfriend too she deserves someone handsome as well and not a fat teletubby boyfriend

  51. Lol ShinDong should just shut up actually all the Super Junior members should shut up when it comes to talking about women. They sound crass and disrespectful and soo backward.
    The major problem I had with what he said was how basically Women aren’t allowed to be a bit heavier whereas Men are…WTH? What planet do you come from dude.

  52. sigh, big girls just can’t catch a break. But I must say, I’m VERY offended by what yesung and leeteuk said (like seriously, how old are they??). My mum is kinda fat but she is the most hardworking person i know. =__=

    • i super agree with you! i’m fat, my aunt who works in our house is fat. but they are really hard working. they aren’t lazy. they are the one who moves first. me myself, i’m fat! but i aint lazy. i do things what normal girls do.

  53. ohhh…what a shame….now I know that this fat ugly boy will never whant me….maybe someday he will look at the mirror…

  54. shindong you should the one who lose weight…you’re so fat…
    and not all obese people are lazy… I like super junior but this is disappointing

  55. I fell sorry for him, a person who said those kind of things just don’t know the reality, he must think that he is perfect…wake up guy…

  56. WTF!! this was really disappointing. way to go shindong, why not consider losing weight first before you criticize other people?

  57. I’m a fan of them but i’m totally pissed of with them for making such stupid comments at their age.

  58. thats freakin’ messed up !!! I really like suju but this is so… messed… shindong go say that to yourself !
    his comment was rude, mean and unnecessary.
    Im very disappointed 😦

  59. i know that all the things they said are true.
    women should be good looking,or.. etc
    and all men wanna have such a pretty or you can say a slim girlfriend.
    that’s all are true.
    but you know, I HATE THE WAY THEY SAID THAT.
    i hate the words that they used.
    why didn’t they try to choose such a good words?
    really upset with this all.

  60. whoa.
    what they said is really wrong.
    Teuk and Yesung should apologize too.

  61. i am a fan of SJ but dang they should not have said that!!!
    dont they know that they also have fans who are chubby and plus-size?!
    kim shinyoung is chubby. so does that mean that Shindong doesn’t like the fact that she isn’t slim?
    what shindong,yesung,and leeteuk said are really hurtful.
    damn not all girls have to be slim. even girls who are plus-size can be pretty.
    these boys disappointed me because I’m a girl and I know how it feels like when guys discriminate you just coz you are not slim.

  62. and to think i never judged shindong by his looks…
    actually, he was embraced for what he is and for how he looks like and this is how he ends things for his fans, huh?

  63. so they’re showing their real selves now huh?
    girls who know their self-worth shouldn’t idolize guys like them. how can they say these things when almost all of their fans are women who are not skinny???

  64. I think it’s really sexist to say that it’s only GIRLS that must ALWAYS be skinny…I’m really offended even though I’m not overweight!

    And to say that a fat person doesn’t look after their body…well lot’s of people are NATURALLY BIG. They can’t lose weight even if they eat many times less.

  65. I am highly disappointed in what they said.
    I think it’s incredibly sexist of Shindong to say that because he’s a male it’s ok for him to be overweight but it is not ok for females to be overweight. Also to those that said some males are still good looking despite being fact, NEWS FLASH, a lot of women are pretty despite being over weight as well.

    As for Yesung and Leeteuk saying fat people are lazy because they don‘t take care of their bodies….what? I don’t understand this statement at all. There are several reasons behind why a person could be overweight, to assume it’s because they don’t take care of their bodies is ridiculous. I hope they start thinking about what they say before they actually say it.

    • I agree with you. I can’t believe that someone in this era would still say something so sexist. Go back to school Shindong.

  66. Fat people are lazy,
    I seriously wanna shoot this guy.
    Damn you SM for not letting these kid get a proper education!!

  67. why are suju guys so sexist??? it’s not the first time this has happened. it’s a good thing i never got into them.. is this how SM teach their male idols? well i hope not.

  68. Woah.. disappointing. He explained it, but I guess he shouldn’t has said it in the first place.

  69. This is really irresponsible for an idol. People look up to you and majority of your fans are girls…
    I am disappointed. I’m sorry, I am a fan but it does not mean that I would submit myself to an idol who is not careful and do not recognize being human. I hope he knows how fortunate he is to be where he is and recognize even a little humanity

  70. oppa….is wrong..really wrong….i know…;_;
    i just hope he can be more careful with his words )’:

    and even if maybe it’s too late for him to apologize …i hope everyone will forgive him someday..
    please not just because of this 1 statement, it become something we don’t want to imagine..)’:

    oppa is tired already..please give him some times and more understanding…;_:

    anyway,thanks sookyeong for putting shindong’s tweet in here… :’)

  71. Honestly, I don’t think they should say all these. It’s offensive alright! I know, you may say everyone has his/her opinion but seriously, why can males accept chubbier females? Isn’t the heart/personalities that matter and NOT how you look outside? I’m fairly disappointed in their statements.

    • Shin dong judges people on their appearence LOL

      • Of course he does, ALL guys does. And yes, he should have thought before saying something like that. He’s a star and a Korean star at that, netizens are at it again lol.

        And it’s sexism however you see it, I don’t like that.

      • Dont ppl judge TOPs appearance on a daily basis

    • yes. and in fact, just according to our psychology class, guys are more superficial in terms of their girlfriend criteria (that the girl must be physically attractive) but for girls, personality matters most.

      Haven’t you gone to the mall and see couples where the girl is pretty while the guy is no match for her? Generally, it works like that.

      I felt bad after reading this..though they apologized so it’s okay.

  72. advice for guys..when women as about weight..just shut up or support whatever they want to do about it.

  73. it’s really hard to be an idol in Korea.. because people look up to you and try to make a story out of everything you say..

    am not trying to defend him, because what he said is wrong, but it’s true that guys sometimes expect from their girlfriends to look like models.. and he is just a guy..

    the problem was that he said it on air.. and didn’t try to explain his words more at that time..

    • It’s true that there are guys who think like that and those guys are what I call jerks.

      • amen! and who is writing shindong’s tweets for him? i know he ain’t that good at english.

    • agreed. if shindong kept those thoughts to himself and not voice it out (sub-consiously or intentionally) to the public, he wouln’t be in so much trouble.

      i still don’t dig his explanation, as if the girlfriend would be happy to hear that she needs to be prettier.

      hey, at least he realised his mistake and apologied, it’s better to forgive and forget, and hopefully he will learn from this and not make the same mistakes again.

    • yes. and in fact, just according to our psychology class, guys are more superficial in terms of their girlfriend criteria (that the girl must be physically attractive) but for girls, personality matters most.

      Haven’t you gone to the mall and see couples where the girl is pretty while the guy is no match for her? Generally, it works like that.

      I felt bad after reading this..though they apologized so it’s okay.

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